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on Cherokee Bluffs

mountain biking
1 day ago

Great beginner trail. Just the right mix of fun vs challenging.

trail running
1 day ago

Great trail that takes you from views Lake Lanier from the parking lot, around Buford Dam, then along the Chattahoochee River and in and out of the woods with plenty of terrain changes. Nice challenge for trail running. Will definitely go again.

Very nice trail. Will do again.

Epic!!!! Don’t miss this incredible adventure!!!

It's not free! :( $7 per adult.

Personally did not like the trail. I had to use GPS too often as the trail, for me, was not totally clear. Got to over 1/2 way and had to turn around. The path was unclear at this point and going through knee hi grass on a ridge by the lake...not a good idea.

Too many other great trails to waste time on this one.

2 days ago

This is an excellent hike for a lazy Sunday afternoon. The trail system is well marked and maintained. Trail follows the river for a good portion of the hike. We didn't see many people at all on the sunny Sunday afternoon.

trail is ok.. did this in mid afternoon. very hot. the ups and downs on the trail we're a little tiring with the 98degree heat. lol but it was ok.. disappointed that the trail didn't go along the creek so my dog could play in it. just a steep cliff. I climbed down to refill a water bottle for my dog. other than that no water. pine tree forest. birds. didn't see anything else. some wild flowers. the trail isn't the best design. but it's a loop trail . benches along the way far spaced apart. information plaques about the native animals with description. good for young kids. no cool rocks to climb across or any spectacular views. nice secluded peaceful forest tho.

3 days ago

Great local trail accessible from my back yard!

BEAUTIFUL, shady, well-maintained trail. Lots of wildlife that seem pretty used to humans. Pretty easy hike. I saw several older people hiking mid-week. Great for dogs on-leash. Yellow trail is a short loop, red trail is the longer loop. Benches available all along trail. Great for running or walking. Not many roots. Will definitely go back. Felt safe.

it is very peaceful BUT HOW SHOULD I KNOW I NEVER WENT

This trail is very cool but make sure you wear pants because there is a lot of poison ivy and the weeds are really high in some parts

6 days ago

This was our first trail to backpack overnight. The scenery is beautiful. It is a pretty hard trail the first 2 miles and the last 2 miles. There are 4 campsites. The campsites just have a flat spot for your tent and a fire pit. The only complaint was that campsite one was not marked and was right on the trail. The trail is a little grown over at places with tall grass and poison oat so be sure to wear appropriate clothing and bring bug spray. This is black bear country so be smart. We will definitely be returning.

A fun hike, but it lacks a view and a “payoff” for the climb.

my partner and I hiked this trail last weekend, it was cooler and breezy which made the hike very nice. Spectacular overlooks, changing terrain, waterfalls, mountains. We had a great time. We passed about 8 people in the entire 8+ miles, I think half of them asked if we had seen any bears, apparently bears are prevalent at fort mountain SP. We did not see any bears by the way...this is an excellent hike, we would do it again. It took about 4.75 hours to complete, and we stopped for lunch on the trail and at one of the overlooks. We like to hike at a pretty moderate pace.

8 days ago

Very easy, well-marked trail. I hiked it with my 73 yr-old father, 8 yr-old daughter and our dog. Great for this, though be careful of alligators near the water with your dog. Also, parts of the trail aren't shaded and it can get hot, so bring water. Lots of places to stop and sit. A very nice easy hike. Main trail is marked red. Short trail is yellow. Don't miss the cypress forest boardwalk just off the main trail. It's really neat. You likely won't see another hiker.

Nice views on this hike. Unfortunately, the trail has not been kept up well, so keeping on the trail got more and more difficult the further out we got. We made it to sign post 33 and decided to turn around. We were probably only a few tenths of a mile from the end, but the trail became hard to find. We followed the advice in a prior review and found the trail head across from campsite 4 in loop A. Nice spot, just needs TLC.

Have they moved the state line or has the trail slid south. According to the map this trail is located in North Carolina. Misleading if you are doing a search and it notes a completely different state.

Loved the seclusion - very lightly trafficked on weekdays.

trail running
10 days ago

A great trail run! Pretty flat, beware with large groups, this is a mountain biking path first!

Amazing views all focused around a waterfall. The stairs are easy going down, but painful headed back up.

I love hiking in Georgia! I know that there are great places in NC and TN too, but that ain't Georgia. That being said, I did teh Coosa trail counter-clockwise startng from the Vogle visitors center at 7:30 this morning and was back at my car at 2:15. I felt like I was hiking at an average pace. I was alone, so I didn't have a reference...so I didn't have to make any unnecessary stops. But, I did take plenty of time to enjoy the limited views (jungle like in summer) and take plenty of selfies! BTW...I had cell service (att) for most of the hike. Anyway, to keep this short.....Awesome trail, good challange, no bears (for me!), It's in GA, and it can be done in a day despite what the sign says.

off road driving
12 days ago

took this road to lhe lake to go camping had some pot holes but a pleasant drive

good beginner mtb trail

14 days ago

Nice trail for an easy hike aided by benches (thanks to a recent Eagle Scout project) and small bridges along the way. There is a clean restroom at the parking lot near the trailhead. I completed the hike with two 9-year-olds and a 12-year-old in just over an hour at a leisurely pace. The kids enjoyed the hike. We were on the trail around noon (in July), but the temperature was quite comfortable thanks to the shade from the trees.

loved this park and trail for a day hike while in town for work

14 days ago

Thank you James S for guiding us today. Beautiful trail.

Great hike. The steps almost killed me. nice views on the bridge. it does move while walking on it but not too much.

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