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Florida Map

My husband and our dog walked this trail today. We had such a good time. It was beautiful and our dog really enjoyed it. Most of the walk is on an elevated platform which is very nice especially if you want to run. You also don’t have to worry so much about snakes. Which we saw several down below us in the water. It was a beautiful little hike and we enjoyed seeing all the wildlife.

very beautiful , we had a blast With our dogs, some parts of the trail were muddy from the rain, and we got a few ticks on each of us. But i will be back!

Beautiful scenery. I was able to see some interesting insects, snakes, and gators. The main trail is very straightforward and marked pretty well. There are benches but they all look unstable or are obscured by greenery. Unfortunately a couple of the boardwalks are closed and those that are open lead to overgrown and difficult (and somewhat dangerous) to navigate trails. I will most likely come back but I would love to see this place get some tlc.

Great Trail. Nice Shade. Easy hike with the wife and kids.

I take my pup here pretty often, to do some trail running. It was definitely more enjoyable in the cooler months, due to lack of shade in the beginning couple of miles. Found a run off system that turns into a mini river bank, but you can only follow it for a very short time, so that was sad. Haven’t gotten much further in, but I’ll continue to go back!

22 hours ago

Great trail! My wife and I did it yesterday! Clocks in closer to 7 miles, (6.8)! Great elevation changes! Bring plenty of bug spray and water! Probably a little harder than moderate! Get out there and go for it!

Talk about a Beautiful ride. Wide pathways to accommodate passing when needed. Lightly used on the day I went, everyone I saw was friendly and outgoing. The trail is well maintained and clean. Make the trip if you are able. Well worth it.

Nice walk through the woods

This was my first trail run and it was fun and easy. We went right at dawn and didn’t run into anyone.

Great trail. We rode from Dunedin to Clearwater to grab some Italian. Nice easy ride.

Nice trail. Caves are very unique. Provided a nice contrast to the standard Florida hikes.

The Hog Hammock trail is a 2 mile loop. Almost entire trail is shaded with tall trees. In a couple of places along the trail, there were small pools of water due to rain but we were able to get around it easily. There are two resting huts along the way. Overall an easy hike.

There are actually a whole lot of trails here that aren't listed in this app. The trail I was able to walk was very unique and fun. It was also a mountain biking trail so it had drops, steep-ish climbs (occasionally) and mini boardwalks. I don't think you'll be disappointed!

Beautiful place for a hike

Close to home, swamp feeling not far from the city. Perfect for hiking or biking. Lots of wildlife.

the hike on B Road to Oyster Bay is an easy hike but very beautiful. We headed north in a trail we thought was Road 5 but was not and it ended up being a trudge through swamp on a deer trail with 6 inches of water. However we were rewarded with views of the huge Asian deer in a shallow flat. pay attention to the map, which shows the roads still maintained. most of the time you seem to have the island to yourself.

trail running
2 days ago

Excellent little park which is well-maintained. There are several marked trails as well as side trails which keep things interesting for multiple visits. The main Red trail is roughly 75% under shade trees and 25% in the open. The Blue trails are bypasses from the Red trail which keep one under shade and away from the lakeshore; definitely recommended as I’ve encountered a variety of snakes while running closer to the lake. All in all a great park!

did the whole loop today, saw a big beautiful mama bear with two tiny weenie cubs watched and followed them with caution for about ten minutes, also saw a mama deer with fawn and of course lots of gator, on would not let us pass, and yet another was exstreemly large, this guy could easily have eaton a cow, purtty scary fellow

Nice view of the water.. well maintained... great place to walk dogs.. good shaded areas and plenty of places to rest. Loved it

Keep in mind that it is illegal (and unwise) to leave your car overnight at the trailhead along Tamiami Trail.

nice trail run. clearly marked. great for dogs!

road biking
4 days ago

We had a fun time on the trail. There were plenty of alligators right next to the trail. Be careful with the kids. The watch tower was great. It was impressive seeing hundreds of birds all nesting in the same area. Entrance was a little steep $25 per car but it's good for a whole week.

Great trail that utilizes all the available space with winding paths. Perfect for a jog or moderate run. The boardwalk says “no jogging” and in order to respect that rule you have to double back and avoid some loops, so take a look at the available maps before starting.

one of my favorite parks, the scenery is awesome and the wildlife we see when we go is a plus. The boardwalk parts of the trail is wheelchair accessible (almost half the trail)

4 days ago

So I went on the main trail for about a mile. Then I came to the Florida trail and went left; West. It was very nice for 2.8 miles. Went through some soggy land lotta cabbage palms in Oaks. And some very open Palmetto scrub. You could see were fires had come through. Then I took the blue trail because that says it took me to the trailhead. And actually takes you to the road. The main road. I’m not much of a road walker and it was 2 miles back to the car. But it was very nice. Got to see the lake on one side and the swamp on the other side. Next time I will go either East on the Florida trail portion, or dog like Back or the Blue portion starts. It was worth it to do once. Because for a road walk it was pretty darn nice. I heard something crashing through the words; probably a deer. But I was not quick enough to see it. Lotta frogs. Oh and I did see a hawk when I was walking on the road. Maybe heard some alligators to I’m not sure. I was on the Branch house road or something like that. Didn’t see another person. The way I like it!

nature trips
4 days ago

This was one of the most beautiful hikes I have ever done

cute little nature trail. lots of nice little places to stretch.

a lot of little cut away paths if you want to explore off trail

16 miles out and back from pats island trailhead to juniper springs. Pretty thick for 75 percent of the trail then opens up around the ponds before going back into the thick scrub. No signs of bears, couple of deer, turkeys and quail. If you go early and are the first one on the trail bring a stick to clear the hundreds of spider webs.

5 days ago

Not much for walking, but there are three really cool caves that you have to squeeze through. Once you get through the tiny crevices the caves open up a decent amount really cool to see in Florida

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