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I came here on the last day I'd be free enough to enjoy Florida's natural beauty before moving to Georgia after a short ten month stay in Florida. Split Oak is absolutely wonderful. It offers a diverse collection of Florida ecosystems, and plenty of wildlife viewing. not five minutes after entering the preserve I encountered a healthy doe, and mature buck. shortly after I saw another doe. saw a redtailed hawk, Pileated, and red woodpecker, covey of quails, blue birds, swallows, osprey, and a diamond back rattlesnake. would definitely come back here if given the chance. ps chacos, and sugar sand don't mix

No bicycles allowed. Horses yes, bikes no. What?!!!

No dogs allowed.

Not actually dog friendly! Drove 45 minutes for nothing.

Well markes ans beautiful trail!

It's an ok trail. Not maintain so you will feel like some parts of the trail might knot even be a trail. There isn't much shade or wooded areas. Its a lot of open space. For walking or just hiking a trail is ok.

Definitely agree with others here, not a whole lot of shade. The trail is mainly made up of loose dirt so be ready for that as well. The map is misleading so if you wanna deviate make sure you know where you are. Other than that it was a lovely trail and got to see two deer, tortoise, a boar, amongst other animals. The ponds are also a great sight! Highly recommend.

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10 months ago

The perfect escape in Orlando! Beautiful sights and peacefulness can be found here but do come prepared with water, sunscreen, and a hat. Most of the trails have little shade and can get very hot! Also, make sure you wear shoes that you don't mind getting dirty because a lot of the ground is soft beach like sand. Part of the trail connects to Moss Park and you can find much needed trees and shade in the blue colored trail with a great dock that overlooks a lake.

Monday, September 04, 2017

It's September. It's hot. It's barren of mammals. A sandy slog to see some butterflies, but I was here for the exercise, right? Took the South, then North Green Loop and added in the Blue Lake Loop, for around 6.5 miles. Came to see the Split Oak - but walked right passed it. It wasn't even marked.

Quiet except for the IOA planes heading north. My calves and hamstrings are cursing me from the sandy trails, evident on about 60% of the combined path.

Nice track, just empty of wildlife. If I had fur, I probably wouldn't be out in the sun much, either. (Did spot what appeared to be bobcat prints, along with some deer and small critters.)

Friday, August 18, 2017

Really great Florida wilderness trail! Watch out for the armadillos!

Really nice fire roads that snake all over and go forever!

Really nice fire roads that snake all over and go forever! Primitive camping sites. All I heard was the wind in the pine trees!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Did the whole loop, great views but not a lot of shade. Will do again!!

road biking
Saturday, June 25, 2016

Great ride to Econ to fish.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Overall great trail but be ready to really hike the trails are covered with extra soft beach sand and it leads to one heck of a workout. Unfortunately the trails have so many smaller trails attached it is easy to get lost. My six mile hike turned into nine. It was beautiful and not too hot for me considering its almost may. I saw Sherman Fox squirrel, white tailed deer and lots of birds. Be carefulful there is a fenced off water portion that I did see baby gators by. No sign of larger ones or the parents though.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Red Blaze Trail is one of 3 main trails at Hal Scott. All trails are loops and the Red and Yellow trails branch off the White trail at about the half way point of the White loop. The Red Blaze Trail can be confusing, however, because it apparently has changed over time. The current park map shows it one way but the blaze markings guide you differently. At about the halfway point, where the shelter is located, the blaze markings take you across the canal and then continue following under the path of some overhead power lines. This way will take you back towards the main road. It's not at all scenic and has you hiking the park perimeter. The new map and better route has you going left or west along the canal. You follow the canal to the end where it empties into a creek and you'll see the markings for the Red Blaze Trail on your left (there is also a marking on the right but that takes you again to the power line trail). Follow the trail on the left and you'll complete the Red Blaze loop and end up back where you started. This is a much better route and if you pick-up a map at the park entrance, this is the route shown. Who knows why it isn't marked correctly but it's easy to navigate if you just follow the canal. See my track for more specifics.

Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Trail was good but not much to it. Mostly open. 3 trials within the park. The lake loop "blue trail" is the best part. All 3 trails are well marked. Footing if OK for running but not great.

