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My wife and I decided to compete this jiekbas a way for me to see if it will be a good kick off point for my section hike of the FT. It’s a decent hike, 3.2 stars, not 4, but that’s my two cents. Half of the hike is trail roads, nothing special, but the more wild FT half is great. There’s a clear path, well marked. The trail was dry as of 10/14, but it is obvious that this trail can be pretty wet. We did come across 4 snakes on a 5 mile hike, so be aware, 2 cottonmouths, 1 Pygmy rattlesnake and a green racer (non venomous). We also saw a doe! It was good, but the amount of snakes can be a bit intimidating for some hikers. Just be aware and careful. There’s non potable water sources, so bring a filter and you can fill up o trail.