It was a very well maintained park with several different trail options, it just wasn’t my type of setting. I thought the trails were too close to the main road and I never felt the beautiful forest setting that was all around me. I wandered up to what I thought to be a river, but I believe it was some kind of industrial building sewage thing(?), I don’t know. It wasn’t serene, that’s for sure. The only water that was in the park and nice was man made. I also was under the impression that the ground was going to be soft from the description; it was not. It was rocky and gravely and I singlehandedly contributed to my son having traumatic brain injury later in life by being on those paths.

I didn’t really see any wildlife, but that’s the breaks when you’re out and about in the parks. It was also drizzling the day I went. I did see a couple of beautiful birds, so that’s a big plus for me. Lots of different plants and trees flourishing together on the property, which I always like to see too.

A drawback for me is people jogging on the path with their dogs off leashes. I don’t usually care, if the dogs are staying near their owner, but none of the dogs were on leashes and all of the dogs were wandering around everywhere as if it were a dog park. A couple of dogs even came up to my baby’s stroller which I didn’t care for.