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Great trail for Bikes, hiking it is a bit challenging due to length. Its paved so it gets hot. A lot of gators, thats a main attraction. Also great for bird watching. A lot of tourists. If you have an everglades yearly pass you can use it. Bike rentals, guided tours and office with vending machines.

It is very popular.

beautiful park, love the views and an absolute fun running loop!

5 days ago

Great local hiking spot. We go often. With beach, dunes and forest trails, it offers a lot of variety for it's size.

Super kid friendly trail. Saw a baby dear. ❤️

6 days ago

This was a nice scenic trail- saw some gators, birds, turtles, and fish.

this was a great trail. I took my grandson and he loved seeing all the wildlife. the trails were not pack.

6 days ago

The trail is actually the Orange trail, there’s no signage that I saw with the “Greenway” designation. Rode bikes and had to back track twice because of impassable water, even though it had not rained in weeks. Won’t take a chance again.

7 days ago

The trail itself is a meandering one that’s poorly marked and often overlaps with the disc golf course. There’s a dock that extends out and overlooks a small lake with scenic views and there are plenty of shaded trees to string up a hammock and relax.

It’s not strenuous or even remotely difficult and has facilities so that’s a plus. The downside is the trash in the water and on the trail. If you can ignore the constant sound of airplanes overhead, you’ll enjoy this light outing.

mountain biking
8 days ago

The bridges have been fixed on the paved side. On the off road portion there is a few trees across the trail some have a path around and some make you climb over them. There is a creek around mile 5 that is 1-2 foot deep but it’s crossable. Past that it gets very messy and pretty much impassable without walking your bike through. The standing water looks shallow but there are some very deep holes. The challenges make the ride pretty fun.

Very interesting and diverse bird population. I saw many birds for the first time. There were more people than I like but I understand why. I will visit there again!

I Love coming to this place for my lunch break walk. Very peaceful.

Beautiful scenic trail.

12 days ago

This is a nice, pretty trail with a short boardwalk and playground. If you walk the whole park, you can walk about 2 miles.

road biking
13 days ago

This was a really nice trail for road biking. Pavement was smooth and even and there were lots and lots of alligators along the way. We quit counting at 50. Tons of wildlife to see including various birds, turtles, etc. etc. Halfway down the trail is the observation tower. It is really nice to look out over the area. However, be aware, you must leave your bike at the entrance to the tower. Do not leave anything with zippers. The crows have learned how to open the zippers and they will take whatever is inside your zippered pouch. When I got back to my bike they had opened my zippered pouch and were pulling out my bike tool kit. I stopped them just before they flew away with it. They are very, very smart. The second half of the ride back is a little boring, not as much wildlife but a nice smooth ride nonetheless. You will enjoy this ride. I would not recommend it in the summer, but the temperature was perfect for a January ride. Also, it was pretty crowded at 10:30 a.m. on a Saturday and we had to wait at the entrance for about 15 to 20 minutes to be let in to get a parking space.

Nice trail and boardwalk. Lots of families so it was a bit noisy

We enjoyed 6 miles of trails today. Due to heavy rains over the last two weeks there was a good bit of water across several spots that made it a little challenging to navigate. The trails north of the tram path were a little too close to Hwy 98 for our liking, but the trails south of the paved path were peaceful. Not a lot of shade, so cooler weather is your friend here.

Great park! There was one part of the trail slightly flooded but there was a rock path that we used to cross it.

road biking
14 days ago

This is an awesome trail that I would recommend for anyone. The best time to go is in the the morning as you will see more wildlife and it’s not as hot. The one downfall is that there isn’t much shade so I would recommend bringing a hat and sunscreen.

Beautiful paved trail. Very wide and allows for running with a dog or stroller. Beautiful scenery and a boardwalk to check out after your run. It was slightly busy when I went, but the wide trail allows for plenty of room. It does cost $2 to get in and you may need cash.

This is a pretty little park with trails for walking/running, playgrounds, and exercise stations. There's a loop and a boardwalk to a neighboring community.

road biking
17 days ago

Lots of alligators esp in the winter. The return side is kind of boring.

awesome way to start 2019. We biked 8.16 miles in this nature preserve on New Year's day.

Rented bikes in Winter Garden, rode to the Oakland Nature Preserve and back. Definitely worth the time and money. Cant wait to explore in the other direction next time :-)

A lot of little trails that go around the area. Not very scenic. Lots of trees. But really peaceful and has a few little creeks running through it which are nice

The trails are well maintained and marked. One can walk as little or as much as one wants. A short section of the orange trail was quite muddy with large water puddles after all the rain, exactly as described on the big board by the pavilion.

Such a great spot to spend a few hours hiking. Every trail is mapped very well with maps at each crossing showing points of interest and alternative routes. All the trails are well kept and a few different types of terrain. Will definitely be going back and exploring more of the trails.

Was there 12/30/18. First of all I would change the « moderatly trafficked » to « heavily trafficked ». Certain trails are flooded so you can’t get through. We had to circle back and decided to walk the Allogator Alley trail. We saw about 20 gators...floating around all over. Tons of birds and a wild pig. The trail itself is very ordinary but the wildlife is well worth it.

20 days ago

Impassable in one section due to water overflow (heavy rains lately), but we were able to cover almost 9 miles. Scenery is beautiful, trails are well maintained. Ran into only a couple people until we were back on the paved section. We came back among the ocean to make it a loop, as official beach access is available between Morris and Campbell lakes.

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