6 days ago

Great paved trails for multi use paved and adventure routes. Excuse forgetting to shut it off.

One of the best place in the area to ride in peace and enjoy nature.

2 months ago

Nice trek into the forest at Silver Springs park

2 months ago

Very easy peaceful well paved walk.

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6 months ago

So my recording map is for Rays wayside park to gores landing. We ended up doing Rays wayside park to gores landing, 10 miles, camping at Gore’s Landing and then the next day doing Gores Landing to the Ocklawaha outpost, 8 miles. It was a nice little trip on an undeveloped river. It felt pretty wild in the middle where cars could not be heard at all. Boaters varied in how considerate they were in slowing down near us. Technically the entire route is accessible to power boats. Should be able to camp anywhere within 100 yards on either side of the river but it was pure swamp. Theoretically there are primitive campsites along the route we took but we only saw two good ones. The first one was about 4.3 miles after Rays on elevated ground to the right. Had a small beach to easily run the boat aground, was fairly cleared out and had a nice fire area which looked like it had had some frequent use. The second one was a real gem, 5.6 miles after Gores Landing with lots of sandy beach and a large cleared out area. We tried exploring Cedar Creek as there were supposed to be primitive campsites there but it was all logjammed out and we reached a point where we could not go any further and had not seen any desirable sites at all. Unfortunately we found nothing primitive and ended up going to Gores Landing for the night. The campsites were really nice, some had a good deal of privacy and were right on the water. Bathrooms with flushing toilets and undrinkable but running water. Fire pits, trash cans, picnic tables, some had grills. There is a family with a private residence on the campsite that runs a generator all night, not at all what we were looking for but halfway through the trip as previously mentioned, primitive sites were impossible to find. The river is not very developed. The water is black and flat like glass and the forest is beautiful. In the middle segment of the journey all you hear is the forest, no cars. Expect to see a lot of gators, birds, many owls heard at night. We saw a manatee and some monkeys. Expect lots of solitude especially as a kayaker. Most people put in at Silver Springs and get out at rays Wayside. We did not see any other kayakers on our trip at all. Just a few fisherman and some boats. Contact the Ocklawaha outpost if you are interested any longer journey that comes with a friendly reverse shuttle.

Nice run for canoeing. 3 hr trip

8 months ago

This one of the most beautiful trails here . The paved trail around the park is very good for walking , jogging . There are benches at various places where you can just sit and enjoy the view while relaxing . It is a little jewel just off the bridge on 19th street.

Great paved trail. Would be nice for a bike ride. Some shade, but not much.

10 months ago

paddle out against the current and enjoy the ride back however that looks!

This is a great little trail. Nicely paved with lots of benches to rest along the way. Trail is well marked also. Saw 3 deer, 1 of which was almost close enough to touch, she was not the least bit scared by me jogging by. Saw a young snake, not sure what kind, I think a Eastern Corn Snake, but he just went on his merry way across the paved path. The only down side to this trail is there is not a lot of shade yet, the trees are still young. I will definitely be back again, I imagine it will be lovely to jog in the Winter, but not so much July.

Sat Apr 06 2019

Nice trail leading to boardwalk that takes you to the Silver River. Saw a large owl and a bunch of manatee.

Sat Mar 30 2019

Just love this spot. Great nature walk, good for kids, and very beautiful.

This trail i thought I'd do but the trail is closed for construction and was told it's been a while since it was open ..who ever is in charge , let's get er done ..

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Thu Jan 17 2019

Nice tree covered in most areas, winding curvy paths. would like to have more painted on the path markers. it's worth the stop and ride!

Well marked and clear trails with nice picnic areas. Not that interesting of a hike though. Lots of sign of wild boar, but the sinkhole is overgrown and not much to look at. Also the mosquitoes were moderately annoying.

Well maintained and enjoyable. Multi use paved trail . Will do over and over again.

biked and hiked part of this today. it's actually an easy trail. Wood peckers on trail and saw a coral snake while biking but it scurried away quickly. the paved bike trail is awesome! had fun! so glad we have a safe riding option in Ocala! fun day. will return!

Sat Mar 31 2018

Great short walk in well landscaped park. Family friendly for strollers and seniors. Great design to trail to increase distance in a rather small space.

nice paved and unpaved trails for biking or walking

There is a nice paved trail, perfect for biking. Very easy. Wear sunscreen as there is no shade. Gets really hot mid summer for this reason. The Florida trail and Cross Florida Greenway intersect here. A few hilly spots to mountain bike. Very peaceful. Lovely park with large playground at start of trail. Clean restrooms and facility.

Nice trail to hike or bike.

Not much to look at. Good for exercise.

Fri Dec 01 2017

no parking what so ever. no trail head. parking along side of hwy. 40 will get you very stuck or your vehicle broken into. on the plus side FL trails are beautiful with abundant wildlife. bring water, bug spray and have fun.

Fri Nov 24 2017

No parking. It was flooded after a thunderstorm the previous day. Nice trees.

Nice easy trail wich is part of a bigger trail system within Silver Springs State Park. Typical Florida ecosystems around a large sink hole which is located on the southern half of loop.

Tue Oct 24 2017

well-maintained relaxing trail. lots of birds, butterflies and squirrels. the pine trees were beautiful. some pretty flowers too. would definitely do again

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