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Great for a boring stroll. Markings were not very consistent. Only reason I would return is to thank the lady that kept our 5 mike hike (which turned out 7) from turning into indefinite. No wildlife to be filound granted we started at 10. But a butterfly was our wildlife highlight

road biking
Thursday, October 08, 2015

This trail is pretty nice however there is no real mountain biking if you know what I mean. There are two camping spots that are nice. Mostly two track trail and not much shade.

cross country skiing
Wednesday, August 05, 2015

This trail is great and full of life. Perfect shade spots and scenic views.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Great hike! There is not much shaded area so bring plenty of water and sunscreen. Honestly I didn't run into any Mosquitos or horse flies. But being bug spray anyway. I completed all three trails and they are great!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hal Scott Preserve was pretty cool. The trails are mostly large double track, good for biking if you like that. There are about three primitive camp locations on the yellow loop that were very roomy and had good trees to setup hammocks if you hammock camp. Great for large groups. The camps had a fire pit, some benches and a well water pump. Good shade coverage at the camp sites. The water is not safe to drink you must boil or filter it. Most of the time you are walking with very little shade coverage on the trail so bring water and sunscreen if you plan on going during the summer!

Good trail, saw alot of wildlife and got in a good workout. The sandy parts of the trail can be difficult but still fun. Not always well marked but easy to figure out. I will hike this one again for sure.

Thursday, April 02, 2015

This is another of those wide open Florida trails that they like to call a "loop" when it is actually an "Out and back again". I had a great time on this trail as I walked all of the white and onto the Yellow walking about 6 miles round trip by the time I got back. The trail is wide and clean and while it looks like the typical Florida sugar sand it is actually Coquina (crushed shell) as it is not too terribly far from Coco Beach. The trails are well marked and there is a beautiful little Cedar Hammcok around a small unnamed tributary that does provide a small break from the sun. It is mostly Florida plain so it is very wide open so if you like being on a trail that you can look around you for a mile and see fields of pines and palmettos this is the place for you.

it is listed as a moderate trail but for anyone that has ever been to a mountain this is very easy flat land walking. Just make sure you take plenty of water, sunscreen and a floppy hat.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Of all the Florida trails I've covered this one was close to a nightmare.
We decided to trek around the Green loop and it turned out to be a rather difficult experience. Fortunately I don't panic and have a good sense of direction. The trail was poorly marked and we got off track even when trying to effectively navigate.
There are several places where the markers are totally confusing. We came to three or four sections where the path split in different directions with no indication of which way we should go; we were constantly guessing. At the junction of the entrance to Moss Park there was no indication of which way to go and the trail branched off in four directions. We tried two of them and then back tracked to get our bearings straight. We were totally worn out and eager to get this over, so when we came upon a path (apparently trodden by motor vehicles) we decided to follow that thinking it had to lead to the road. It eventually set us back on the Green path but it was pure luck and determination.
Much of this trail is sand; deep course sand. It was tough going most of the time and took the fun right out of the adventure. We also encountered a lot of muddy and wet areas. Florida trails are not much fun in the summer heat, and this one, in off season is just too wet to consider fun.
We thought it would be a great trail for Biking and turned out we pushed them most of the way. These trails aren't even much good for hiking.

Saturday, August 09, 2014

I started hiking here frequency for exercise. The trail has various subtrails that you can do and hit's a variety of ecosystems. I've seen plenty of deer and armadillos but there also tracks of bob cats and wild pigs.

My number one suggestion is that you consider bringing some waterproof boots if it has been raining. The trails can get flooded by an inch or two.

Also if you are in the area it's right next to the Back to Nature Wilidfe rehabilitation center. For a 5 dollar donation you can see their 'wildlife ambassadors(basically animals that can't be released due to injuries and such).

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Friday, June 13, 2014

I discovered this trail when I ran an off-road half marathon here! I wouldn't recommend it in the heat of summer, as there isn't a whole lot of shade. However, running in the morning fog was one of the coolest experiences I've had in a while. Bring water with you!

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

A lot of open space, very little shade. No facilities at all....
It was a great place to get away and the area was mostly deserted.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

I don't know if it's standard practice but the trail was just fine before. For some reason they went out there with a tractor & tiller. It was easier to walk in the tall grass & around bushes than on the trail. Sadly to get to any other trails you have to go on this one.

I don't even think with all the branches that are now sticking up in the trail that it's even safe for horses.

trail running
Sunday, December 15, 2013

If I read other's comments correctly there was a fire a few years back. You can still see signs of it but things have come back really well. Unfortunately lots of fallen branches everywhere.

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