This is the best trail I’ve hiked in Florida so far. I’ve hiked this trail 4 different times and came across something new and exciting each time. There’s a lot to see here. Not your average boring Florida trail. There’s a lot of points of interest to discover. I came across beautiful flora, wild deer, hills, lakes, open plains, overlook of a river, jungle-like trails, bridges, bridge bells, orange trees, everglades, power poles, and great kayak spots. It’s also a very long and dynamic set of trails. You will spend hours in here. People aren’t lying when they said that this place was a giant maze. It is. You could easily get lost in here as the trail marks are confusing. To me, however, getting lost is part of the fun. Why do you hike anyway? Isn’t it for adventure? If you’re looking for that easy one-way, boring, tourist-friendly trail, you won’t find it here.