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on Phipps Park

2 days ago

Nice open trails with a lot to choose from. The West Loop is nice with a view of Lake Jackson. The East Loop is more in the woods. Easy to moderate trails. Good diversity.

Gorgeous trail!

24 days ago

We ended up walking a little over 6 miles because we got a little lost. Definitely plan to return again.

nice wide trail! Like all trails in Florida, bring bug spray! Great trail inside Tallahassee city limits!

1 month ago

Short loop around wooded lake. Fair trail conditions, but nice refreshing lake to use after you’re done!

Great walking trail. This trail has several photogenic locations if you cross the lake and walk to the wooden bridge over the railroad tracks. I went during mid-spring and the lighting and greenery were simply amazing.

Relaxing trail great for running.

Nice easy hike. Don't let the deers scare you when they jump out. All 3 trails combine for 9 miles and is a nice 3 hour hike.

My favorite trail in Tallahassee. The dog loves it too. Usually not busy, great views of the lake.

on Munson Hills Trail

5 months ago

Great moderate trail, few roots and marginal elevation rises. My wife and I love the open pine forest terrain!

5 months ago

A hidden gem close to Tallahassee. Very well blazed orange loop. Backpacking the outer loop will give you a moderate 4.5 miles in and 4.5 miles out., if you camp on the site on the center loop. The primitive camp sites are on Lake Talquin and do not have any facilities, but do have a fire ring and a bench. You can easily hike in after lunch and out by lunch the next day. The trail is a moderate or easy/rolling loop with lots of short bridge crossings over streams. Plenty of places to purify water if needed but the hike is short enough that you can carry enough water to get in and out.

5 months ago

Nice trails. Plenty of options as far as routes and difficulty

6 months ago

We love taking our dog to this park and we hike here often. I would not rate any of the trails as moderate, however.

Great trail! Feels like you are way out in the woods even though you are in town.

trail running
6 months ago

Very nice Trail - few technical areas. Not much elevation changes. Great views of the lake.

Easy, well-taken care of trail around two lakes lakes. Had a nice slow walk looking at some wildlife and interesting mushrooms. Not too spidery although it is December. There is a beach and picnic area that is a pretty peaceful place to hangout. I'll definitely be back in the warmer months to swim.

7 months ago

Based on previous reviews I was a bit nervous since I was hiking it alone. I found the maps at the trailhead helpful and comforting. There are clear distinctions between foot and equine with some crossover. Choosing the central loop for a day hike I took east entrance. Quiet and well marked that is until I approached the primitive campground sign. I lost the trail here and was definitely anxious over that. I have to assume the hurricane season has had some effect, three uprooted trees seen. Departing the primitive site, which was a quite lovely view of the lake with a fire ring and picnic table, I lost the trail again. Fortunately the equine trail crossing helped me pick it back up. Saw four white tailed deer frolicking. Equine trails were rather busy.

Nice and fast

No trees

10 months ago

A lovely trail. I did take the advice of Charles a previous Writer. At about 1.3 miles I got a little confused, and could not see the orange signs on the trees. So I decided to turn around and go back even though I really was about halfway through the trail. Call good. glad I did. When I turned around I was totally in the forest as Charles described. I took a few moments to the deep breath found a little creekthat I've been walking the sides and found my way back. To the trail. Did I mention it was starting to rain? So lovely trail I wish I'd seen the lake but there's always next time. There are lots of ups and downs and little

trail running
11 months ago

What's laid out here in red is the Equestrian trail, not the hiking trail. I was alternating at the intersections for the first 4 miles of the East Loop. I started too late, and my ego got the better of me...I figured I would run the trail, but frequent stops for clearing orb weaver webs slowed me down. Also, in the last 1/2 mile or so before looping back to the central trunk, the trail disappears. There are paint blazes all over most of the trail...but they fade out and disappear toward the end.

Combine the failing light, a lost trail, and a low cell phone battery from checking the app too much to get back ON trail, and I had to make a judgment call...being inexperienced with Florida bush, I stopped where I was, and called the sheriff. An hour later, I saw their flashlight! I was less than a half mile from the trailhead, but in the dark, with no bearings, I could just as easily have gone deeper into the woods.

In town on a business trip, I did not have my usual pack, and foolishly assumed a relatively flat Florida trail would be a cinch for an Arizonan! Turned out to be a very humbling experience for an experienced desert and mountain hiker. And very unexpected on a suburban trail so close to two roads. It goes to show that either I'm a moron, or that it can happen to anyone...Or both! LOL!

Taking it in from the safety of my hotel room now, the trail was nice, and had I not run out of light, I am sure I would have gotten out without help. There is no doubt the late parts of the East Loop need some maintenance, but there is not enough maintenance in the world to offset poor assumptions when it comes to the outdoors.

Don't start too late in the day! And NEVER underestimate a dense forest! Also, big shout out to Leon County Deputies Derek and Torrance, Gadsden County 911, and Abdul at Consolidated Dispatch!

Side note: If you do get into trouble, turns out cells ping off a Gadsden County tower, even though the trail is in Leon County...Be sure to tell the 911 operator that you are in Leon County!

trail running
Monday, July 10, 2017

Well marked, very runnable. This well maintained MTB trail is perfect for early morning runs.

Friday, June 30, 2017

A ton of spiders in the middle of the trail, but overall pretty decent. Even in the rain

Friday, June 02, 2017

Doing the whole loop-all trails on the park excluding bike loops-was very fun and a 6.5 mile walk. Very nice, well maintained trails. Not quite as secluded as I'd have liked, you can see houses and roads outside the park but it was still fantastic and great for beginners.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

It was a beautiful trail; even saw a few deer. There where a lot of spiders in the middle of the trail and it was longer than we thought. Bring some bug spray because there are a lot of bugs, including ticks. (The people in front of us where pulling off a lot of ticks)

Sunday, May 28, 2017

I picked up the trail from the PineyZ neighborhood. I love the various terrains on this trail. I saw a lot of people walking, jogging and biking. I don't think it's kid friendly because of how close you can get to the lake. Other walkers pointed out to be aware of snakes and alligators. They said they won't bother you but just be cautious.

Friday, May 19, 2017

loved it (Central trail). Sooo many mosquitoes however! Make sure you check for ticks when you leave too, we found 2 on us (2 people) and 4 on our dog. Excellent place and adventure nonetheless. One of the down falls was the confusion with the trail markers. They were very inconsistent. We usually see them on the right side but on this particular trail they were on the left at some points and on the right at other points. Some spots lacked markers as well. Moderate to advanced trail.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

The shared use trail is very nice with some varied topography. Spotted a deer and a red shoulder hawk. Watch your step...there are some heavily rooted areas. I really enjoyed my hike.

Saturday, May 06, 2017

A very pleasant walk, lots of deer.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Sweet trail running on the bike trails :p just be mindful of the bikes!

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