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I hiked this trail as part of the Florida Trail IDIDAHIKE 2018, always a great State Park to go hike and camp at.
The trails are marked and maintained well

1 day ago

Took a short hike towards old grist mill. Well marked trail. But found it confusing where to locate other trails, then it started to rain. Maybe more next visit
Nice playgrounds and camp sites

1 day ago

Nice rainy day. I startled an armadillo, I stood still and he waddled right towards me. When he finally saw me he took a hard left into the woods.

Very well maintained. Trail is well marked.

must have recently had a controlled burn.

This map is wrong.

The trail itself isn’t stellar.. basically a dirt road with cow pasture on one side and woods on the other. The trail doesn’t follow the creek or view the Lake Norris. But! about 3 miles in there’s a nice view of another lake that’s well worth the walk. It’s man made by an old sand mine and is beginning to fill in with aquatic plants and some native plants around the edges. Not much to see here and the path/road is sugar sand that’s been roughed up by horse traffic.

You’re probably better off saving this one for a kayak or canoe trip around Lake Norris, which is what the map is showing.

paddle sports
9 days ago

Definitely worth the drive for a nice weekend of kayaking. But call ahead to make sure water levels are high. When low, the scenic loop is inaccessible leaving only the larger parts of the creek full of alligators. Still fun if you aren't scared of a few bull gators

The available Hiking is only 1/2 mile and is on opposite side of park where trail is shown. Trail shown Is for Paddling not Hiking.

Nice breeze during the summer, lots of shade and pretty river views, great to stop and wade in the river when it gets too hot. Very dog friendly.

Short trail but well maintained.

16 days ago

Awesome trail for short or long hikes. I like to find a place and hang a hammock for a few hours then hike back. The river has great swimming holes and sand bars for cooling off.

I use this trail as a cardio trail. Nicely paved, not much shade in some places, bring sunscreen and hydrate properly. I can't wait for the entire trail to be completed.

Easy trail. “Hard” rating is way off the mark.

The trail is only two miles. Nice shadier walk. Park and trail well kept.

Since we were going only to hike, the very short walk to the spring amidst swimmers was not worth the $10 park entry.

nature trips
17 days ago

Had a nice time! Saw a skink on the white trail, and several birds I’m sure enthusiasts would enjoy as well.

Desoto is a great hiking spot, which also has a guided history lesson. The hiking path is both shell and boardwalk and is mostly shaded with mangroves and other trees. It usually is not too crowded unless they have a special event going on. Desoto is dog-friendly and also has places to swim and fish.

20 days ago

I short hike because when you get into the trail eventually Peters out. Could to still be Irma damage? The park was packed, very nice! Last time was here was all by myself

23 days ago

Nice little trail! It's a weekday so I pretty much had the whole park to myself.

BSA Troop 43 from Tavares completed a 15 miles hike today. We took the main trail starting with waypoint 1 at Wekiwa Spring. We follow the trail until reaching Waypoint 19. There was lot of muddy spots along the river and beyond. We crossed into the main/bicycle trail and followed it to waypoint 10 where we crossed into Volksmarch trail. There are several small sinkholes in the area with a huge one that was pretty deep. We continue our hike all the way to the starting point. Through our hike we saw few wild turkeys and some tortoises but, for the most part wildlife was absent through most of the trails. Waypoint 1 was a little tricky to find since there was not much signs in the parking area indicating how to get to it. In general, it was a good hike but, you need to be prepared for it with plenty of water and snacks for energy.

Had the best day hiking at the FTA I DID A HIKE 2018 event. Can’t wait to come back to this beautiful park!

trail running
28 days ago

It was pretty disappointing. Most of the trail was a boring dirt road through a flat area of scrub brush. There was an interesting part near the river, with lots of crabs scattering and mangroves. The trails were hardly marked and it was difficult to figure out which way I was going. I ended up only running 3 miles instead of 5. Basically I ended up hot, sweaty, and pissed off.

We saw a fox cross the road just outside the campground. Other than that, no animal sightings.

Enjoyable wooded trail with long boardwalk over swampy area that leads to a small stream.

Fun hike! I actually would say it is easy/moderate due to soft sand, tree roots, and sloping path. Beautiful Florida landscapes and most of the trail all you hear is nature, very peaceful.

1 month ago

one of my favorite places in Florida along the Florida Trail

The reason for 4 stars is because the trail on the map is incorrect. I think the trail highlighted on this app is a boating trail so don't follow it. however there is a walking path that is really beautiful but don't assume that you'll be able to follow the map on this app.

Beautiful hike and easy to follow. Completed 8 miles roughly but be aware the trail is flooded at various points(calf deep) and you should have waterproof boots unless you want soaked boots by the 2nd mile like myself. Still will go back :)

I absolutely love this place the hiking is fun and the kayaking is amazing.

Beautiful trail

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