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5 days ago

It was a nice trail, A little strenuous in places, but not too bad. At the beginning there was a lot of trash, but further in it the trail was pretty and tranquil. We were the only one's there.

Just an fyi...there are a couple of big trees that came down right where the yellow and red trails meet. Someone with some saws or something need to cut a new path. Couldnt get to the red trail.

Great hike, clearly marked, more on the easy side, provides nice picnic spots

Enjoyed the hike. Coming back just know if you use the blue trail as a short cut it is steep. Great workout! Also it ended up being 6.24 miles.

1 month ago

Great trail! Red Top always has well marked trails. I've done this one many times with my pup.

This is a great loop trail. It's a fairly easy well maintained path. Nice views of the lake as you weave in and out of the beautiful hardwoods.

Again, a excellent hike. Didn't see anyone out and back. Was neat seeing a nice sized boat backed into one of the inlets off the lake.

2 months ago

Did something crazy and hiked every trail at Red Top one Sunday. This review will cover the entire experience. Well marked, nicely maintained, and surprisingly quiet considering how popular it is. The views were gorgeous and there is enough of a variety in the trails to really give you a workout. Great place to train for more strenuous hikes and events.

Nice trail. It is longer than 5.3 miles closer to six on the yellow out and back. Challenging with a 28 pound pack. Enough elevation change to be used for training in my opinion. Lightly traveled and well marked. Some storm damage.
Added a picture of the map with mileage.

well kept and marked! I liked that there are spots on the trail that are on the water so my pup can cool off!

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3 months ago

Definitely a workout! Took the blue to the red to the yellow and then back on the yellow to the blue. The trail is longer than 5 miles. Traveled with a couple other ladies and it took longer than expected due to it being up and down. Came across two snakes so watch out. One was black and the other was a mystery.

on Sweetgum Loop Trail

3 months ago

Really nice, well-kept trail. I don't think it should be classified as "moderate"; it was pretty flat with the occasional gentle slope. It crosses the Lakeside trail too, if you'd like to see some beautiful views of the lake.

3 months ago

Well marked trail(s) and well taken care of. It’s more of an easy hike with a couple of inclines but all and all it’s a great trail to hike.

I am definitely out of shape.

Beautiful trail very close to the lake. Awesome view of the dam. Me and Halle (my cocker spaniel) really enjoyed the hike! Best view of the dam is from the red trail that goes straight up

3 months ago

Great trail! Very challenging! Can’t wait to see it in the winter when there isn’t any leaves.

Awesome trail, a lot of ups and downs. Some nice views of the lake, could barely see the dam through the trees, maybe the view is much better in winter when the trees are bare. We added the red trail to the summit, no great views there, but it was a little challenging. All in all, I liked this trail, would do it again.

it was beautiful and challenging buy not terrible. It's not a loop though it's out and back.

4 months ago

Took the kids and had a great time. Saw a few deer and that brought a huge smile and excitement to the kids. Walked this trail and a smaller 3/4 mile loop connected to this trail. Beautiful views of the lake. Lovely trail. I am not an avid hiker and agree with the “moderate” skill level.

Beautiful and difficult

Definitely not moderate- should be classified as easy. Some slight elevation and pretty smooth. Remember to pay to park- 5usd

Great trail! Definitely take the red trail if you want to put in some work. Only passed a few people. Plenty of swimming spots for dogs.

5 months ago

Good trail with lots of switchbacks, inclines and declines. If you are feeling brave, there’s a cave that goes back about 50 feet then opens up into a dead end located on the far side of the shore. Look for a rusted chain at the mouth. Being a hiking stick if you have bad knees. Also be on the lookout for snakes and other wildlife as I ran across one right off the trail and saw numerous deer tracks down by the banks.

That was a great hike, the red trail adds the exclamation point to the difficulty of it for sure. Didn't see anyone out or back except for the workers at the cell tower at the top.

Beautiful and challenging trail. Gorgeous views along the way, especially the dam. Easy to find, yet I never knew it was there! A hidden treasure.

Loved this trail! rolling hills, woods, lake views, changing terrain to keep the walk interesting. It was cool to see the views of the dam. A tough short section of walk to the summit. Not exactly a summit to hang out at but the views up there in the winter were in every direction. The best part of hiking this trail is hiking the trail. I will definitely be hiking this trail again very soon. I did not stop during my hike and it took 2 hours and 40 minutes to complete and I clocked the trail at 6 miles for the yellow, red and blue trail. Oh, and I only saw 1 person on the trail the entire hike.

5 months ago

Good trail, well maintained.

5 months ago

Great trail! Has a lot of technical hiking features, and is great for a workout, hike, trail run.

Have been using it to get my pups in shape for a 3day hiking trip and it’s been really great!

just amazing if you want exersise. The summit at the top is a bit underwhelming, but still great. The amazing dam view makes up for it. Just try not to slip!

Good hike overall. Didn't see a soul along the way and easy enough my 8 year old daughter to complete. Great view of the dam at the end.

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