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Very challenging and love the hike

Me and my boyfriend try and get out here about twice a week. Very nice after you climb through down trees but very worth it (espcially if the water is low and you can play and fish off the rocks). Wish they would come clean up fallen trees or cut the grass down some so you don't have to walk through vines and stuff. But overall we love this place and have many fun adventures...

2 hours ago

Very short board walk but nice views! It was perfect to take my 4 year old. He loved walking on the "bridge." When we went they had people from the kids summer camp doing demonstrations of trap settings in the water.

Nice little trail to go bike riding with a kid trailer attached. A few hills but nothing bad. It was an easy, short bike ride. It was a nice board walk and ride along the creek.

The wife and I were on vacation in blue ridge, so we decided to find a waterfall close by. Long curvy roads but a nice a waterfall.

Beautiful hike! lots of traffic on the weekends. Will be back for sure!!!

6 hours ago

beautiful trail. great exercise

good for time

I do not believe, for a 7 mile hike, moderate is fair. I would rate this a difficult hike and it should not be taken lightly. The terrain is roughly 80% rocky and there are parts where you are outright bouldering. Take plenty of water and take your time. It is very hard on dogs as well. We were going to backpack this loop over 2 nights but ran into foul weather so we were going to finish the loop. It was extremely difficult and I did not hydrate enough (to be fair, it was like 100° outside).

On the other hand, this is one of the best maintained trails in Georgia. It has blazes very regularly, there are bridges over washed out spots and creeks. You do cross the mountain stream a couple times by rock hopping, which could be hard in the case of heavy rain.

There are gorgeous, beautiful mountain spring waterfalls. There are amazing views as well. You can take white candle trail at the left ( + .5 mile) instead if beaver pond to see Odie Overlook, it's gorgeous as well.

Great little area.

easy fun trail great for the family

14 hours ago

This is not the exact route that we backpacked, but I think this could be said of the entire Cumberland Island trail system:

Easy hiking with gorgeous views that range from live oak groves to historic plantations to flawless beaches to stands of conifer. What's not to love? This place served as a perfect early spring backpacking getaway.

Very few people and tons of wildlife including wild horses, dolphins, and a cougar!

There was one hiccup as we were trying to rush to camp before dark one night, and were confronted by a flooded trail closure halfway across the Willow Pond Trail. That made for a dark and stressful hike back. Some signage at the start of the trail would have been appreciated.

I'm not sure we got to experience the whole thing, due to some 'police line - do not cross' tape near the bridge. Nice walk otherwise.

18 hours ago

Good workout! We took our 3yr old along (he spends a lot of time hiking) and he enjoyed it, too.

19 hours ago

This place was good:) although the road takes u to some private road it brings you to a right place to start after you park your POV(private owned vehicle). The place starts off with off road trail that has road closed bar/sign. The previous review is good review but its a LOOP trail! Before you start there is a board of sign, map, caution, all good trash on it

create a bike only-pedestrian only lane for safer riding and walking.

Very short hike, very pretty waterfall.

Great hikes to lovely waterfalls with pools to lie in. Clayton, Ga

I hit the West Rim Loop today and it was amazing! The trails were well-marked and very well-maintained. Took me right at 3 hours and I was moving at a moderate pace with several stops for water breaks and picture takes! Definitely one I’d do again.

Nice, peaceful trail. A good stroll on the woods.

great hike with some good views

great hike and lots of civil war history

Easy hike about .5 mile to the falls but we kept going for a little ways. Easy but pretty hike very much worth it if your ever in the area.

Great little hike. Most of it is easy but about 1/4 mile is uphill. Nice camping spots along the trail!

Kwame, if you want to do the whole trail, go up the east side first. That way you do not have to commit to a line. But i would be careful if you are stock and do not have a a lift for extra clearance.

I drove down the East side on 8/4/2018 in an Off-Road Tacoma with a 2+ inch suspension lift. Note that the road about 2.5 miles in from the East entrance is washed out. Looks like an earthquake opened the road up, and only one "passable" portion to the right (if you are going up). I can almost guarantee you will need a winch. The 5 jeeps I passed all needed to winch out. And the 2 jeeps behind me (along with myself) had to as well.

One of the best waterfalls in Georgia! The hike, though short, is incredibly scenic, as the trail winds through a forest of massive hemlocks. A really refreshing place to visit on a hot day.

I bagged Coosa Bald and Slaughter Mountain starting from WolfPen Gap on the Duncan Ridge Trail. Both of these mountains are on the GA 4000 Challenge. I did Coosa Bald out and back from Wolfpen Gap (heading north on the trail) on State Road 180. Then I did Slaughter from the Gap south. Duncan Ridge goes right over the top of Coosa Bald and the USGS Benchmark is easy to find. Duncan Ridge does NOT go over the summit of Slaughter. You have to leave the trail and bushwhack to the summit. If you follow the ridge line that runs north toward Duncan Ridge the summit is only about 300 to 400 yards off the trail. You would think it is an easy bushwhack. In August it is not. There is no a herd path to the top, at least not one that I could find. The top of Slaughter is covered with undergrowth (ferns, weeds and wait-a-minute vines with stickers) as much as chest high. When you get to the top of Slaughter there is nothing to see (in August). I stood on an pile of boulder (the highest point) but could find no Benchmark...perhaps in the winter one could be found. Recommend long pants for Slaughter.

nature trips
2 days ago

The BMTA volunteers did an amazing job on this Re-route! So clean and beautiful! It was so nice to be the only ones there! Peaceful and serene to just sit and listen to the sound of the water, birds and leaves blowing in the slight breeze! Thank you!

3 days ago

The lake, view, and waterfall are beautiful. However, the hike is not very rewarding. It is very short, you are always close to a road and traffic, and the waterfall is close to a water treatment facility. You are never more than a few yards away from very loud mechanical noise that feels out of place in the beautiful area.

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