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on Laurel Ridge Trail

1 day ago

Very well maintained and marked trail. The canopy of trees kept the trail from being too warm. It was 87 * and I never felt hot. I would definitely hike this trail again.

13 days ago

Beautiful trail with plenty of river access and lots of wildlife. We hiked right into a deer who was eating and watched her for awhile. We also saw a blue heron and a hawk! It’s a very easy skill level, just make sure you follow the map to stay on this trail. There are a few other trails toward the beginning that lead up into local neighborhoods and will add a significant amount of mileage and difficulty to your hike. We followed the trail all the way down to the local fish hatchery. If you go down into the hatchery there is also a short nature trail there.

This is a beautiful trail for spring, lots of wildflowers and the woods are so dense and green! Most of the trail is close enough to hear the river, so it’s very peaceful, and there are plenty of side paths that go directly to the edge for nice views. If you hike with dogs, note that they are only allowed on Bowman’s Island Trail, which is managed by the National Parks and costs $5 to access. If you want to visit the base of Buford Dam, that area is right down the same road but managed by the Army Corps, so pets aren’t allowed there.

Great trail. Educational as well. Bird houses, trees, are all labeled with information on the species.

This is very enjoyable hike with many small streams and natural water features. Moderate home with some uphill but no climbing. This is one of my favorite Trails in GA

Nice, easy, and scenic. We went on a chilly day, so the paths were rather empty.

Decent hike that's on the harder side of easy. There are a few inclines to get your heart rate up. It seems there are images here from the nearby park as well (any including a lake as a huge open river) whereas sticking to the loop trail just has small stream access.
The trail has lots of cut-throughs made by pedestrians that could confuse hikers into thinking the paths aren't marked. But there are enough markers to get where you're going safely.

Awesome trails and pretty, varied scenery! A lot to offer - we actually started off on the path to the Ivy greenway loop but then hung a left to go by the apartments and saw the beautiful mill waterfall! Paved roads are well-kept and easy rides to moderately hilly. We had to walk the bikes a couple of short, high inclines, but we are also novice bikers not in the best shape (yet)!

You can hear I-85 traffic and mostly paved trails. Facilities are beautiful! I would say it's probably a great trail for people who live in the area and/or city or just a quick walk with dogs.

had a really cool "sky hike" for kids that cost 34 dollars for my child's age group (10).... the trail was closed for construction. I'm impressed

Easy hike with lots of trail options. Dog and kid friendly.

Loved this quiet, peaceful nature trail!

Great hiking trails.

The park is gigger than this site give credit for, with addiitonal trails.

Note that the main trail within the park is not the one on this site, but departs for this at the Ivy Creek bridge, where you should go straight on rather than cross the creek.

This gives another mile or so within the park, terminating at an (unexpected) foot traffic only suspension bridge. The hike extended for a non-paved path thru a 1.5 mile forest loop after this.

There are multiple other trails in the park, although signage is poor.

I really enjoyed the nature trails but was easily confused by many of the trails not being marked. I would come to a fork in the path with nothing marked as to what direction I should take or where the path would lead me to. If I did not have my phone, I would probably still be in the woods.

5 months ago

Good length moderate hike. Trail is well maintained and marked. Aside from never quite getting away from car noise it is a great midday hiking spot.

Easy trail and perfect for a beginner.

6 months ago

The trails are easy but the beauty of the hike was enhanced by the fall colors. Having moved from California to Georgia recently, the kids and I enjoyed the hike and discovered a wonderful place to visit within minutes of our house. Awesome!!

Too many different sections. I did not find the trail easily marked at all. In some sections I had to check that I was even on the trail because it was covered with so many leaves and the brush wasn't really dense, so it got a little confusing at times. If I didn't have this app on my phone, I swear I would still be lost in there.

Plenty of free parking and easy to find. The trails are clearly marked and the paths give you numerous options. My dog and I loved the dog park we ran into at the end!

Park is closed for the season. Hiking is still available but the gates close and LOCK at 1700 hours. There is NO free parking where you are able to retrieve your vehicle after 1700 hours. Hike early ;-)

Great spot for Gwinnett County. I love taking my dog and walking her.

The Wife and I took a left at the first wooden bridge and went all the way to Gravel Springs Rd. on bike. There were several places we travelled but we had to walk it.

I hiked the trail this morning in about an hour and a quarter. The crews did a nice job cleaning up after Irma.

7 months ago

It was a awesome trail. There were some stairs! There are pretty views of the water, very clean, and a great place to go in the summer!! I would recommend this trail!

7 months ago

Nice trail with good elevation changes and views of the lake. I only found the trail to be 3.7 miles.

7 months ago

Due to time, only walked around the trailhead.

7 months ago

this is a great workout trail or simple walking trail. it is NOT a hike. there is a lot of traffic on the roads near it and a lot of traffic on the trail.

trail running
8 months ago

Run this trail almost every Sunday, some steep hills tight spots along the trail.

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