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Very short hike, very pretty waterfall.

One of the best waterfalls in Georgia! The hike, though short, is incredibly scenic, as the trail winds through a forest of massive hemlocks. A really refreshing place to visit on a hot day.

It was absolutely amazing and so beautiful!! Loved every second of the hike!!

Says dog friendly, but we drove an hour and a half to essentially be told we would have to carry him to the gorge floor. Don't be fooled, you can totally enjoy all the other loops; like we did! The gorge floor is permit only and NOT, NOT a real path. It is a foot path at a 45 incline up and down through the forest over roots and slippery rocks. It is a treacherous hike. The only path we couldn't go on way the "Hurricane Outlook" path because people had died there the day before. The stairs are a fun one, but if you get easily dizzied or don't like hieghts, I recommend you do NOT do it. I wish I would've known about the gorge floor thing before we had gotten there so I wouldn't have been disappointed.

Short hike to an amazing view.

Awesome falls short hike!!

We did the stairs and the bridge. We were going to do some trails but ended up helping some elderly people up the stairs and were exhausted by the time we finished carrying them up. Loved the views though

We did the rim trails and the stairs to the bottom of gorge. We missed getting a pass but without pass you still get to go down to bottom. The pass would be much cooler but the only difference is it allows you to get in water & climb on the rocks. All in all a cool experience. And yes a TON of stairs.

19 days ago

Really cool trail. Very scenic drive in. Beautiful lake. Very nice falls. We got to the 1st falls and thought we were done. Make sure to double back up to the left. Angel falls is actually at the end of the trail. Probably one of my favorite falls so far. Very scenic trail. Would recommend checking this one out.

21 days ago

Awesome falls. Very nice area. Nice drive in. Worth the ride.

While beautiful, I feel like this was a glorified park and not a true hiking experience. I would definitely plan on getting there early to get a permit to go down into the gorge (only 100 per day) - be prepared for the water and a more strenuous trek if you get the chance to do this part of the park.

LOTS of people there the first week of July when we were there. Enjoyed all the overlooks and the suspension bridge.

So many stairs!!! The suspension bridge was awesome. The trails were very well maintained and we were greeted with a map and verbal directions.

If you don't want to test yourself by going up and down the steps, the Rim trails are easy to walk and show off the scope of the Gorge. But if you do want the workout, take the steps at an even pace and keep breathing! Looking across the Gorge from one Wallenda tower to the other gave me chills. Lots of crowds, so there's litter. Take in the theater and information posts when you are done sweating and need the break.

1 month ago

My favorite hike so far. The drive up is cool. Lots of beautiful homes. The trail is through a very green forest. I was waiting for elves and fairies to start jumping out at us! The waterfall at the end empties into a clear, shallow pool that’s not scary if you have kids or dogs. We went early and were completely alone. On the way back we ran into quite a few people. So, go before lunchtime if you like to be alone. Afternoon if you like to have people around.

Like previous reviewers, I want to emphasize that this route is only the rim trail, and nothing beats getting one of the 100 per day passes they issue in the visitor center to hike for the gorge floor. That is where you will find a really fun rock scramble along the river, and where you find Sliding Rock, a giant, natural water slide. SO FUN! We arrived about 9:30 on a Tuesday morning one July and had no trouble getting a pass. The climb back up out of the gorge is also a fun challenge.

Worth the trip!

Beautiful falls! Also beautiful, natural trail, although very short. Be prepared though, there are no bathrooms nearby. The drive over is also nice, because the lake is very pretty.

This trail was perfect for our family! We had a 4 year old, a 2 year old and a 19 month old in a carrier! Very Shady with a well maintained trail that followed the water! Plenty of fun bridges to walk across and places to stop and play in the water. It took us about 40 minutes to walk in and 40 minutes to walk our , but that is with kids in tow :) we will definitely do this trail again!

The falls are a must see for everyone. Beautiful and breathtaking. It's easy to miss so make sure you are looking for the trailhead or you might miss it. Get there early since parking is maybe 3 cars. Easy hike but if it has been raining wear shoes you can get muddy.

Beautiful hike! loved the cured if the waterfalls in the gorge. the suspension bridge was awesome. The stairs were intense coming up, but there are places to sit and drink water on the way up or down. I would do this again!

many awesome views but beware of stairs, many many stairs

Easy hike up, room to play in the water at the bottom of the falls. Hard to find so look close for a small spot to park and a stair case up.

We couldn’t get a floor pass when we got there at 10am but still enjoyed seeing the beautiful gorge. Next time we will be there when it opens! Those stairs though

Great hike, we only saw a couple others on the trail so it was nice. My 10 year old enjoyed it, she played in the creek along the way to cool off. Go all the way up to see angel falls!

Great waterfall! First part of trail is roughest unless you plan on going towards top of falls, that trail is bit strenuous

took a day trip, beautiful scenery, the home on the North room trail is awesome, if you take the steps prepare yourself, 600 something steps doesn't sound like much but remember you have to go down then up, the view and the suspension bridge after well worth it! for a Monday in July it wasn't too crowded. My son is five and autistic and he had a blast!!

We hiked the north and south rim Trail's including the climb down to cross over the suspension bridge and also the quarter mile past the interpretive center towards inspiration point. We did a half this hike with a dog and the entire hike with an eight and 10-year-old children. It was a moderate to strenuous hike if you take into account the climb down to the suspension bridge and then back up in addition to the climb up to inspiration point. Overall covering all the ground you can't hike more than 3 to 3 1/2 miles. It is an awe inspiring hike with gorgeous views throughout. Highly recommend.

You park on the road and yes, the small staircase is the trailhead.
Easy hike, potential for slippery spots.
You wouldn’t expect such a large waterfall to be in this spot and yet it is!
No place to really string up a hammock.
Great spot for photographers to bring clients as it’s not a far hike but the falls are towering and beautiful. Went in the early morning and no one else was there.
Highly recommend if you are going to be in the area.

Great time hiking around with our 5 and 6 yr old kids!

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