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Should be higher than moderate

The west side of the road is mostly a dirt road. At the top of the mountain is a large flat area, and the trail typically continues down the east side of the mountain. Due to heavy rutting, the east side of the trail was closed when I went, but it's fun when it's open.

If anyone knows who the Boy Scout troop on Springer Mnt was yesterday (Feb 24, 2018) please contact me ASAP at email yirkl@yahoo.com

These guys assisted local EMS on an unfortunate event that happened on Springer and need to be recognized. Thanks to anyone that can help with this!

Took the UTV and kids up today. Had a really good time, but was only able to go about 3/4 the way as we had to turn around worried about gas. Will be better prepared next time. I will say that there was a ton of traffic on the road today due to good weather conditions. Curious though to k ow if there are any decent size creeks or river to camp near. With the UTV of course....

Beautiful area with plenty of Mountain View’s as well as several waterfalls. East side of the trail was very challenging. But we had such a good time.

off road driving
29 days ago

Had a great time today on Tray Mountain the road was washed out on East side in a couple places but had a blast pushing through!!!

Nice trail. Well marked, clean and easy to follow. Couple of views from Springer Mountain summit and a few along the way. Long Creek Falls is a good side trip just a mile up the trail from the service road trailhead.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great 4x4 road. I'm seeing all these posts about needing lifts, tires, etc. I have a stock Jeep Willys JK, and I had no issues. Just be sure to pick your lines right.

off road driving
1 month ago

Great trail, I will be back once I get my rig lifted and equipped properly for emergency situation. There’s a turn around point half way if you enter through the west entrance. At that turn around point if your 4x4 is stock, I wouldn’t recommend proceeding. The trail gets pretty rough for about a quarter of a mile once you past that half way point. My Tacoma trd bottom out a few times.

off road driving
2 months ago

Great trail with lots of off shoots. But rocky side from the east entrance definitely requires a modified rig. Will be back soon.

Really cool for easy off road driving. Great views and also a hiking trail to the peak once you reach an opening. Be aware that the trail is only big enough for one vehicle for a time so be careful of drivers going down. (Some drivers goes down really quick around the corner)

off road driving
3 months ago

Trail is run some parts are rough

Hiked 6 miles from Long Creek Falls with a small group. It was a great hike. The view was non existent with the trees, it was uphill the whole way and most difficult as you get closer to the end. The reason to go is to check off the beginning of the AT Trail. Once was enough but a good hike.

off road driving
3 months ago

Excellent! We entered from the west not really knowing what we were in for. Lots of fun with plenty of excitement along the way. Had to make our way back in the dark making it even more fun.

great trail for family and basic off roading. nice sight seeing

mountain biking
4 months ago

The trailhead location is accurate on this site and easy to find. It has a detailed map, parking and even a porta-potty.

The trails have a good mix of downhill sections, climbs and flowy single track. There is probably 50miles of riding out there.

I like to think I'm in good shape but haven't been on my bike in a long time. Even riding a heavier bike (trek remedy 8) I was able to ride continuously and had a good time.

I will definitely return and met some locals who say they ride there nearly every weekend without getting bored of it.

4 months ago

Great Autumn hike. The Jake Mountain Trail Loop has moderate downhills and uphills. Nothing too strenuous. We encounters two Jones Creeks crossings, One was mid shin (we removed our hiking boots to cross) and the other we used rocks to cross.

off road driving
5 months ago

had a great time will definitely will be back. camp site where clean and well taken care of restroom were clean and well taken care of.

Nice, easy trail. Well maintained.

Hiked here a few weeks ago, another or many many hikes on Springer. Highly recommend this section for almost any hiker as its not too strenuous.

scenic driving
7 months ago

Also known as Currahee Mountain Road. As some others have stated, it's a wide dirt/gravel road. If you just want to see the view I suggest driving up. If you want a more nature filled hike I'd suggest the Currahee trail. My group hiked Currahee Trail and then drove up this for its historic nature. This trail is historically significant given its ties to WWII and the 506th Paratroopers. Driving up does give an appreciation to what the troops did in their training.

