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4 days ago

Good hike, if you start the west loop going to the left it’s a steeper climb , the right side its an gradual elevation. Regardless good either side.

More of a Hard rated trail during the first mile compared to other moderate trails within 20 mile radius. Sharp Rocky and sometimes narrow path. Not good for training with any back weight; could twist an ankle if not cautious. Good leg workout on dicey terrain. Not good during wet days due to rocks.
Good workout, but I don’t feel it’s worth it.

11 days ago

One of the best hikes I have ever done.
The trail is some what easy with some small inclinations. Its basically a 3.5 mile loop with 2 mile extension. Half way is scenic with lake on one side. You can enjoy the small beaches alongside the trail. We have covered the adjacent Sweet Gum Trail and this one in one stretch.

13 days ago

This is a good trail to get a little exercise on if your in the area or if you live close by, but I wouldn't go out of my way to hike here.

This is always a good one. Try going during the week, it gets busy on the weekends.

Nice trail, beautiful summit. Be careful of snakes, I stepped on a garter snake.

Great trail

24 days ago

Started Sunday morning a little after 10. Great trail. Lots of twisties and elevation change. I have a couple sketchy joints, and I carry a weighted pack, so I was plenty ready to be finished at about mile 4. I think the difficulty ratings are all relative to your physical ability and environmental circumstances. I would rate it easy to moderate in quite a few places. Lots of flats, lots of elevation change that had me puffing. Several places almost halfway in to go to the shore of Allatoona. One gentleman was swimming laps. A couple shucked their clothes and got in the water in their underwear. There were not many people on the trail. I went long stretches without meeting other hikers. Plenty of well-behaved dogs, but one hiker didn’t pick up poop. Bad washout at 4.5. It was about 6.2 miles total for me. I didn’t like that there were no signs for the visitors center on the way out. Several trails intersect with this one, and I took a wrong turn at 5.5

We are beginners and had a rough hike up... it’s pretty steep in some places, but once we got to the top it was definitely worth it... great view, a nice place to chill and catch your breath and take some pics... the hike down is quick and easy and we sometimes caught ourself in a little run because of the steepness of it... but it was a really good time, this weather was amazing, go now!

Nice workout

Easy, wide trail with gravel. Goes along Allatoona Lake for most of the way. Quiet and pretty peaceful. Even saw a couple of deer! Really great day spent here!

Very pretty and enjoyable hike.

28 days ago

I enjoyed this trail far more than Sweetgum. I avoided this one for awhile because it’s rated as easy and I prefer moderate trails. However, this one is easy to moderate with some gentle elevation changes and a few rocks and roots, with beautiful forest and lake scenery, so I never got bored. The homestead loop is 5 miles but when you factor in the trail to and from the visitor’s center it totals right at 6 miles. I completed it in 2.5 hours excluding breaks, and I’m only in so-so shape, so it’s easy to make decent time here. I’ll definitely come back.

nice easy grade, great views of the lake. great testing spot on the boulders at the half-way mark before heading back.

1 month ago

great workout!

This trail is great. Gorgeous views. Very well marked. The trail is all gravel except for a couple of short, wood bridges, so if you have a stroller, make sure it is made for off-roading.

Very challenging and love the hike

Great beginners hike or a hike with your dog. Loved it. Had quite a few beautiful lake front spots to let your dogs loose and have a blast.

Fun trail with wide paths.

Great hike, clearly marked, more on the easy side, provides nice picnic spots

Is a beautiful place to go.

Very nice place to hiking

Loved it!

I've hiked this trail about 3 times now and it's really nice. Great views of the water and lots of little veer off trails leading to small beaches. The trail is well maintained and well marked. Would recommend.

on Pine Mountain Trail

2 months ago

Liked the hike, but could have been marked better along the way how far away you’re from the parking lot, etc.

2 months ago

A good alternative to Kennesaw Mtn, which gets crowded at times. I like the more strenuous trails and this one provides a good workout. Nice view from top. East loop can also be used for MTB, but you better be in good shape.

great easy trail...you can take a stroller on the trail great for kids. this trail can get pretty busy in the spring and summer months.

3 months ago

Great trail! Red Top always has well marked trails. I've done this one many times with my pup.

3 months ago

Excellent trail. Completed both the east and west loops, as well as all side trails. This made it an enjoyable 8.5 miles in all. Nice mix of elevation changes that provided a real workout. Well-marked and maintained. Highly recommend.

Great trail, well marked and easy to add distance for a more challenging hike. Pay attention (or snap a pic) of the trailhead map to help plan your course. Moderate fits the trail well, with its rising and falling inclination and weaving course.

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