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great single track for northwest florida. well maintained by local organization (porc)

trail running
4 days ago

Great for trail running. I didn't expect to find something like this in Pensacola. Many different paths and are all well marked by spray paint.

Seemed short, but decent walk for my dogs. Also enjoyed taking some photos down by the train tracks

to short but if ur looking to work out it was a nice outdoor "gym"

certainly gonna go back to hit the bike trails it leads too

Yeah, never doing this again. Maybe if some local hoodlums would stop writing obscene things on the walkway it would be maybe 3 stars.

23 days ago

Trail is covered in obscure graffiti. Very bizarre. Would not recommend the trail. Pathway to beach is cool

trail running
1 month ago

It’s a beautifully scenic trail for a good run/walk/hike. Easy course, but some sandy areas make for a small fun challenge every now and then.

I hike or bike these trails daily due to close proximity. They are shaded for the most part and many options for mileage depending on your path.

Nice little trip to take the family on if you have a spare half hour or want to picnic. The little beach area is clean, you do have to cross a rail road track but it is highly visible both ways so you would be able to see it coming. I wouldn't recommend going at night there is no lighting past the main entrance, and us local teens sometimes congregate at night and can get loud.

trail running
2 months ago

nice trail run. clearly marked. great for dogs!

I used this for a trail run. It was relatively flat. The boardwalk portion was fun and made the run go faster.

Rode it yesterday took the ten mile loved it first time in years I got to ride will be back soon oh by the way Pine trees don’t bend so well

Beautiful trails... clean and well marked

3 months ago

The trail follows dirt roads that predate the park. The inland segments traverse Longleaf Pine / Saw Palmettos habitats with open vistas. The segment along Perdido Bay is canopied with a mix of oaks, pines and some hickory. The secluded beach alone is worth the hike! The short trail segment bordering Blue Angel Recreation Area traverses a wetland and is often muddy. The trail is blazed white and is very easy to follow.

trail running
3 months ago

Not being from the southeast, I wasn't expecting much. This trail definitely exceeded my low expectations. I wasn't able to figure out where the 2.8 mile loop this app suggests, but the best part is it connects to a whole system of trails, the longest loop being 12 miles. I'll definitely come back!

3 months ago

We go here quite often. It’s steep but it’s stairs the whole way. Gorgeous view of the water and pet friendly.

Saw a cardinal and other beautiful birds hang around here

I went here around 8am on a Sunday and realized that you can view the sun rise from here. Definitely coming back. Although there are rude people who litters here there are group of volunteers who help out clean in which you can get involved as well. I think they're called beach clean up Pensacola.

mountain biking
4 months ago

Tons of trail riding fun, clearly marked.

A great 5.6 mile trail whether it’s dry or muddy. A great workout. Just bring some trekking poles and you’ll be able to maneuver over muddy areas by stepping on downed logs etc.

The UWF West Campus Trails offers a mostly canopied hike on the University of West Florida's nature preserve. While this trail is mostly caters towards the mountain bike crowd, this trail offers some a decent hike for hikers in Northwest Florida looking to add some elevation training to there hike. The 12 mile (gps clocked 11.2) offers more of the same when it comes to the "scenery" of NWFlorida. Due to the amount of PUDS (pointless ups and downs), i rate this trail a 4/5. I want to drop it to 3/5, but the PUDS would actually be quite fun if I was a biker. I would recommend this trail to anyone interested.

When I want a bit more of a fun hike where I have to look to find trails and solve problems to get past obstacles(mud) the 5 mile loop is it. There is also a nice mile walk to the Bayou that's great for walking with children. It's complete board walked and wheel chair accessible. The view at the end is wonderful.

Great trail. Needs better markings for the different routes within the trail.

If you’re training for a tough mudder, this is your trail. I don’t mind running through mud or streams, but stagnant swamp water completely covering the trail is not ideal. A couple bucks entry on the honor system means the park has no operating funds (saw a half dozen people all just walk on in without paying today), so I’m not too surprised. Despite that, somehow they are managing to do work and add new trails that are ever so slightly less underwater. Unfortunately they are not always well marked and I ended up going the wrong way in a couple places. But where the trail isn’t submerged, it’s in great shape! The views are nice enough—not really anything noteworthy. Overall, didn’t have a very positive experience.

Easy Florida trail. Great views of the bayou.

I grew up coming here, East Hill boy. First Ill say, this place is not used as much as it should be. There are signs saying its under renovation, but I dont see much work happening. The stairs are cumbersome for people out of shape, so a more logical approach would be replacing the current steps and employing a ramp system. Clear out a few trees and create a view, update the area and bam, our forgotten bay can be loved properly.

Now for the walks.....great walk along the boardwalk where some beautiful scenery comes into the view. You do have access to leave the boardwalk to go on the coast, but be cautious of the railroad tracks, trains DO come trough often.
Its a great area of Pensacola that needs some attention, but very enjoyable as it is!!

Its one of my favorite places to go relax on a nice day...

a little rough in the beginning churned up muddy path, but still passable. We took a slight detour and walked along the beach very peaceful.

7 months ago

I pushed my son in a job stroller. the first mile or two sucked it's boggy from machinery... the rest was excellent!

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