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Awesome hike. Took my 120lb German Shepherd but .5 miles in I heard there were bear sightings. Just got a little spooked but we completed the loop. Saw alligators and heard plenty of noises. Best trail since I’ve been in Florida. No bugs either but lots of trees roots so watch your step. Take plenty of water.

Great hike lots of canopy for shade. We saw turtles, birds and snakes oh and a alligator. Watch your step lots of tree roots and stumps. We did whole trail took 3 hours for 7.1 miles with our faithful companion Pat our dog she was a trooper . We will definitely try it again.

What a contrast from the first time I did this trial. This time I brought my trekking poles. I did not start to rain it mile 3.6 like it did the last time. It’s interesting trail. Saw many many birds. One four-legged creature I don’t know what it was. Maybe a coyote. The trail was dry no bugs. Saw 2 people only

Did not hike the entire loop because I spent a lot of time birding at the marsh. Saw a female Painted Bunting, American Kestrel, eleven Limpkins and other regulars. Very well maintained, easy to follow trail, cobwebs not bad at all. Also saw an alligator and got stung by a bee (unprovoked!) but that is how it goes in nature!

love this trail!! beautiful scenery and engaging footpaths. will be back!

It's pretty long but finished with my daughter in about 3hrs. Saw gator and owl which was really cool. Do bring bug spray cuz you'll def need it....and maybe a walking stick because the cobwebs are INSANE. Would def do again and think moderate is an accurate rating due to length.

Currently closed for flooding

This is a great trail. There are a lot of roots and depressions so be sure you have good footwear and have good balance. We have seen pigmy rattlesnakes the last two times we went. One was right on the trail and I stepped right over it. The second one was slightly off the trail. Neither moved and just stayed coiled up.

We went to go hiking yesterday here and learned that it was closed due to flooding. Hopefully it will reopen soon.

Love this trail for hiking / trail running. A few spots are flooded over right now, but easily crossable.

This is one of the best places to view wildlife in Seminole County, and especially in the area around Lake Jesup. Almost 200 species of birds have been recorded in this park, as well as many insects, mammals, and reptiles. The trails are easy to follow in the live oak hammock, but once you get out on the flats, you're pretty much on your own. The official trail is slightly higher in elevation, but I never stay on the trail in the flats. There's almost no point to it.

During the rainy season, the flats often flood. In fact they are currently flooded, and it was impossible to walk any part of the flats. The trails in the hammock area are also a bit muddy.

3 months ago

The trail isn’t visible. It’s under water.

Nice trails

nature trips
4 months ago

The park was really pretty with lots of interesting oak trees but the trail itself was ankle deep water. I should have read the reviews first my bad.

Can’t believe I haven’t been here before. Fun & well maintained. It rained the day before and there wasn’t much mud, let alone water on the trail.

I went right on the boardwalk and the first 3.5 miles was wonderful one along the St. John’s. Saw a pileated woodpecker. Then it’s 3.5 miles the heavens open up. And it rained the rest of the way. There definitely slippery slopes. It is worth it. I wish I had my trekking poles with me. When you coming back in about the 6 mile mark. Make sure you do not go down the powerline Road. But look for the path. They were very few mosquitoes.

Absolutely beautiful! 7 miles that is super easy & well shaded. Would highly recommend!

6 months ago

awesome trail

Best trail I've done in FL. It's well maintained, varied, and gorgeous all over. The trail itself is mostly about 3 feet wide and weaves in between palm trees. It's mostly all shaded and the bugs weren't bad at all (in April). The whole place is just really endearing.

This trail was easily the best trail I’ve ever done in Florida. Tons of beautiful scenery. The trail was decently challenging, which was a nice change of pace for Florida trails. Tons of wildlife to see. Plenty of birds, pigmy rattlesnake and about a dozen gators. Great time! I definitely recommend this for anyone who wants to get out and hike!

not sure how only a one star rating got posted on this for me. but trust me, this trail is 5 start all the way

Did this trail today. got a fairly early start. around 830 am. went to the left at the fork and did the part of the trail not by the river first. did not encounter any people until 4 miles in. then started getting populated. by far the best trail I have done on Fla. very well kept and maintained. no chance of getting twisted around and lost. wildlife everywhere. extreme natural terrain. lots of shade, roots and natural road blocks. I enjoyed every minute. took my 4 legged hiking companion and will absolutely do it again

7 months ago

All of the reviews I’ve read are pretty spot on to this trail. Lots of wildlife, lots of tree roots & beautiful scenic views. We saw several gators & snakes. Be cautious if you have your furry friends. Bug spray is a must.

Just finished running this trail. Started at about 10 am Tuesday and only saw two groups of people and one guy who looked like he camped out there. When I got to the fork at the beginning, I choose to go right. This is a loop trail so I'm breaking this into two parts. Since I went right, IMHO, the first half was by far the best part of the trail. I saw baby alligators, birds and squirrels. The trail was really lush, green, and flanked on both sides by water. I kept stopping to take pictures. At one point a flying insect as big as my hand landed on my shirt. After lots of screaming and flailing, it didn't go away, so i had to calmly and bravely remove it from my shirt. Ballsy little bugger!
The second half of the trail was drier and less lush- only a couple squirrels and one angry woodpecker; I didn't take many pictures.
The trail itself is extremely well maintained with fresh bridges and clean trails. There are some big roots and trees to maneuver around, so watch out for those. There are also toe grabbers so watch your step. The trail is 98%shaded, no sunscreen required, but bring water and bug spray. A camera is great.

This was a great hike. We saw lots of toothy critters. One 10’ gator about 2’ off the side of the trail that didn’t move until we almost stepped on it. Keep your eyes open in the early morning as the sun starts to peak through the trees. Most of the entire trail is under the canopy. Can not wait to do it again.

This is now one of my favorite trails.

Nice trail, however I recommend doing during the week... weekends get pretty busy!

8 months ago

Excellent views. Weekends can start to get busy; only 3 cars Sat AM, but by noon upon departure there was 30 cars in the parking area. This trail write up should be updated as it is not "lightly" traveled. Regardless, well worth a visit. I've noted a few folks recommending to use go clockwise on the loop to have cooler wind by the trails end. Much of the trail is shaded. Just be careful if you tend to fatigue early, as the river edge portion of the trail has more roots and requires more strength/agility.

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