great hiking trails.. I recommend walking it and bringing water and snacks

Beautiful, quiet trail, this is a horse trail so expect some horse poop.

Second time this week on the trail (because the first time did not record and I want my badges). Decent trail moderately travelled, super easy and fun to do with a dog especially with all the Whitetail deer running in the woods.

These are great trails for horseback riding. You need to make sure to bring your map especially for hiking, personally I wouldn't hike them best left for the horses. The designated hiking trails here are great also.

due to low gps signal in the area, my recorded distance is not correct the trail itself is a nice short hike that is easy to navigate dispite the lack of trail markings

I should like this trail more than I do. There is a really nice stand of hardwoods dominated by white oak, which has to be one of my favorite trees. If I ever hit the lottery, my home will be nestled into a stand like this one. The trail is a bit rooty in places, but otherwise in pretty good shape.

Willow and I missed a turn towards the end and went a bit long, I think we came out at 7.2 miles. The horse trail network can be a bit confusing and could stand to be better marked. The app did let me know I was off route but only after I was 1/2 mile past my turn. I might need to tweak that a bit. Lots of deer, so keep an eye on your canine trail buddies if they are inclined to chase. Three fawns popped up about thirty yards ahead of us, but Willow was too hot and tired to do more than watch them, which suited me just fine. The trail could use some love in places, there are places where runoff is running down the trail and rutting it up. These trails are primarily equestrian, so they tend to take a beating under the best of circumstances. I don’t recommend hiking them with a dog on the weekends due to the horse traffic. Some pretty scenery along this route, the river, some oxbows, some evidence of old terraces.

This trail should be left to our long faced friends.

Saw much wildlife activity today from deer and turkey.

It was a beautiful day and a great hike really enjoyed it

good trail. nice easy walk.

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