13 hours ago

I started on the orange loop, then the red trail along the creek. at the end of the creek is a small waterfall. you can cross here to the blue trail. I followed the blue trail along the creeks until I got to the Forrest road. went down that until I got to the green trail that went alongside another small creek. did that and ended at the parking lot. started at 1 ended at 4. I stopped for a good hour exploring the creek. the best part is along the blue trail along the creek. there are small rapids. very luscious green vegetation. ferns. mushrooms. huge forest of big oak and hardwood trees with occasional pines. saw three deer, a rabbit, frogs, lizards, birds sang the entire way, a few nats in spots but I kept moving wasn't bad with no bug spray. saw only one mountain biker the entire time... on a Sunday.. many different options of trail routes to take.. many shortcuts and detours if you want to combine trails. great trail to get some miles in ... I usually go on shorter trails nearby. it's not the best trail around metro Atlanta area but it's a good trail to do something new and to go a little longer than normal .