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Very easy and the trails are horribly marked.

Nice walk or easy hike around a placid lake. Pay the annual fee and get a pass for two adults and family under 18 ($30).

Great walk. Only came across 3 other groups and no riders. Very quiet.

19 days ago

Hiked the red trail today that came in a little over 6 miles including all the loops. The falls were very pretty and the paths were great. Lots of bikers on this trail. Would definitely go back.

trail running
20 days ago

Pretty cool trail run park, I followed the yellow trail and ran about 12k. Paid $5 bucks to park. I would definitely come back.

This can be an out-and-back from either Pocket Road or Snake Creek Gap. From Pocket Road the trail is short rollers until the ascend up Horn Mountain for approx a mile. Once on the ridgeline, it's possible to catch a winter view of John's Mountain. There's exposed rock and loose scree mixed with roots in some segments but very runnable/hikeable. Overall a decent Pinhoti segment but not as scenic as John's Mountain or the North Pinhoti segment.

25 days ago

So much to do at this park. You can hike, you can walk, run, mountain bike, even horse ride. And you have miles and miles to do it all. Love it

trail running
26 days ago

Really enjoyed trail running/walking this approx 8 mile loop!!!

Pleasant afternoon hike for Wife and I to Preachers Rock (approx 1 Mile to rock). Great views along they way, particularly from top of rock. Will do this one again! Moderate to Easy.

trail running
26 days ago

This is a fairly challenging trail run as most of the trail has exposed rock, scree, roots, and other debris. The trail is maintained by a local Pinhoti Trail organization and they do an excellent job removing downed trees and keeping the trail well marked with the unique Pinhoti blaze.
Mostly single track with some short FS roads at Dug Mountain and Stover Creek.
Expect some climbing, mostly short rollers with a few that are steeper/longish.
There's limited water sources and access for water drops but it is achievable with some research and planning.
Overall, this is a great trail for running/training and/or casual hiking.

This is a great segment of the Silver Comet trail we rode from mile marker 0 in Smyrna to Pumpkinvine trestle on the other side of Rambo. The trail starts out very crowded then thins out at Power Springs park asphalt or concrete all the way about 6' wide a few road crossings but most have singles for safe crossing. Grade is very low I would rate moderate just of the milage nothing steep in this section. Trail is open for all types of activities bikes,skates,blades,boards,running ETC. Benches along the way to rest or just take in the surroundings. Will be back to do the rest of it. It would be nice if there was a shuttle service and if there is please post it here thanks.

One of my favorite hikes I have done! Definitely would rate it hard

My two year old and I did a little of the Yellow Trail and Red Trail (just to the ruins) last week and it was great! Plenty easy for her, and wasn’t difficult for me to do with her on a carrier either! It’s a wonderful park!

Good place to clear your mind.

road biking
1 month ago

Great ride!

Was a great short hike for the family. Youngest being seven years old. Nice trail, great views and not crowded on a weekday in February.

Such a beautiful view at Preachers Rock! When you first come up to the trail you can go left of right... no idea where left goes, but right goes up to Preachers Rock so if that’s where you’re trying to go, take the trail to the right!

Great for horses. Love the waterfall.

great trail and hike. peaceful..

The 2.2 loop description is a little misleading seeing that there are several trails inside that loop that range from easy to just short of hard. Depending on how you use these trails it can be a full day of hiking.

I agree that the trail marking is virtually non-existing but using landmarks you can get back to your car even if you have make your own way.

Nice paved walk. Alot of bikes on this trail. Take my dog for walks on this trail but don't get much of a friendly response from the bikers. Been told by many of them no dog should be allowed.

Great quick get away trail with diversity of terrain and river views. A little confusing . Really need better markers!

1 month ago

This loop is 10 miles, not 9. Recommend hiking in clockwise direction. Difficult footing in several stretches. Very rutted along the top for 2-3 miles from a bulldozer, I presume. Great view of McLemore Cove from the top. Not a trail I'd hike in the summer. Too much overgrowth. Views would be obscured except in winter. Many fallen trees. But well marked with blue blazes. It's been on my to-hike list for quite some time. Glad I did it, but doubt I'll return any time soon.

1 month ago

If you don't like horses or are intimidated by them don't go here. This trail is heavily used by people riding horses, because of that you're going to run across a LOT of massive piles of poop on the trail. There is poo everywhere.... Everyone we ran across was very nice, no bad vibes towards hikers but you will be the minority out here.

2 months ago

Beautiful and peaceful.

Just called the park and the trail is and has been closed and no permits are being given at this time

Good trail but definitely longer than 7 miles if you follow the white trail markings.

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