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One of personal favorite waterfalls in Georgia. I am totally in love with this beauty. A fabulous hike to the fall a great workout of about 7.5 mile. I have visited here quite a few times and ready to be there anytime again.

Had a wonderful hike today with my wife. The falls are so worth the trip. But as others have said boots not shoes. I'm also looking to go back and enjoy some camping along the trail.

3 days ago

This is not the exact route that we backpacked, but I think this could be said of the entire Cumberland Island trail system:

Easy hiking with gorgeous views that range from live oak groves to historic plantations to flawless beaches to stands of conifer. What's not to love? This place served as a perfect early spring backpacking getaway.

Very few people and tons of wildlife including wild horses, dolphins, and a cougar!

There was one hiccup as we were trying to rush to camp before dark one night, and were confronted by a flooded trail closure halfway across the Willow Pond Trail. That made for a dark and stressful hike back. Some signage at the start of the trail would have been appreciated.

5 days ago

The lake, view, and waterfall are beautiful. However, the hike is not very rewarding. It is very short, you are always close to a road and traffic, and the waterfall is close to a water treatment facility. You are never more than a few yards away from very loud mechanical noise that feels out of place in the beautiful area.

Nice walk with family, dog and small kids. Are at least two beaches along the trail for dogs and kids.

11 days ago

Very nice hike to the waterfall and back out the same way, which is 7 miles and is what most people do, as the part past the waterfall to the other trail head is very steep and difficult. The 7 mile hike that we did to the waterfall and back is along the creek and very fun, with ups and downs and boulders and such to climb around. You can swim at the pool in front of the waterfall, and many people set up hammocks or tents and hang around for the day. Lovely.

Be cautious after rain, muddy steps on steep inclines make this trail dangerous

Fun trail with wide paths.

Some of these reviews were making me nervous to do it, but it ended up being not too bad. To experience the falls from the lower level was amazing and definitely worth scooting on our butts with a 70 lb pit bull. We couldn’t find the part with ropes. Always use caution though, it’s that slick dirt, thank goodness for all the roots and trees. Pictures on my instagram! @mcken__z

on Panther Creek Trail

18 days ago

Moderate is a good description for this hike. The beginning has some hilly areas with the middle a mostly flat jaunt through the woods. As you near the waterfall, the trail becomes more difficult but it’s worth it!! I love trails that follow the streams so that you can hear the rushing water for the majority of the hike. Beautiful waterfall!!

21 days ago

Great trail! Get there early to avoid the people, gets busy fast. Wonderful waterfalls and an awesome workout. My pup loved it. Some spots were tricky but then again my dog is blind. Totally would do this trail again.

22 days ago

Warning to folks hiking from the east trailhead near Yonah Damn: four large downed trees across the already treacherous part above the creek about .6-.7 miles in. Not passable for most dogs and a workout for humans. Must have been a tornado or microburst because it seemed to be the only part effected.

What a beautiful loop. From a gorgeous waterfall to a beautiful lake. A don't miss.

26 days ago

It was a great hike! You definitely need to be in shape because, on the way back it’s rough!!! The waterfall is beautiful

trail running
26 days ago

Lots of roots grown just right for stubbing toes. Some easy rock faces to cross, and some helpful wire guides to keep from falling. The Falls are worth seeing, but the litter is not. I came out on a Tuesday morning in late July and came across a dozen people.

Enjoyed it very much. Quiet and peaceful walking amongst wild horses. Take a swim in the ocean to cool off

road biking
27 days ago

Can be enjoyed by biking or walking. Many different types of scenery. Best to go on a weekday

A short little hike to see beautiful driftwood on a quiet beach

27 days ago

great hike for a quick backpacking trip!

Great hike, clearly marked, more on the easy side, provides nice picnic spots

Beautiful there and back trip, with a water fall at the end to make it all worth it.

Personally did not like the trail. I had to use GPS too often as the trail, for me, was not totally clear. Got to over 1/2 way and had to turn around. The path was unclear at this point and going through knee hi grass on a ridge by the lake...not a good idea. Quite a bit of poison oak.

Too many other great trails to waste time on this one.

1 month ago

Beautiful trail covered with Oak trees and palmettos. Took the main road up to my campsite at Hickory Hill, then Parallel Trail back down to the dock... much more pleasurable than the main road! Went in July so it was pretty hot, and the mosquitoes were horrible. Bring extra repellent.

Great trail! good sight seeing can be slippery not a lot of bugs problems. Fun for camping! The waterfall is worth the hike great view of scenery !

nature trips
1 month ago

slightly challenging but fun! it was muddy and humid when we went but nothing unbearable. Wearing dri fit clothing helped with that. There were about 5 campsites along the trail before the warerfall that I think would be great to stay at.

I guess I came on a good day! First off, 7 miles round trip from trailhead. First cross of the creek is a good halfway point. Very clean trail. Passed about a half dozen folks going in and another half dozen going out. About a dozen at the falls while I spent an hour chilling. Very well maintained and clean trail and falls area. Hiked alone but could've taken my dog and children. Only a few moments on the trail where a fall would've resulted in injury. The last mile or so is tricky with some maneuvering over rocks and across some water but overall very straightforward. Loved it. Reminded me of an Hawaiian trail with its vegetation, diversity of terrain and ultimate payoff of the falls at the end. It's a must hike if you're within 100 miles. Do not skip this trail!!

If you like a challenge with beautiful views, then this is the trail for you. 7.5 miles of pretty easy hiking, until you get near the end. The end has some pretty dangerous, risk taking challenges. The waterfall and beach at the end is worth every step.

1 month ago

Gorgeous trail, beautiful falls. 7.5 mile round trip with substantial hills, rocks and roots. The drive alone (3 hours from Chattanooga) was amazing. However, I have never seen so many people on a trail in my life. Heavily trafficked is an understatement. We went on a Sunday and easily passed 100 people. The amount of litter was obnoxious too. I packed out 5 water bottles we saw just laying in the trail. And some jackass dropped trou and took the most ungodly crap right in the middle of the trail, complete with tp. Not sure how they managed that with people passing you every 2 minutes, but there you have it. We had a great day and I'm glad we saw it and can mark it off the waterfall bucket list, but we won't be back.

a goldie

1 month ago

Great trail! Red Top always has well marked trails. I've done this one many times with my pup.

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