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Great rails-to-trails bike path. You should know what you are getting when you go. Well kept, good condition, variable scenery.

My wife and I were unsure of this trail when we arrived. It appeared to be a technical mountain biking trail, but we figured it would lead to designated hiking trails further down. We were wrong! THIS IS A MOUNTAIN BIKING TRAIL. So, unless you enjoy the constant fear of being plowed over by aggressive mountain bikers flying downhill, avoid this trail. There are plenty of other trails in this park. No idea why this would be reviewed as a hiking trail. There are stretches where moving off to the side shoulder is not an option. Not a good place to be when someone on a bike is flying around a blind corner. Several riders stopped to share their opinions of us on the trail. Good times.

road biking
5 days ago

Nice tree covered in most areas, winding curvy paths. would like to have more painted on the path markers. it's worth the stop and ride!

Great walk with beautiful scenery along the river. It was a very popular spot. Parking was an issue. We will be back.

on Pinellas Trail

road biking
19 days ago

It's an okay trail if you are jogging, walking or rollerblading...there are to many streets to cross for biking. We did a 10 miles out and back and we had to stop every quarter mile to cross a street. Not much to look at on the trail besides the backs of businesses and a few parks. I would only ride my bike on this for miles...definitely not for speed.

awesome way to start 2019. We biked 8.16 miles in this nature preserve on New Year's day.

Rented bikes in Winter Garden, rode to the Oakland Nature Preserve and back. Definitely worth the time and money. Cant wait to explore in the other direction next time :-)

The trails are well maintained and marked. One can walk as little or as much as one wants. A short section of the orange trail was quite muddy with large water puddles after all the rain, exactly as described on the big board by the pavilion.

Such a great spot to spend a few hours hiking. Every trail is mapped very well with maps at each crossing showing points of interest and alternative routes. All the trails are well kept and a few different types of terrain. Will definitely be going back and exploring more of the trails.

24 days ago

I walked 20 miles from Tarpon Springs to Clearwater. Very nice trail. The highlight was seeing the monkey! Saw an alligator, monkey, snake, cat, and buzzards sitting in the tree above me (Maybe they were waiting for me to drop from all the walking!) HAHA. I stepped off the concrete to take a photo and before I knew it was covered in fire ants. Other than that, the trail was great!

road biking
25 days ago

Stayed at an Air B&B in Dunedin one block off the trail. Rode daily for a week. A great trail that’s wide. There’s a few tricky spots you have to be cautious of. North of Dunedin there’s a crossover bridge that’s out and you have to go around on the sidewalk. Several places you have to cross traffic. All in all a good trail. We will come back to vacation. My normal trail is the West Orange trail near Orlando. They are very similar.

One of the only places in inline skate in Jacksonville ! I go all the time, everyone is always very nice when you pass them by. Trail intersects with Camp Milton Preserve, a nice scenic historic trail, also a nature walk as well.

This is a very popular trail. Lots of bikers and walkers. The great thing about this trail is you can walk as far as you want. The whole thing is 22 miles, but there are lots of different stopping points. The Oakland Nature Boardwalk is a great detour. Walking from Killarney to the boardwalk and back is around 4.5 miles.

road biking
1 month ago

I have ridden the northern end of the trail beginning in Tarpon Springs and ending south of Honeymoon Island and Dunedin. The trail is shaded in places and open to the brutal Florida sun on some stretches. The pavement is good and the trail is wide. There are lots of (potential) stops for road crossings, so this is not a good trail to ride if you are training for a bike race. It is a great fitness trail. There are a lot of places to visit along the way including Wall Springs Park, Honeymoon Island and lots of shops in between. Pleasant workout.

fun trail through old Florida. some cute little towns on the route.

1 month ago


road biking
1 month ago

It’s a well maintained paved, partly shaded trail. The country side is beautiful and mostly quite. Adequate facilities are available.

Have been here several times; both alone & with family. I'm not so young anymore & these trails are easily hiked - even for the novice. I usually hike around Thanksgiving or winter & I've never encounter the bugs or ticks. I have seen wildlife including: armadillos; snakes & dolphins. I hiked to the South point one Thanksgiving & sat alone & watched a mother dolphin "train" her new-born! It was a gift from God during a difficult time in my life. I will always treasure that memory. The trails are laid out so you can have a short jaunt, a nice few mile "cruise" or a 9x mile adventure. There's a LOT of nice scenery & if you take photos there's plenty of great things to shoot. I took my dog the last time & she had a BALL! Go... get off the couch... Have some fun... Make some memories!

Nice well paved trail to get some miles under the shoes.

2 months ago

Very nice paved trail with limited street crossings

Went Saturday and Sunday and it was great although i eat shit going downhill, I damn hit the sugar sand and went mouth to sand!! It didn’t taste to bad tho but other than that pretty good!! I saw a couple going to business in one of the trails tho I mean not even an invite but that’s okay!!

Great bike trail! Wide asphalt path with room for passing. Very serene with not much in the way of views. Covered for most of the way with few open areas. Very well maintained. A couple of bathrooms along the trail is a nice touch. Would do this again.

awesome place to ride plenty of shade. well marked trails.

This trail has been extended as of nov 2018. Park your car at the following places: rotary park, edgewater, May town spur, gobblers lodge rd in Osteen. You can ride any of the sections, edgewater to maytown (16 Miles), maytown to titusville(15 Miles),maytown to gobblers lodge(15 miles). Bring plenty of water. No places to stop for water found. Some hot stretches, some shady spots. We saw 4 rides in 32 miles.

Fun to bike! Trail biking trials also available at one point.

Mostly well marked, but not always heavily traveled, so watch out for holes dug by animals and insect nests (and spiders as big as your hand).


Love the trail. Our kiddos kept up and we did a round trip of 3 hours total. We took our time and enjoyed the hike. We took the longer trail that looped around to the river. Not a lot of people at all on our hike. Temps were cooler so no mosquitoes and didn’t find any ticks on us, hopefully won’t find any later. If you’re worried about ticks however, definitely wear leggings tucked into boot socks or breezy pants tucked into boot socks if you plan on taking the trails during warmer weather, it definitely will help keep the ticks off your legs. We had a stroller for our smallest child and the trails were very stroller friendly.

Enjoyed this nice paved trail that goes to winter garden downtown. Stop for coffee snack and turnaround to Killarney Station 9 miles RT
Easy . Not best for riding very fast . Lots of stops and small crossing . Speed biking better elsewhere.

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