Be very careful with where you park to hike this trail. We parked just outside of the entrance to the Lower Overlook on the right-hand side in a smaller dirt lot. There were multiple other cars parked there, also, but we were ticket $330 - apparently a federal violation because the National Army Corp controls this particular region of the lake. You can ONLY park in the designated spots within the parking lot. I do not recommend this hike because the trail is not well marked. There are multiple off-shoots that look like they are continuations of the loop, but they end up taking you either down a single path to the water or around separate smaller-loops. There are also multiple parking lots that they have to walk through, which distracts from the beauty of the hike.

Trails aren't marked well.

2 days ago

I hiked this on Memorial Day weekend. We parked in the lot off Powerhouse Road. Plenty of spaces and direct access to the trail. Many pretty water views and good shade on a hot day.

3 days ago

Always love this trail. Nice shade. Soft surface. Very peaceful.

6 days ago

Great trail.. the parking is open now. The trail Gives some great glimpses of the lake and one can touch and feel the water along the trail. It was our first but surely will go back a few more times. It takes about 2 -3 hours depending on your speed and taking breaks.

6 days ago

Overall a great trail! Easy hike. Watch out for snakes!

Great trial. But there are NO markers. No trailheads or markers. So be sure to download or have the app pulled up. It's FAIRLY easy to get lost. If you start in the parking load, you'll end up the last portion all uphill, on asphalt, with zero shade. Well worth it though, the forest is the best part

10 days ago

It was cloudy, We were the first car to get there, five people, hike2.5 hours, 8.24 was a great experience.

Started at the east bank boat ramp and took a revised shorter laurel ridge path. Ended up going up a massive hill with the power line clearing. Great 2.5 mile hike with plenty of scenery and lake viewing. Would recommend again.

Not necessarily a great hiking trail but a very pretty setting to enjoy some nature right next to a big mall. It was a little difficult to find, there's a small little dirt parking lot right across from Dillard's. Once you park, if you're facing the mall, walk to the right and you will see a little wooden staircase that takes you down to the park. We weren't there for long because it started raining, but in the short time we were there we saw a couple of grazing deer which is more wildlife than we've seen at any other park in Georgia so far. We would definitely like to go back and explore the area some more.

16 days ago

All parking areas in the area were closed the day that we went but parking was being permitted along the road outside the parking area that this trail starts. Parts of the trail are closed and either very well marked with a quick detour. Also a part down by the dam that wasn't readily apparent that it was closed but found out that the boardwalk we were on wasn't safe. The end was boarded over... the beginning was at some point boarded over as well but the boards were taken off by someone. I wouldn't recommend going out there. Some great views of the lake but the hike is a little odd in that it kind of hops between parking areas and family pavilions and recreation areas.

16 days ago

Great hike with excellent views of the lake. Parked at the East boast ramp and followed the trail behind the bathrooms to the trailhead.

21 days ago

Great trail! If you park at the east boat ramp the trail starts left of the ramp up a little bit. You do not have to follow the power lines as stated in a previous review

Be sure to use an aerial to locate the parking area (dirt cul-de-sac) and the entrance to the trail as there is no signage. Trail itself is well maintained by local scouting; it appears the area is in process of cleanup with piles of dead trees. Therefore it really isn’t a pretty trail. Due to the location there is lots of road traffic throughout.

Was a nice trail had to get off regular trail to see the bridge, a lot of trees down on the trail to get to the bridge.

The map doesn't show the best part of the trail - the wooded, natural trail. It appears that you have to walk on pavement a good bit, but you can skip that altogether. If you take the first trail on the right as you come into the parking lot, there is an immediate dirt trail off to the right. It's not marked at all. Take that trail, and it winds for miles down into the woods, up and down hills, and across a stream. It's beautiful! Unfortunately, you don't know it's there, because there are no signs leading to it.

trail not well marked

A nice and scenic trail, but not good for wheels, whether bikes or roller blades. There are many severely steep hills, many of which are marked with warnings for bikes, as they often have sharp curves at the bottom. (My boyfriend nearly wiped out roller blading down several of them). I will come back to walk, but not to cycle or roller blade.

off trail
1 month ago

Most main entrances are closed off, but as one of the other commenters mentioned, you can still access it by parking at the East Bank boat ramp parking! Once you park there, you go up & follow the power lines for a ways until you get to a small stream, then make a right into the woods. I used the overlay on the app to gauge the general direction to head from there. We cut through the woods & eventually a path becomes clearer that hugs the outside of the lake.

very pretty spot that follows the river, a lot of fisherman though. closed right now due to covid

Nice little jaunter through the woods to the river.

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