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Flat dog walking trail. I can't see why this would be rated moderate. some of it is in a parking lot. It's Florida so it can be hot and buggy. It's only 1 mile with an option to cut it in half to a half mile.

The best I’ve went to so far.Many trails to chose from and saw at least 8 deers.Very huge and surrounded by nature and wildlife.A nice challenge!

mountain biking
4 days ago

Relaxing peaceful ride with some amazing views of wildlife and nature.

so much fun, kids really enjoyed this place

9 days ago

Yes it is,Hot, but this will always be my local favorite. The new trail markings are really very bright. The trail itself is pretty well worn and what you might not necessarily need the tree marking but it’s nice to look ahead and see your bright orange marking on the tree.In the very few muddy Areas, you can see tracks. Raccoon I believe. Heard but didn’t see a woodpecker. I might’ve heard a deer crashing through the woods but I’m really not sure what it was. It’s bigger than an armadillo. Saw a large moth not a lunar moth. Bugs weren’t bad.

mountain biking
9 days ago

Close to my new home, but I’m definitely sticking with Virginia Key.

Saw beautiful trails, fish, and bodies of water. Will be back to canoe/kayak!

One of my favorite hiking places in Central Florida. So much to see out there. In the summer, you can graze on fox grapes, blackberries, high Bush blueberries and sparkle berries along the trails. Often see turkey, wild pigs, deer, bald eagles, and more on some of the less travelled trails. My daily hikes out there helped me lose 60 lbs in 6 months!

15 days ago

As a mountain bike trail, this is excellent, definitely 5 stars. For hiking, it’s really meant for biking so at times it feels redundant walking in loops. There isn’t a lot of shade so I would go as early as possible to avoid the midday heat. I did see a few folks on bikes and I moved to the side to allow them to pass. Everyone biking the trail was really friendly and didn’t mind me there but I was definitely the only hiker. This says 4 miles, I don’t think that’s accurate. I walked the entire loop and even some side paths in 50 minutes. There are some gorgeous views of the water and city that you catch through breaks in the brush. Most importantly, DO NOT forget bug spray.

paddle sports
17 days ago

A great experience and recommended highly for reasonably fit paddlers with at least a moderate level of experience, including kayak camping. Research it well-once you start, there is no civilization until the end. No crossroads, no stores, no ranger stations, nothing but the Chickees and ground sites that you will be camping on. It may be accessible all year round but unless you are fond of paddling in full mosquito/no-see-um gear you don't want to except in the dead of winter (January and maybe the first half of Feb.). Also you are required to declare your campsites in advance and stick to them. They take commando camping very seriously here. It's not like a forest trail where, if things don't work out, you can just move off the trail and camp. You can't do that here-trust me-and if too many people show up at a Chickee it can be a serious problem. I strongly recommend paddle camping overnight in the area at least once before you start the trail and be prepared for some gymnastics getting on and off the Chickees. When I went there were a couple that still didn't have ladders. The park service has tons of good info online-read it. If you go in winter, after a couple of good cold fronts have dropped the mosquitos to a more tolerable level you will see other folks on the waterway, we never had a day when we didn't. If you don't have good navigational skills and/or a good nav app & GPS I would fore-go "The Nightmare" and take the coastal detour but we did it and I thought it was one of the highlights of the trip. Again, it was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend it to any serious paddler.

Love it

a good amount of shaded trail. saw wildlife! not a lot of people but not completely empty either. good for a first time hiker

This one of my go to hikes. It’s not marked very well but you cannot really get lost. Not much shade, bring your water.

Easy enough run around lake that’s a little over a mile - nothing too interesting to look at but it’s pretty safe

24 days ago

This trail is north of the powerline trail. And it’s always desereteit. If you go in. 7/10 of a mile and then you can go to your left or to your right On a Florida trail piece. I went left. After .3 miles you come to a small bridge, and you want to pay attention because otherwise you’ll be on the big broad Road, and miss the nice narrow path. I continued on about 2 1/2 miles. Then it got wet. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but I was going to have to turn around soon anyway. I love how a trail looks so different when you’re going the opposite direction. There’s a lot of moss on trees. There are sections where palms have been burnt. And I heard either a frog Or a gator. I did not check out which it was. No mosquitoes today to speak of. And there’s always new people on this trail. It look like the one with the bridge swinging Bridge was packed. I’ll come back in the winter to look at that one.

nature trips
24 days ago

Been there blazing that trail it's a great trail that was back in Middle and high school. the Bayard conservative was SJRWM program for students to learn and leave a positive impact on natural environment around the area. I would recommend it for any and every one to take that hike and/or go out there and camp. they have two primitive camp sites on the trail.

In my opinion, this is the prettiest park for hiking in Central Florida. there are many trials, and you can pick trails that give you the distance you would like to hike. There's a lot of wildlife around and the views of the Econ River are sometimes stunning. During the summer, some of the trails can become flooded, restricting the amount of hiking you can do.

trail running
25 days ago

I love this loop. It’s really pretty and running over the bridge as you finish your jog feels great. Only thing is the trail is actually 1.3 miles so you have to run it twice for the description to be accurate.

25 days ago

Great place to hike in and camp, lots of great sites and trees down to find for firewood, but none blocking the trails, very sandy and all natural trails. Sunset was fantastic with wildlife, lots of birds, some gators heard at night, but not seen in day. Folllows along the river most of the trails I've travelled, so very beautiful scenery. Very peaceful and quiet once away from the road sounds, which doesnt take long. No unsavory characters encountered on my trips, 5 so far. My only issue is the bridge to the flagler loop has been down since last year, still not yet fixed at my last trip in March, otherwise it's 5 stars. No facilities at the Barr Street trailhead, not sure about the other. Looking forward to coming again soon.

It was a beautiful trail, well maintained but with the recent rains be prepared to get very wet. I would say 50% of trail you are ankle to knee deep. We will go back when it’s a little dryer.

very clean and nice hiking trails

Love this river, had a great time with family.

love the scenery and it's a fairly easy paddle

Gentle trail accessible to even the youngest children. Variety of environments in a short walk: small tree area, dunes, lake, and big pine area all with the sounds of the ocean in the distance. Watch out for mosquitoes and poison ivy.

Don't be mislead. This is no hiking trail. This is a paddling adventure only.

trail running
1 month ago

Great run along the river. A few down trees on the trail, made for some good hurdles.

not well traveled or properly maintained the overgrown firebreaks make for a better trail in some places. until maintenance is done you would be better off choosing a different trail.

Fun trail for learning about Florida coast wildlife.

Hurricane Irma took its toll. The Flagler bridge is closed and the canopy is not quite what it was. The footing is much sandier. But then nature is what it is and being out in it is always a joy.

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