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This trail is absolutely peaceful and beautiful. You will see more people along the trial, just doing the same, enjoying nature. This trial is very friendly for all people. Mostly flat, but it does have lots of tree roots along the trial. People love to camp out there. Totally recommended. You can bring your dog, but please bring bags to pick up the poop. I did not see any trash at all. Well done! Please keep all trails clean of feces and litter.

Part sand part boardwalk. Saw a BLACK WIDOW spider!!!!

White loop was surprisingly nice, lots of enclosed tunnel like trails surrounded by towering oaks. Eventually opened up into a grassy pine flat wood as I neared the road and parking area.

It's been a wet winter so the pasture and cattle trails and what looks like might have been roads once are saturated with water and you will get wet so wear the right footwear if you are headed here soon. About half a mile in are two nesting bald eagles so give them their space if you can. Little to no trail signage, at least that I could find, but plenty of cell service so you can explore at your leisure and find your way back with your phones GPS pretty easily.

Honeymoon Island Dog Beach Hike 1.9 mile 2-14-19

8 days ago

over grown
11 days ago

all in all not a bad trail. if you go clockwise the first third is very well worn, you're basically on a dirt road. took a wrong turn early on and dead-ended in the swamp but figured it out fairly quickly. the last half is not well worn or maintained but as long as you follow the white blazes you shouldn't have much trouble. couple places are pretty boggy but I was able to go around.

off trail
11 days ago

can fish there boat ramp there there like place you use to back John boat up or there were is big or samll with can hunt there hunting there like duck hunting

Great trails. We got off the path and ended up doing about 4 miles. Lots of boar tracks but never saw one.

Pleasant hike from the campgrounds to the Spring and Concession area. Literally ZERO bugs.

This hike was so beautiful! There is a steady flow of people and dogs on the trail. Also at the beginning (and end) there are about 45 thick steps. We all had a blast great hike will do again!

on Alafia River

12 days ago

have done this many times. mid last year through 2/7/19 has been closed a lot for dangerous conditions. ( river too high) call ahead before going.
its always a great day on this river, lots of shade and wildlife.

13 days ago

Trail appears mostly pavement or sand. Hard to find. Lines don't match well.

This trail is great to see a variety of birds doing bird things. Ospreys eating fish, hovering vultures and many different yard birds. Regular sightings of gopher tortoises and an occasional armadillo. Brush up on your animal track identification skills. There are many, many different feet prints.

Easy trail. Paved and will have cyclists on the trail on most evenings and weekend.
I haved cycled it numerous times seeing deer, multiple variety of snakes sunning and black bear.

14 days ago

15 days ago

So This trail goes around the perimeter into the salt flats. It is completely underwater so I waded through ankle deep water scared of snakes and alligators but I kept going around. If you prefer to stay high and dry go to the right from the main entrance and head out the telephone pole trail. From there there are some side trails at connect back to that side of the main perimeter trail without going into the salt flats. I went running there yesterday and hit the water so it wasn’t very runnable but today staying right early morning I’d say is very runable. Saw ospreys.

Kayaking with Alida

In flowering season one part near Bear pond trail I'd covered with flowers and butterflies. That second is a good few miles in from the Bear Pond Trail head. Great trail!

Rode all the trail, some parts senic and some so so! Parts South of Inverness we ride often.

Walked about 4 miles on Super Bowl Sunday. Wish I had discovered it before. The main trail was fairly dry, but nearly all the sub-trails had standing water. No issue with water proof boots.

bridge out
18 days ago

19 days ago

Description misleading. The 13 mile trail is not for hiking - only by canoe or kayak on the river. Staff gets questioned about this a lot, but knows of no hiking trail. Great for manatee viewing though

20 days ago

Get place! Not too many people. Enjoyable place to unwind!

21 days ago

As a forward, I grew up in this area of Florida and used to hunt this area before it was a wildlife preserve. It has always been a beautiful place and I am glad it is being looked after by the Withlacoochie Water Management District rather than a developer. The trail is really semi-improved and dirt roads. In the middle of the loop is an abandoned campground that somewhat takes away from area. That being said there are so many beautiful things to see here, as drove up to the parking area there were 6 deer moving along the road. While walking the main road I saw turkey buzzards in trees enjoying the warmth of the early sun. Turkey tracks in the road along with bobcat, deer and raccoon. The main road will take you for miles through the chain of lakes that make up the Tsala Apopka chain and there are beautiful sights everywhere. One thing, if you plan on breaking your own trail make sure you are well protected with Permethrin, the ticks are wicked.

The trail is a great bike ride and is very scenic.

Best place I have gone to in Florida so far. Tons of birding to be done. Would definitely be a great mountain biking trip. SOME of the trails are a little hard to find depending on what you are looking for. Saw a deer, no gators today. I could definitely imagine how flooded certain areas would get with rain.

Recommend camping here and then doing trail. May be a little expensive if just coming for the hike. We saw a river otter which was cool.

Lots of wildlife, I actually saw a River otter cross the path in front of me! Made my day!
Pristine and unmanicurred. The Withlacoochee River runs through here and there’s a drop in site for kayaking.
I think the main loop is primarily a road but will update after I go back and spend more time here.

Great day for a hike in Florida. Nice trail, reasonably marked.

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