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Hood, Georgia Map

Started at Unicoi Gap and headed south. Starts the incline right away. Did this during the cold front in mid November. Frost and icicles all up and down the trail. The killer was the wind. The trail run on a north side and the wind was just brutal cold. Blue Mountain shelter (which faces north was not much shelter from the weather. The water source just past the shelter was hard to find. It ended up being a frozen puddle with leaf fall. We quickly decided against staying the night and hiked back out. This was brutal with wind and cold. Camel up well if you are attempting this section in below freezing temps. And make sure your gloves and face covers are wind proof.

Summit, 8am 9.23.18. Overall vegetation is still thick, mud and dry conditions on the trail from the AT > Cowrock > Wildcat > Shelter. Warm, 75-80. Blue skies and sunshine.

Awesome trail with beautiful view from cow rock!

Hike from hog mountain to cow rock mountain. Cool hike as the fog was sticking to the trees.

I hiked this trail on April 1st with two 11 year olds and one 8 year old. One of the 11 year olds (shorter) and the 8 year old (very short for age) had a little bit difficult of a time getting up to the top but once we got there they were so glad we went! Beautiful view at the top!

Another great section of the AT!

Started at Tesnatee Gap and hiked up to Cowrock Mountain for sunrise this week. Trail was nice and not too difficult in my opinion. Trail was easy to follow even in the dark. The view was beautiful. Easy for dogs.

This morning we parked at Hogpen Gap and started out for the day with cloudy skies and awesome temps. The hike up Wildcat Mt is uphill out of the gate but not a bad climb. The views from the top were not there because of clouds and fog. Steep decline into Tesnatee. Cowrock wasn’t too bad a climb, moderate. The views came and went on the summit depending on how the wind blew the fog. I did manage to get a few good pics. We met some thru-hikers coming back down into Tesnatee Gap. The hike back across Wildcat was pretty tough going up but caught some good views at the top. By the time we were back to Hogpen Gap the skies were clearing so hikers up top during the afternoon probably had better views. Great hike though. 3 hours total and that was not pushing it. Highly recommend this one. Head on down into Helen GA if you’ve never been!!

I started my hike at Hogpen Gap. Hogpen Gap to Cowrock Mtn.
Since I can’t/couldn’t find a check-in for that, I just used this one. Close enough.
Hiked up from Hogpen and down to Whitley Gap Shelter then back up to Wildcat Mtn down to Tesnatee Gap and then up to Cowrock Mtn.
6.2 miles total.
The trail to Whitley Shelter has a couple amazing views and campsites along the way. The hike down the Shelter is easy, the hike back out and up is not quite so easy. It’s a little bit of a climb.
Hiking up Wildcat from the Shelter Trail was pretty easy, not bad at all. The decent down Wildcat was a breeze to Tesnatee Gap. Climbing up Cowrock Mtn was a little challenging but not bad. It’s a long climb up. The views at the top are stunning! There are three (+) scenic camping spots up there. Two of which are off on a pig trail and need to be looked for to find. I’ll include these in my photos on here.
The descent down Cowrock back to Tesnatee was quick and easy. The climb up Wildcat from Tesnatee... is TOUGH!
Lots of beautiful views to be seen. Giant boulders and rocks along the trail. Snow still laying around. A few icy spots. Several muddy spots. To be expected of course.
Overall GREAT hike! Enjoyed the day SO much.

Solid short easy trail. It’s a decent ascent on the way up, but it’s short and the hike down is super easy. Once you get to the first view keep walking for a hundred yards or so and an even better view opens up on the left side

Fairly easy trail. Just uphill 90% of the way in. Coming out is a breeze. has a great view from summit. I went on a foggy day and the trail can seem spooky like a Stephen King novel. Paved parking at trailhead.

great hike for experienced backpacker/hikers. steep ascend to Blue Mountain Shelter, very crowded after 5PM on Sat 11/18. if you're going to that shelter, get an early start in case you want to set camp away from the shelter. it was tough setting my hammock and tarp in the rain after sunset.

We did this Trail, or a good bit of it, in May. It was in the upper 60's, but felt warmer. We were glad we made the stop here.
The hike was just challenging enough for what we were looking for, I would rate it a difficult moderate. There are some great camp sites that we want to check out on our next trip and we have more time. Watch out for snakes around some of the rocky areas. We saw a couple rattlers and a pair of copperheads. We ran into several others on our way, and met some great people. Those couple of ice cold beers we had in a cooler in the truck when we made it to the parking area were a perfect ending.

Hiked from Tesnatee to Wolf laurel top and back. Nice hike with two good views. One view at cow rock which is at .8 miles then next view at Wolf Laurel top at about the 2 mile mark. I would rate as moderate physically.

We loved this trail for the first mile in, but then, just past the second overlook, we encountered a bear. It was in a tree and came down about forty feet from the trail. It was crazy, we smelled bear scat the rest of the way down (which was traveled a bit faster than going up!) The trail itself, however, and the views at Cow Rock were incredible. If you go, take your bear spray!

This section of AT is mostly wooded with dappled sunlight the entire way (while the trees have their foliage). The first half of the trail is nice: smooth trail, ferns, and Rhododendron groves. The second half has a very rocky trail and takes more time to compete. There are multiple campsites and water sources in this section.

Super fun and easy hike! Tons of rock formations along the way to the top, and a few look out spots. However none of the lookouts are as great as the top, the peak of Cowrock has a gorgeous view that stretches endlessly. Large, steep and rolling green hills in the summer create a stunning backdrop. Just a few miles to Raven Cliff Falls, you could do both hikes in the same day.

Beautiful walk along the AT. Great views to the south and east northeast from the rock outcrop at the top. See Atlanta to the south on a clear day if you look hard enough.

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