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Nice trail and fairly scenic along the Hooch. Mulberry Creek is the final destination and is nice place for kids or the four-legged children among us.

Great trail, some difficulty but nothing major, just watch your step!

Amazing creekside trail with waterfalls.

12 days ago

Not really what I consider to be actual "hiking" -- ie, paved path, lots of stairs, and lots of people. The waterfalls were pretty though.

19 days ago

Good scenic trial, at the same time best at make you sweat.. we enjoyed this... map is must to keep u on track, else you might loop in same spot or reach ur car sooner

1 month ago

MUST HAVE LAND PASS or HUNTING LICENSE to enter. We didn't know this and drove on this not so great road with potholes to get here.... to find out that we couldn't use our cellphones to buy passes because there is no cell phone service . We didn't get to hike but I would love to go back with a Land Pass because the pictures look awesome! I think the top description should inform people to buy a land pass before driving to this area! Only giving 1 star because I haven't yet seen it and because of the road to get there.lol

beautiful river

2 months ago

Not the most scenic hike, but a good one nonetheless. Well marked trail, lots of parking, and occasional views of the river. Hard to believe it is right next to 400 because there is very little traffic noise, even during rush hour.

Not the most strenuous trail if you stick to the set route. Going off-path is a better workout. Quit trail with wildlife and a nice view of the river.

Nice trail. More easy than moderate. Would bring the grandkids. Let them play in the water.

2 months ago

Walked with a 17 and 8 year old. All three of us loved every step. There are small waterfalls and the path is well maintained. In fact volunteers and rangers were out working on the trail. The museum is also a cannot miss.


Great moderate hike.

This trail was well worth the wonderful waterfall view. Hemlock was beautiful. Downfalls though include being heavily populated and it claims to be dog friendly but the metal grate stairs are far from friendly on the dog's feet. I wouldn't do it again with my dog unless he had some type of boot.

very nice trail. Worked up a sweat! We went down some stairs and just hiked all by the side of the creek,river? Was pretty challenging going thru all the rocks and tree roots. Loved it! I was kind of upset that there was a gate and couldn't go down to the ruins. I thought you were able to go down there but it was locked. Oh well,we enjoyed this park Alot! Clean and well marked.

Completed red trail and part of white. Great walk along Sweetwater Creek! Go to the end of red trail to begin a more arduous walk along the white.

on Hemlock Falls Trail

3 months ago

I hiked all the trails on Saturday in Cloudland with the exception of Bear Creek Backcountry Trail because it was closed. If you are looking to have a good 15 mile day this would be a good park to hike. All the trails are well maintained and easy trekking. The most strenuous place in these trails are the stairs that exist to access/exit Sitton’s Gulch Trail - about 600 or so. This was my first time at this park, and I was blown away at the beauty of the canyon and the falls. Aside from the stairs these trails are not hard, but offer a good day of beauty and exercise. I would suggest the following “loop”: Park at the Trenton trailhead for Sitton’s Gulch Trail and begin hiking. This trail is 2 miles one way; make your way up the stairs (congratulations you just made it through the most strenuous part of the whole day). Keep going up to Overlook Trail which is up and beyond the Waterfall trails which I would save for last just because who eats dessert prior to the meal? Hike the Overlook Trail all the way back and up to the Two Mile Backcountry Loop. When you get to the actual loop which is about 2 miles or so after you reach the start of Overlook Trail, then, I suggest taking the left road and loop back around to save best for last; after loop make your way back through Overlook Trail and down to hike West Rim Loop which is 6 miles - take the left road for woods and the loop will bring you back around for canyon views and much needed breeze to cool you down. Head back down and see Cherokee and Hemlock Falls and make your way back out to the trailhead at Sitton’s Gulch. Wonderful day!

4 months ago

This trail is wonderful because you can turn left and go see the Cherokee Falls and then come back up and go right to see the Hemlock Falls. Just keep in mind, all those stairs feel easy to walk down, but at some point you have to come back up!

My two year old and I did a little of the Yellow Trail and Red Trail (just to the ruins) last week and it was great! Plenty easy for her, and wasn’t difficult for me to do with her on a carrier either! It’s a wonderful park!

Good place to clear your mind.

spectacular views of rushing and falling water!... BEWARE the climb back up the stairs is INTENSE. *This location should come with a health warning... if you're not in at least "decent" cardio health... enjoy the view from the top of the canyon and don't go down to the bottom of the steps!

5 months ago

Cloudland Canyon State Park has been on our bucket list for awhile. We chose the Hemlock Falls trail first and were not disappointed. The canyon walls were covered in icicles and the views from many stops on the stairs of the canyon walls were incredibly beautiful. The waterfall was well worth the hundreds of steps we hiked on the stairs. ♡♡♡

5 months ago

worth the hike.

5 months ago

Nice hike. Did some of the white trail and the red trail.

interesting walk, with varied terrain. my dog loves the occasional opportunity to slip into the creek. once you get to the old mill the trail vecomes a little challenging. but still a great outing for the family.

Gorgeous in fall!! Moderate hills so you will sweat a little.

7 months ago

Calming, well marked, good sightseeing

some great hidden trails that aren't mapped

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