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Dalton, Georgia Map
4 days ago

I have always heard about this trail but had never actually done it. I found it online & on other apps but it wasn't on AllTrails . A friend gave me easy directions and it was a great hike. I wouldn't do it in the summer. Perfect hike for fall or winter!

pretty trail. lots of exposed rock, choose appropriate shoes. very well kept path, and clearly marked. I did a mix of running, and power hiking.

bring adequate water. I didn't see any on the trail.

2 months ago

Love hiking on this trail. Rarely run into another person.

Nice trail close to interstate. Runs along campus. But significant poison ivy is prevalent all along trail. At times it goes across trail. Trail is always discernible but can narrow to 1’ or lest at times. Well marked, but several Y junctions and no apparent master map of system at trail heads to plot course.

Be forewarned. There is no trail that’s actually called Rocky Face Loop Trail. To do this loop, start at the trail marked “Big Rock Trail”. It heads up the ridge. About half a mile in you will meet up with the Creek Trail. Follow it to the left to eventually make a loop back here. You can also take the Cascade Trail off of the backside of the creek trail that leads to a gorgeous cascade. I’d rate this entire loop as moderate. Nice morning hike.

Nice little hike close to town. Beautiful Dug Gap Mountain!

It’s around a 2 mile walk/hike. Only a few places actually required little more than walking. Very beautiful trail and it’s always well kept.

I take this route to get to class whenever I can. Absolutely beautiful!

This is a fairly challenging trail run as most of the trail has exposed rock, scree, roots, and other debris. The trail is maintained by a local Pinhoti Trail organization and they do an excellent job removing downed trees and keeping the trail well marked with the unique Pinhoti blaze.
Mostly single track with some short FS roads at Dug Mountain and Stover Creek.
Expect some climbing, mostly short rollers with a few that are steeper/longish.
There's limited water sources and access for water drops but it is achievable with some research and planning.
Overall, this is a great trail for running/training and/or casual hiking.

9 months ago

did a 2 day stretch here in july. 35 miles. we only came across 1 water supply so make sure you pack plenty of water. also depending on where you start finding a camp site cam either be really easy or a nightmare. there are stretches where you just cannot find a flat or safe camp site, and other areas like the clover field we came across(we were shy by .25 mile from this site our first night and if we just spent 10 min more would have found it) that was a page out of the bible, glorious heaven. i would suggest a partner, the trail could be very lonely, very rarely traveled, and i brought a safety device for this reason. all in all i would do this trail again in a heartbeat

mountain biking
11 months ago

Great trails challenging but fun. Happy trails

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Nice, quiet trails.

I have done this whole section 2 time and 1/4 of it so many times I could not count. I am lucky enough to have it in my back yard

Pulled a few miles last summer up here, it was 90 and hot. I would like to return in a few weeks when the weather isn't an oven.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

We have covered ~40 miles of the pinhoti in Alabama and we covered this section as part of a three day weekend. Encountered a couple other hikers while out but very secluded. Our dog came along and loved every mile, as did we. We camped on hurricane mountain, about five miles before reaching the dug gap trailhead. Beautiful sunset and sunrise. A little noise pollution from the interstate but overall a great camping spot.

Saturday, February 11, 2017

The area between Pilcher's Pond and Snake Creek Gap is a nice hike but not very scenic.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Let me start by saying I hiked only eight miles of this, four in and four out, not all 30+ miles. It's a quick walk up to the top, from there the next three or so miles is a ridge line hike. Most of it you have views on both sides, albeit seasonal. When the leaves are back it doesn't look like much to be seen for most of it. I was scouting campsites for an overnight when it warms up.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

My girlfriend and I looked for the trailhead in Dalton, Ga but could not find access to the trail, anywhere despite seeing signs for it all over the place.. Sadly, we left disappointed

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Is a great hiking trial , I just walked like 2 hours , but the view is great and the way is rocky and quiet !!!! Makes me fee super relax :) God is great !!!▶️▶️▶️⤵️✔

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Perfect spot for an amazing view.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I always hike the dug gap trail head for pinhoti. As far in as time allows and straight back out the same way. It's fun a hike, you have to climb a gravel road to get to the actual trail which usually takes me about twenty minutes to climb. Cell service bc the towers right up there with the trail. The two times I've hiked it I went 7 miles and 5 miles in and out. Really enjoy this hike.

My husband and I have done in section day hikes with 2 cars using the guides from the pinhoti site it is pretty easy to follow, We did from road 100 up to Dug Gap most are 10 miles or less except dug gap to snake creek which is 12 miles, I do Dug gap 4 miles down to hurricane creek trail which comes out to 5.7 miles at least 20 times a year since I live within walking range from hurricane creek trail. I did see a bear once when I went early in the morning, Have seen scat on hurricane creek trail several times

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

I recently hiked section 7 of this trail. Beautiful views. Parts can be rough over all great hike. I couldn't figure out how to do it, but it would be great if someone could post all 31 sections so we could correctly mark the sections we hike. :)

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Great trail. Rough terrain, strenuous elevations, beautiful scenery and overlooks. Well marked trail, with limited water access. Great camping opportunites.

Pilchers Pond to Snake Head Gap

When I hike, I like to have some interesting points or destination. We started at Pilchers Pond and hiked along ridge to Snake Gap. Not particularly picturesque. At all. Some nice (trying to be positive) views of mountains in distance but the rest of the section was "meh". Lots of fallen trees. Did not see so much as a bird, squirrel or Big Foot.

Trail has some inclines & descents - nothing killer - but steady to get blood pumping a little. Passed some mtn bikers & 1 other hiker. More muddy crossings than actual stream crossings. *Area had a good soaking 2 days before. Some folks in our group complained about "the rocks" on the trail - the trail was well-marked, no trees blocking the trail, but there are small rocks on the path from time to time - none bigger than an orange, but one does need to keep an eye out. *This seems obvious to me, but...

6.2 miles per my GPS, took us about 3hrs with "lunch break" and waiting several times for slow pokes.

Trailhead at Snakehead has restrooms - didn't use them, so can't comment on 'em. Lot at Snakehead is large, on a fairly busy road. "Lot" at Pilcher can fit maybe 3 cars. Not sure I'd feel quite as comfortable w/ my car there...

My verdict... no need to return. Not worth the drive for me. I would have rather stayed in Atlanta to hike locally or gone elsewhere.

I'll update hikingdiva.posterous.com with trail pics & more deets.

I don't know where the 24.1 mile figure came from. Nor the loop status. The Pinhoti trail is 318 miles long and runs from Alabama to Georgia. I've hiked this trail a lot as it passes straight through the town I live in. The sections I've done run from the GA-AL state line east towards Dalton. The Terrain is rocky, but easily passable on foot. I'd be hesitant to bike certain sections of this portion.

The maps are available online for free:

The elevation of the route is available on these two pages:

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