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Lake Estates, Georgia Map

Beautiful park,
Lots of opportunities for
Solitude and quiet

Not bad considering it's 30-40min from Atlanta. Nothing crazy though.

The red part of the trail is rough. There were parts that I didn’t think I could climb, and was kind of scared to frankly. In those parts the best thing to do is to look for easier ways to get around the rocks, which there usually are a few. I saw many people with dogs and small children hiking along this trail and I felt sorry for the poor things. I know some parts are not that possible for small children or dogs to climb, so if you plan on walking the whole red trail- go alone.
That being said the view is phenomenal at its best point. It’s totally worth it to walk the first part of the red trail. I know I would do it again.
The white trail was a joyride compared to the first part, and was a much more enjoyable time. A soft breeze blew as I climbed higher on the large mountain, and you’re able to see the river from a new perspective.
Overall I had a great time on the whole trail and plan to return soon. Have a great hike! :)

Beautiful park!!! Fall colors are wonderful!!

Fairly easy trail with a handful of moderate rocky inclines. Mostly well-marked and easy to follow with some gorgeous spots to sit by the water. Red trail was very highly trafficked on the day we went, with the white trail was much quieter.

Great day for a hike. Steep trail after mill but white trail back to visitors center nice and enjoyable

Solid trail. Took Red to White to Green to White for a 3 mile hike. Red trail has some moderately challenging parts, mostly climbing tree roots, rocks and steps along the picturesque creek. White and green trails are quite easy after ascending.

Really pretty with a few deers and if you take a detour towards the water you get a really pretty view. Take your swimsuit just incase you want to get in.

Moderate hike. Very crowded with students from Atlanta universities. Nice views of the river.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

This our go-to route in this park when we want a quick hike, that still offers plenty to see. It's not really difficult. There are a couple of steeper hills but they are short. We do it with a hiking stroller with no problem.

11 days ago

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