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Great hike ,started at the Trackrock Gap, on Sunday Jan.6th. We are a group of 6 preparing for Kill. First 1.5 miles of the hike was difficult but doable then became a regular hike. After hiking for 3.5 miles the trail was impassable with many fallen Rhododendron trees blocking the trail ,so we hiked back to the starting point.
We drove to the Brasstown Bald visitors center and hiked up to the summit .Views from the observatory tower were stunning on that clear pleasant day.

Very challenging trail for me, as it was my first back country camping trip, luckily I had my brother in law with me who has been here a couple of times and he was a big help. We did the trail clockwise and had no reals issue other than being out of shape with a heavy pack on. The trail is clearly marked and I agree with some of the other reviews that the mile markers are not entirely accurate. Please be cautious, as the the leaves and rocks are extremely slippery due to the recent rains. It took us a 3.5 hours to get to our campsite (3) and the next morning it took us 2 hours finish. I consider this moderate to strenuous. I will definitely hike this trail again.

overall very fast trail to run at one point ur ankles are tested pretty good as there is no level ground for 100 yds and it is shy of 6 miles not 6.5 if leaving from parking lot wet shoes will happen

Good hike love the water fall at the end

2 days ago

A few guys and I hiked the whole trail in two days. If you do not want to camp you can stay at the Mountain Top lodge. You hit Hines Gap Rd roughly at mile mark 12 and the lodge is .7 miles from this point. We used two vehicles one was staged at the lodge and the other at the trailhead. The next morning we moved one vehicle to the end of the trail.

Great time with my brother! The driving path was closed about a half mile from the start of the hike so we parked at the sign and hiked, finding downed trees and giant puddles in the driving path so definitely heed the warning if you see the sign. There was a small brook where we could fill our bottles too. It was an awesome experience and would definitely recommend.
Here’s a video of our trip.

Three of us hiked the trail from the country store to the TV tower this weekend and thoroughly enjoyed the views and the trail itself. Stopped half way and stayed overnight at Mountain Top Inn. Really good two-dayer!

We did almost 11 miles of the 22 mile Pine Mountain Trail today and took the Sawtooth cut. Tomorrow we are hitting the rest.

Great trail to day hike. The first 3 miles(including the steps) was the most strenuous part. I left from Amicalola Falls State Part at 8:30, peaked Springer right at noon and hiked all the way back by 3:30. Distance according to my Apple Watch was 17.3 round trip. Not any views along the trail other than the falls at amicalola and top of springer. Very well beaten path that can be easily hiked as long as you can handle the distance.

GPS will take you to an entrance for the hike that'll take you about an hour to get to the tower. I wouldn't say it's hard but definitely a work out. The view is beautiful, the clouds are right in your face. Other pluses; camping is free and the drive up in nice.

Been walking this for years

Okay so here we go I will try to be quick. We did this trail today January 11th 2019. Many people say they are hiking this trail and they are actually only doing a small portion of it. We parked on Hale Ridge Road which has parking for about 3 cars. The first mile is okay and then it was horrid with downed trees everywhere. Do NOT take anyone inexperienced on this trail right now. Go to one of the more popular starts which are shorter hikes and the trails are clear to the top. This would be an amazing hike minus all the storm debris and we were still happy with the day but I see so many people posting it’s a great hike and look at the mileage and it’s not the true 9 miles. Anyhow be aware that for a while this is twice the hike it normally is and a bit sketchy at times due to the blow down.

Nice hike and worth the effort. Not terribly difficult but challenging at times. The views were great since it was a clear day.

This is a long one but the waterfall at the end is well worth it. I would stay away from this trail in the hotter months if you get overwhelmed easily. Definitely pack a snack and don't underestimate this one!

Great trail running!

"Moderate"? Ha! No, I'd say more like moderately strenuous. It's well marked, beautiful scenery, a few small creek crossings, and a spectacular waterfall about 5.5 miles in (I hiked clockwise from the trailhead parking lot). Lots of ups and downs. Mostly ups! Took me close to 5 hours, and I'm usually a fairly fast hiker. I've hiked plenty of 8-12 mile trails, and this one sure seems longer than 8 miles :)
But it's beautiful, and I'd do it again. I'm willing to bet there are many wildflowers to see in the spring. Fall would be spectacular, too.

8 days ago

Arkaquah Trail or I should say "Arkaquah HELL" trail lol
I have to say we had an intense workout on this trail, but definitely a great time with my group.

We started at Trackrock Gap with a brutal and steep ascend about 1.6 miles without a flat section to rest! Some of us had to stop for a few seconds to catch our breath, while others had to relieve the pain in their legs. I personally felt like my calves were about to explode at any moment lol.

