Great hike good cardio and stops

It was a great trail. No more closed signs like other hikers reported. We saw just two groups of people the entire hike. The last 10 miles to get to the trailhead was a dirt and rock road- a little rough on a sedan but smaller cars were doing it- mostly it was trucks and keeps though. Took 45 minutes to drive the last 10 miles.

Worth the day license of $10.00 as a visitor. Great river stops and a good cardio on the way back easy trail not complicated

Great trial

over grown
7 days ago

The AT portions of the trail were pretty packed.

Beautiful, extended main stretch along the river, which is pretty good size. Sun-exposed, not very scenic in first 1/2 mile. Easy to follow path in clockwise direction

It was a nice little trail

Def recommend! Good cardio hike with amazing views & u can’t beat the cartecay River!

17 days ago

Great trail! The entire trail is steep on the way down and a straight up killer on the way up. Definitely recommend bringing enough water and take frequent breaks on the way out. There were a few trees down but they were easy to hop over or under. The trail wasn’t bad until it hit the Conasauga river trail.

over grown
19 days ago

19 days ago

Nice trail and pretty tame minus 2 areas of steep incline. LOTS of water crossings. I was able to find my way across most of the creek crossing by tight rope walking downed trees or finding enough shallow rocks. 2 crossings required shoes off and pants rolled way up. the second actually got my pants a little wet. maybe upper thigh depth. it's a very pretty area and rather remote. I suggest writing your driving directions out because you will most likely not have cell service and it's easy to take a wrong turn. I saw 3 camping spots all pretty and near water. i would recommend this to anyone. if your not a seasoned backpacker dont do this one alone. it's rather remote

Great trail. My wife two kids 9 and 11 along with our two dogs completed it and had a good time. We went off trail after making wrong turn (twice) my bad! But once we got back on it was great. Perfect day hike. Came across a few other hikers some coming and going to other trails and the AT. River is amazing. No complaints! The drive in has great views of the creek. Enjoy!! PS. Trail had paperwork on beginning of trail saying closed due to COVID. we did not see any virus on trail. And social distances wasn’t an issue!!! Go have fun!!!!!

23 days ago

Beautiful trail! You could walk by the river for a long way and after the river there was a forest of ferns.

Not enough markings/signs to keep you on correct loops. Got lost several times

27 days ago

We absolutely loved this trail. Drove the Jeep to the trailhead and went counterclockwise on the loop. First half didn’t see a single person. Second half a bit more crowded with many fast moving mountain bikers. All in all, easy to navigate, beautiful scenery and just a fun hike. Highly recommend.

27 days ago

The trail was an old road bed for over four miles which was nice. It’s mainly a mountain bike trail so wider than a footpath only. Many stream and creek crossings which brought a nice variety and sometimes a challenge. Got a couple of soakers

Amazing trail such a good time with our dog, he got a little carried away in the “rapids” but he wasn’t expecting how strong they were. But beautiful walk/run for the whole family.

Nice walk down and back to the river. Easy path although step grade in parts. Ample parking and easy for social distancing.

Absolutely gorgeous trail. We listened to the reviews and went clockwise. Trail was clearly marked. The first chance you get to go closer to the river - do it. There’s a nice little hangout spot by some rocks and that’s where we ate lunch. Beautiful view and the water wasn’t half bad either.

Just an fyi....the trails are marked as "CLOSED"

Our favorite hike. We recorded 5.5 miles, but most was easy. Lovely dogwoods blooming & always enjoy the water sounds.

Very enjoyable family hike with dog. Well maintained trail and the river adds to the enjoyment. The add on optional trails for those wanting a longer hike also in great shape. Going clockwise the trails seems better marked. We will return to hike this again!

1 month ago

This was a wonderful surprise on a beautiful day!! We took our three dogs and they loved it. There were many fallen trees but we scrambled over them. The creek was gorgeous and the sound relaxing during this COVID19 outbreak. I would definitely say it was difficult based on the steepness.

Fun trail - took counter clockwise up Appalachian Trail to Rich Mountain. Steady incline to split of AT and Benton McKaye Trail. Decent through wooded ridge forest; somewhat uneventful.

Fun trail - took counter clockwise going up the Appalachian Trail somewhat following river to Rich Mountain. Steady not bad incline. Past intersection of AT and Benton McCay Trail remains steady incline for a short distance. Then it’s forest landscape downhill. Uneventful return.

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