There are great views on either side of the summit, but the top is taken up by cell towers that are fenced off. To get to the graffiti rock overlook you'll need to walk by the largest tower (Currahee Mountain Observation tower on Google Maps) and there's a trail that's decently steep on the backside of that tower which leads down to it. This also happens to be where the Currahee Trail leads, but from the other side of the mountain. The view on the Col. Robert Sink Memorial Trail side is about 600 yards down the road from the large tower station.

I'd caution drivers, hikers, and runners alike to keep an eye out for the other since this "trail" is also traveled by motorized vehicles. This would be a great trail for exercise, especially with its steep sections at the end, but as a nature hike there are definitely better options in my opinion with one being on just the other side of the mountain.

Fairly easy trail... enough to keep it interesting. I agree with other hikers the view at the peak would be better in the winter. Vegetation obstructs most of the view.

if you enter from the west entrance it's a nice Sunday day drive. There are some side trails you can take that require 4wd. About half way there is a wide gravel spot in the road and a hiking trail. If you drive past that point it is very rocky. A few tough spots . Road washed bad in spots. we had 4 1\2 lift and 33's we bottomed out twice and had to break the jack out and stack rocks under tires to level out suspension. About 4 hours to do 14 miles. Not for beginners.

Basically a gravel road to the top. Beautiful view at the peak. A good workout but most significant in light of WWII history. Glad I did it. Makes me appreciate the soldiers doing it with full gear.

Caught this one on an overnight from Springer to Hawk Mountain shelter. No views except the limited one at the top of Springer, Long Falls would be worth the effort if that's as far as you're going. This would be a much more scenic hike in the winter.

off road driving
8 months ago

Idrove the rocky section in a 4wd F250 with 3.5 inch lift and truetrac differentials. Tricky but fun. will definitely go back as there are many side trails to explore.

quiet beautiful trail.

mountain biking
9 months ago

Trail well maintained overall. Had 2 spots where there were downed trees that required carrying the bikes over. Both looked quite newly fallen.
It's not as technical from a root and bump perspective as what we have in south Florida, but it's much more challenging in the cardio aspect. Definitely a lot of climbing, so if you're not in top shape, you'll likely be pushing the bikes up the hill at some points like we did. However, the downhills were awesome.
The second creek crossing (going clockwise) is quite deep, so unless you plan to carry the bike, be sure to switch into a real granny gear to get through and climb out other side.
If you're not familiar with this trail system, be sure to look at the maps for the corresponding letters to the route you want. We didn't do so, resulting in a roughly 1 mile detour onto the Beaver Pond trail before we realized and had to back track.
Overall a great trail that was a lot of fun.

off road driving
9 months ago

Awesome Jeep trail if you go off the main route every now and then. great view at the top!

Just did the loop today. It was about 70 degrees but a little wind to keep it cool. Did the loop from the gravel parking lot located about a mile from the top of Springer Mountain. Went up to the top then backtracked a little to get on the Benton MacKaye Trail. Followed that around to loop back. If you want to do that, be aware that towards the end you have to turn off the Benton MacKaye trail and back onto the Appalachian Trail or you'll be headed away from the car. One more note, I drove in from the west side of the mountain. It's about 7 miles up the forest service road to the parking lot. (and contrary to some opinions any vehicle can make this drive, short of a lowrider) When leaving I decided to go on through instead of going back out the way I came to see if it would shorten the ride home. It is about 10 times further if you go east. There is a Fish Hatchery way down there, and it comes out to GA60. I wouldn't recommend going out east, unless you have nothing better to do for an hour or more riding the forest service road. This hike was not crowded at all. In 5.5 miles saw maybe 25 people, and most of those were sitting at the top of Springer at the Southern Terminus.

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