This is one of those trails that you either love it or hate it. Arkaquah is already rated as difficult and what made this hike even more intense was the fact that for the last couple of weeks the area had underwent some bad rainstorms. With that said, the soil was extremely saturated in some areas due to rain and melting ice which caused lots of trees to be down, and even worse lots of rhododendrons down and tangled on the trail. At about 2.7 miles in, we encountered a section where the majority of the side of the mountain was all washed out. No trail at all, just crazy saturated soil and fallen trees, making it very difficult to make our way through!!!!!

Luckily we had a couple of axes that we managed to use to chop some of the branches. The work was hard, and even then we were only able to clear some. Our hiking boots completely disappeared....sunken into the mud making it very hard to take another step! We went over, under, and crawled leaving us with scratches from branches and rocks. There was no way to keep pressing forward without the help of each other and giving it our all! Teamwork was present and definitely necessary. The ground was giving under us so we had to grab hands, legs, and push each other up the mountain to get back on the trail. An incredible amount of energy was burned in a 0.5 mile of madness. We had no choice but to get down and dirty if we wanted to make it to the other side.
But we all made it... and felt very proud about our accomplishments! We continued on with a rollercoaster hike ahead of us, over the crest of the mountains. There were a few steep and steady sections, but nothing compared to what we had come out of. Despite the difficulties this hike threw at us, we really enjoyed this hike!

Finally, some of our peeps reached Brasstown bald parking lot around 3:30pm, while the rest of the group arrived around 4:30pm more or less. All our efforts and hard work was paid in full after seeing the amazing views from the summit of Brasstown Bald, the highest point in Georgia.

We were supposed to hike in and out with a total of 11 miles, but because of the crazy condition of the mountain it consumed more of our time than we wanted. We were just one hour from sunset, and for safety reasons, we were unable to hike back. None the less, it would have been a very crazy and suicidal decision to hike back lol.

That left us time to check out the petroglyph at the beginning of the trail, and with no more time wasted, we headed to the nearest restaurant for a cold beer and a warm meal.
Amazing Hike.
Proud of all my peeps.
The Hiking Buddy group (look up for us on Facebook :)

on Jacks Knob Trail

9 days ago

Went yesterday and less than 5 minutes the trail disappeared into all the downed trees and Rhododendron. Had to turn around along with a group of 8 people. I am once opened it would be great.

Tough climb to the top, but overall great hike. Hiked to the summit and then back down to camp near Martin Creek Falls before hiking out the next morning. Only camp sites I saw were 4 or so around Martin Creek Falls and the site at the top which didn't seem very tent friendly, but perfect for hammocks!

Can get busy but beautiful hike. Lots of old growth. River views most of the way. Really cool vantage points along the way too. Falls are gorgeous.

Hiked from Hwy 180 to the Brasstown Bald Parking Lot & back yesterday. The uphill switchbacks were challenging for a “flat lander” but the real challenge came when I got to the top. There were so many bushes & trees down across the trail that I had to go over, under, and around like an obstacle course! Round trip took me about 3 1/2 hours but I’m old & slow! Great workout!

10 days ago

Love this trail when its clear but as Merrill mentioned below there is a ton of deadfall, mostly rhododendron, down on the trail right now. Also a huge section of side slope washed down the hillside where a couple of large trees came down. This was right on a steep switchback too and the whole area gave way. It's a hand-to-foot scramble in wet mud to get up to where the trail is and very steep. Not really safe right now, especially in that area. We trudged through to the parking lot at the top but got a ride back to Trackrock Gap.

Beautiful day to hike, cool temps and a little wind. Trail was wet and this slippery. Well marked with orange blazers.

Hiked this while visiting the area last week and absolutely loved it. Hiking this in winter time was great because we had perfect weather (50s and rain held off) and we didn't see another person the whole time up or down the trail. We hiked a mile up to the scenic outlook on rocks that others talked about. Absolutely beautiful views. We brought our dog and he loved it and had an easy time too. It is a little steep but well worth the view up top. Also loved going in Jan because trees are bare so you can see off the mountain the whole time while hiking - probably different views in summer when foliage is full. Definitely recommend!

The trail is moderate in sections but strenuous to Blood Mountain down to Neels Gap. From Neels Gap.up thru UNICOI to Plum Orchard Gap same type of terrain,but is all WORTH IT.

12 days ago

Great trail. Easy in some areas, more moderate scrambles in others closer to the falls. Trail is suffering a bit with recent rain and very muddy and treacherous in a few spots. Trekking poles handy in these areas. If going in the next few days be prepared for lots of mud and slippery dead leaves on trail floor. Rewarding hike.

Just hiked the Gahuti trail today and it was gorgeous. it was quite foggy and moist but this made the hike extra mystic and romantic. there are just so many different type of vegetations. not many people either so the dog had a blast too. instead of doing the Gahuti only we cut through the Goldmine Creek Trail along the lake and through the Big Rock Trail. worth seeing.

Rough! Lots of tree roots, rocks and wet spots. Came in at 8.67 miles total and took just over 3 hours. Lots of water crossings. Too foggy to see the views but the park is gorgeous!! Would rate this mod- strenuous.

Great short but intense hike.

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