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Conyers, Georgia Map

the blue trail needs to be reblazed about half way through, but still an enjoyable running area! I ended up off the trail and had to use gps to get back to the parking lot

Great walk. Only came across 3 other groups and no riders. Very quiet.

The Discovery Trail is a pretty good nature trail. I often have several wildlife sightings along it. The only problem is that you may have to dodge mountain bikers, who are not supposed to be on it (they have all other trails in the park). Sometimes horseriders will use the Discovery Trail but that is very seldom, and never a problem. You can take a non-motorized boat like a canoe out on the water, but fishing is against the law. Great Blue Herons, Egrets, Osprey, Warblers, Woodpeckers, Turtles, Frogs, Beaver, Otters, and Starheaded Minnows are all rather possible sighting on this trail. There are viewing platforms / docks, and there are a couple "binoculars" to aid viewing. I suggest bringing a camera with a long telephoto lens or binoculars.

Been here many times! Tends to be one of the very best nature parks in the area. Good for photography. One of the few venues that is very good for a quick nature fix. You can hike for hours, but you can also just take just a few minutes to walk down to pond, and still have a really good experience. Expect to see turtles in warmer months. One of our better bird areas. Beaver and Otters sometimes show themselves.

I have ridden the bike trails here and are awesome. The half near the hiking trail is tough. You think you are pretty good and it will humble you.

There are over 20 miles of trails. All are well marked. You can find a map at http://www.georgiahorsepark.com/Portals/4/GIHP%20trails%20map.pdf

All of the trails are marked. The horse trails are better to walk on then the bike trail. The nature center has abou 3 miles of trails with no bikes or horses. You can also canoe or kayak there.

I have hiked this trail and I like it because it is close to my home and it is easy access, for a hiker, you are taking your life in your hands because bikers are not going to look for you (it is a mountain biking trail). It is not an easy trail, it is a mountain trail after all, but I would say the average person can hike it with a medium amount of effort. I think that next time I will try hiking it backwards so I can see the bikes coming. There are also a number of horse trails that can be hiked at the park that might be safer, but I'm not sure how well they are marked.

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