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17 days ago

I am a middle aged female in pretty decent shape. I took the entire loop alone on a Wednesday morning. First off, if you choose to continue past where Falling Creek and the Ocmulgee River meet-you better know the woods well, have a very good sense of direction, and be able to keep your eyes out for trail markers, while watching for snakes or other “critters” as you go. I HIGHLY recommend wearing pants IF you choose to go the whole loop. The trail is very overgrown; you cannot even see that it is a trail most of the way back around, besides the dirt roads... you HAVE to look out for white AND orange trail markers; after a certain point-pink, as well (spray paint on the trees). Also, blue and pink ribbon tied to trees. It is more than 4 miles for the entire loop. I did 6.8 miles, while only getting away from the trail a few times, and that only added a few minutes each time (maybe 3 times), before I stepped back and scanned for some sort of trail marker, and got back on track. I completed it in about 2 hours and 45 minutes. As far as the scenery and all—absolutely gorgeous. Great place to have to hike in the Middle Georgia area! I just wanted to clarify some of these things for those who may go without this knowledge, i.e. me. Lol... still, great hike, great time.