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21 hours ago

Views were okay, not much difference throughout the whole walk. Gun shots were heard for awhile. Trail is nicely marked with almost no obstacles and we seen a few deer.

Confusing trail but beautiful. Rained last night (1/20) so part of trail was flooded but we made our way thru. Some parts of trail are narrow so it feels like you're in the woods walking on leaves and pine needles not just sand. Dog loved it! Been driving past this place for years not knowing it was there

Trails a little confusing.

This is a short trail which follows the Little Econ River. It doesn't appear to be a formal trail, but likely made by fishermen. There are trees with duct tape on them that appear to be there to mark the way to the "waterfall," a small cascade made by Cypress roots. It was an enjoyable walk.

My favorite place to walk and bike ride . Peaceful !

Well marked trails. Very nice for winter hiking in Florida-no bugs-no snakes...just a couple wild boars
Would be great for horseback riding.

over grown
2 days ago

Not good for hiking, only come here for kayaking in the summer. The trail didn’t really exist past the trailhead.

Not a hike trail. Not recommended for walking. Just bike only

2 days ago

Great winter hike. River is way up. Recently flooded over the top of Limestone trail. Nice to see it this way.

2 days ago

Gorgeous trail! Definitely a new favorite. Pretty busy but it is very close to Orlando.

Awesome hike today on this trail. Had to do a little blazing to get around some leftover water but no problems. We LOVE this trail and plan to camp near the Rapids sooner than later. We looked at the other camp spots today and they do not compare to the small area near the Rapids. We unfortunately saw no wildlife except for the gazillion rabbits pulling in to park at 6am. Please hit this trail and enjoy, beautiful scenery and Gods work is phenominal.

so beautiful and lots of trails. Two camp sites and a river view. One of my favorites.

Narrow path. But awesome scenery. I prefer taking the clockwise route so the river can be seen on the way back. Gators and turtles are seen every time we go and the dogs are nice and exhausted by the time we’re finished.

Very nice hike. The bridge was open and we got to go up to the Ortega River. Beautiful scenery. Careful on the bridge. It's in need of repair.

Nice trail great for my dog. Plenty of shade. Ran into a few mosquitoes so bring your bug spray.

The trail is a two-track through the entire park, and while there is some tree cover, be prepared for full sun. The north and northeastern sections are deep sand with a wild shoulder, making for hard hiking. Taking the cutoff, where I put waypoints, eliminates the worst of the deep sand, but you hike under powerlines. The ecosystem looks to be pine scrub throughout, with occasional surface water.

Hiked this trail this week with my mother, and thoroughly enjoyed it! It took us 5 hours, but only because we stopped about once a mile to just sit and admire the scenery for a while. If you kept a brisk pace with minimal stops, you could easily do this trail in 2-3 hours. Would recommend to anyone who wants to see the real, natural Florida and its wildlife (we encountered lots of water fowl, song birds, squirrels, turtles, and one massive alligator!). We didn’t see any bears this time, but came across bear scat a few times

mountain biking
no shade
4 days ago

Easy ride on improved dirt/ shell road.
Ride is in direct sun through palmetto pine habitat.

beautiful, quiet easy trail. perfect for any skill level

I love love loved this hike so much wild life and just a great time you get to climb over roots and walk on board walks I absolutely loved it and so did my dog!

5 days ago

Loved doing this with our dog but we didn’t see much wildlife and the trail was market but in my opinion poorly. It definitely wore me out and was a good time will be back!

Nice trails. Great river views. Easy. Dogs allowed.

Loved this trail! We didn’t intend on walking the whole 7miles. But it was so beautiful out there we had to keep going. I’ll be revisiting this trail many times. We also learned that there is one camping spot available about halfway through the trail.

trail running
6 days ago

Good place for a short run. Lightly trafficked and quiet.

mountain biking
7 days ago

Good trails for the most part, pretty flat but has a few good spots, can easily send all day out there! great place for first timers

7 days ago

Great trail system and info on early residents of the area.

Nice short day hike. Bring a rod to fish from some great spots on the way. One low section near the river is often washed out (for 15 to 40 feet depending) so either be prepared to either bushwack a little, get your feet wet, or wear high boots.

beautiful park, love the views and an absolute fun running loop!

This trail is not for bikes. We drove over there to find out that bikes are not allowed. Just FYI

8 days ago

Beautiful trail !! I enjoyed the beautiful scenery .

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