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9 days ago

very nice got to see a few snakes. definitely single track my dog didnt want to walk next to me but had a blast as well.

Nice easy trail with lots of canopy. Trail is mostly covered with leaves and pine needles with boardwalk provided in a few muddy spots. Scenic outpost over river not very scenic.

1 month ago

This place gets a bad rap because folks want groomed trails with signs posted everywhere, blah! I have hiked and biked this area and the most appealing part is that it’s NOT marked. Life is an adventure, go explore! There is actually more than 10 miles of trails throughout the park and preserve to hike. In the dryer months the sand can be deep. In the cooler months you can find a lot of birds to photograph on the two lakes and small pond. There is also a swampy area on the NW side that is teeming with turtles and a small gator - great for photos, but you’ll need a longer lens for them.

1 month ago

everything was great until we reached the service road. It took a while but we finally found where the trail continued. It was hot so we didn't see any wildlife and only a few other people

they have started to run 5K races out there. There are other trails out there which I plan to explore soon. It is best to take an app with the trail on it so you can stay on course. The area has potential. The only problem I have with it is that once you are on the trail there are no short cuts if you need to get off sooner than expected.

on River Bend Trail Loop

2 months ago

Went mid morning for a nature walk. Was a nice and easy trail. Only draw back was once you crossed the service road on way back, the trail wasn’t very apparent so had to turn back and go back the way I came. But was overall a nice trail.

Trail is wide and varies from sand, pavement, and grass with a few potential muddy spots. There was little canopy along the trail. Trail markers were red but there are two places with blue arrows painted on the ground. Follow the blue ground arrows to stay on the red trail.

rain washed out the path from the night before

went the mid morning after rain the evening before and it was flooded out. trail unkept.

rasy trail new markings

Quiet break in the middle of town

This is a very nice trail that was washed out in a few places but overall not in bad shape. It is hard to follow at times but this app was a big help. We are going to use it a lot to train for the Appy Trail in the fall. Break in shoes and get packs adjusted kind of stuff. Wear long pants and long sleeves and put on the bug spray so you can really enjoy it.

My Saturday run
Plenty of canopy cover

Not a terrible trail, there are points where you can get lost but it’s easy to get back on track. Your going to be walking through a lot of marsh and plains when on the trail but you soon enter a forest which is by far the best point on the trail. Terrain was not hard at all however I did get my feet wet from walking in unavoidable marsh water. Overall good trail but nothing that’s going to blow you away.

Nice trail, saw Fox, Snakes, a Rat, Crabs , luminous green lizards! View of river from viewing deck. Not possible to do track with a stroller

Trail was not marked well. Made some wrong turns. Using map on this app helped get back on track. Followed markers and it still sent us in wrong direction. Lot of open grass and sand trails in the sun. Not much in trees.

Small-ish parking, couple picnic tables under cover. Trail starts at north end of picnic area. West end is closed for trail repair (hurricane Erma??). Open grass to walk through tree canopy, to very open LARGE grass area, turned right about 1/2 mile in tree line with a creek crossing. Choose LEFT after you clear the trees, trail leads on to the woods. You have the option to go straight OR turn right for a half loop (did the loop). Either way you will end up in a marsh area which leads back to the woods.

Great trail although I got a little lost But would definitely visit again !!!

beautiful more natural trail with plenty of turns. the observation deck was worth a stop

9 months ago

Hiked this as part of the Hillsborough Hiking Spree. It is a great little trail with the only drawback being it is so short. So, I looped it twice and enjoyed the experience.

Really captures allot of the Florida landscapes in a short beautiful hike.

Double path pretty much the whole way. Almost no shade besides the last half mile stretch. Very sandy trails at some point. Feels like you’re walking at the beach. Not very much to look at. Only saw birds. Very boring trail in my opinion.

trail running
10 months ago

This is a beautiful trail. Fun, easy run.

Triple Creek Nature Preserve, 13305 Balm Boyette Rd, Riverview, FL. A little hard to find, no sign at entrance. Sign is at the back of parking area. NO paper maps, so take a photo at display. Walking through old growth timber to marsh to old growth timber to timber farm to scrub and on and on.... Did the trail as a figure "8", made a right after passing through the first tree canopy. LOT of sand in bottom half of "8". After you make the cross over the trail gets GREAT! This part isn't a service road trail. Has a down tree, BUT it's a easy duck under!

10 months ago

Surprise trail!!!! PRIMITIVE not a truck/service trail, you have to duck plants as you hike. Has a nice well built boardwalk for a good Alafia River view. I-75 noise was a bit much BUT the wind was from the south-west.

Second visit was just as good as the first. Plants have been trimmed back some. Does NOT change the views!!!!

11 months ago

I hiked this as part of the Hillsborough Hiking Spree and training for an upcoming section hike. It is a wide flat, clearly marked, out and back trail that features marshland, pine scrub and prairie. It is quiet and a nice getaway for those in the area. I would have rated it a little higher than 3 stars but not 4 stars yet.

I'm very new to hiking and I've been dying to try an unpaved trail. my dogs and I loved this trail. A few times I was worried we had taken a wrong turn as the trail got a little narrow and we had to cross a few ditches but there were markers every so often that put my mind at ease. There's a beautiful view of the river as you come toward the end of the hike and it's a great place to catch your breath. It did seem like longer than a mile to me but I guess that's because of the terrain. I look forward to working up to longer hikes on rough terrain.

Surprize trail!!!! Not opened up to allow truck on to maintain! You have to duck plants as you hike, PRIMATIVE >> AND that makes for a GREAT hike!! Has a nice well built dock for a good river view. I-75 noise was a bit much BUT the wind was from the south-west. This is 1 of 20 trails that are part of 2018 Hiking Spree in Hillsbough County FL

1 of 20 trail for 2018 Hiking Spree by Hillsbourgh County, FL. Trail is wide enough to drive pickup truck on without touching plants!!!! Once you get done with the short bit of old blacktop road it get more primitive. Basic A to B and back walk. Included the QR (in photos) for trail(s) map.

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