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Variety of fun on this trail! My only complaints are: 1) the amount of traffic in beginning (starting from Visitor Center side); and 2) it was slightly confusing as to which way the trail led at the top of the mountain. We found out way with the help of another hiker. Other than that, this trail was packed with elevation climbs, beautiful views of the distant city, and awesome rock formations. As a hiking rookie, I would call this is a moderate/difficult hike. However, we brought our dog and he led the way the whole time! Will definitely visit this trail again.

Great hike, quite scenic but also quite busy on the trail around the visitor’s center. A little bit of confusion at the top so maybe a few more trail markers but I would definitely recommend.

There are many trails of many varying distances and difficulty levels throughout Kennesaw Mtn trail network. I go regularly and have not tired of it three years on. I enjoy taking friends and family who visit the area, as it is often their favorite activity that we do in the NW burbs. Definitely some challenging stretches. TAKE WATER.

Mostly foggy and Rain. Passing front, dropping temperatures to Mid 50's.

Awesome trail! My four year olds rocked it!! Could use a better marker on the last loop where the road splits. Turn left.

We drove 1hr 45mins and it wasn't worth the drive. We didn't like it at all I don't know why it on altrails there is no trails. plus it cost to much to get in. I understand that it non profit organization but it can be a cheaper I'm sure. We wouldn't go back there again.

Foggy and misty.

Completed a six mile loop trail with the first leg starting here. Easy walk

27 days ago

Good trail to hike with inclines that are challenging though not too long. Many rocks make foot placement awareness a must! Hike on!!!

So much wildlife! We saw alligators, wood storks, armadillo, and turkey. A really memorable trip. Not all the trails are well marked and there are many service trails, so at times this hike was confusing even with the map. Even so, this trail is a must see.

Great hike! As others say it’s more challenging than some other “moderate” hikes with a decent amount of incline and rocky paths. Most of the challenge is front loaded, assuming you choose to start straight up Pigeon Hill (clockwise on this map). Also worth noting the visitors center with restrooms is about 3.5 miles in. It is on the more crowded side, so if being alone on the trail is your thing, then this one isn’t for you.

One of my favorite hikes I have done! Definitely would rate it hard

Relatively flat with only one area that will make you breathe very hard. Does not contain many roots or rocks that can twist ankles. Not a very scenic route but the length makes it very nice for getting in shape.

great trail and hike. peaceful..

Beautiful and peaceful.

my favourite Kennesaw Mt. trail.

great hike, challenging !

Great hike. Challenging with a nice view payoff. Bring water, apples, and cheese ;)

3 months ago

Liked it. Worth the price of admission. Wish it was a little longer of a walk but still very good and well maintained.

3 months ago

I love this park. I hike out to the lookout tower is awesome, you can see for miles around from the top. So many sights so much history.

The trail is dog friendly with great views!

3 months ago

If this is the Swamp Island boardwalk trail, Fitbit says actual mileage is 1.3 miles round trip. Pets are also not allowed on this trail, though I didn’t know that until after the fact when I stopped at the visitor center and got a hiking map that stated so. If there was a sign at the trailhead, I missed it. So did another pair of walkers who had a small dog that they let poop on the boardwalk and left it - I’d imagine this is the reason dogs are no longer allowed.

If this is not the boardwalk trail, sorry for the misinformation. The boardwalk is on some of the photos so I’m assuming it’s the same trail. Anyone know?

Great trail with awesome viewing spots.

Awesome view, saw deer. Strenuous, but short

It’s 5 stars because of the views from the top. Moderately steep incline, but well worth the hike.

Awesome historical hike with lots of rock climbers, memorials, and cannons! Some trails are overgrown but that makes them more fun. Dog friendly and lots of friendly people.

not really my style but the trails are easy and straight forward.

trail running
4 months ago

Hard run down for three miles and then up for three at the end. We had three gps units between our group and the most mileage we had was 12 we followed the map provided. Strava also had a map it was not 16. I’m glad it was twelve :)

Beautiful hike! The first mile was the most difficult, to me.

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