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Nice getaway if you’re in Disney area looking for relief from the madness. The trails can be muddy and closed, even in winter/dry season. Call the Preserve in advance and check on the status of the trails.

Loved this trail! We didn’t intend on walking the whole 7miles. But it was so beautiful out there we had to keep going. I’ll be revisiting this trail many times. We also learned that there is one camping spot available about halfway through the trail.

1 day ago

Great trail system and info on early residents of the area.

Short and may be wet!

Nice short day hike. Bring a rod to fish from some great spots on the way. One low section near the river is often washed out (for 15 to 40 feet depending) so either be prepared to either bushwack a little, get your feet wet, or wear high boots.

Pretty walk,, easy. On and off lake views. Don’t know if you have to do the extra loop de loops to make up the whole 3.2 miles. Will come back again.

The trail is open, you must pay fee at the Collier-Seminole State Park office at the entrance. They will give you the code to the lock. The trail is about a 1/2 mile east of the park so you drive back out of the park heading east. They will also give you a map.

It is a great trail that loops back to entrance. Be advised this trail is very wet during the rainy season. It is not easy, even during the dry season.

Get there early so you have plenty of daylight. Take Plenty of water and snacks. Some areas even during dry season are muddy. No sneakers, take hiking boots. Common sense take hiking poles.

Trail markers all along to guide you. Marked on trees yellow paint and pink ribbons. It is a very narrow trail.

There is a primitive camp site but I have not stayed overnight. Im not sure how it works or if there is an extra fee to stay overnight. Ask ranger.

When you complete your hike phone the ranger office and let them know you left safely. The pass they give you with the code has the tel number.

Its a great hike even if you dont do the whole loop.

Great trail for Bikes, hiking it is a bit challenging due to length. Its paved so it gets hot. A lot of gators, thats a main attraction. Also great for bird watching. A lot of tourists. If you have an everglades yearly pass you can use it. Bike rentals, guided tours and office with vending machines.

It is very popular.

The actual trail map hasn't been updated recently, the main trail that the map shows is not there anymore

mountain biking
2 days ago

Moderate mtb trail some skills required.

mountain biking
2 days ago

Good mtb trail for beginners.

trail running
2 days ago

not much like "trail running" but it's a beautiful paved sidewalk along the water and makes a great run!

This trail is not for bikes. We drove over there to find out that bikes are not allowed. Just FYI

3 days ago

Beautiful trail !! I enjoyed the beautiful scenery .

Lovely live oaks and cypress trees by the lake

Not a busy and easy trail around a small lake. Nothing special

When first entering to register the ranger was incredibly rude to us, did not answer our questions well and full of attitude, may of had a bad day perhaps. backpacked to honore primitive campsite, which is not marked well from the main trail we followed the blaze when there was a fork in the trail because we had no idea what the other way meant so we passed out campsite. The map provided does not explain what each colored blaze meant. we saw some random ones and did not know what they meant. backpacked to panther point the next day. the views are absolutely beautiful, and it was an amazing time. we of course had challenges as there is no water source, though there was a slow moving body of water you can treat and some flooding and some snakes, but that makes it an adventure!! Saw some gators and deer. becareful on the trail with the hog damage. It was a blast!

Why no Dogs?

How is it determined if dogs are acceptable? if people can go, why not a dog? the more secluded it is seems like it would be perfect place to be able to take your dog.

3 days ago

Great local hiking spot. We go often. With beach, dunes and forest trails, it offers a lot of variety for it's size.

3 days ago

Went on a 2.5 hour hike at Grayton Beach State Park. Jan is a great time to hike this trail system. Temps in the high 50's, cool breezes and no bugs. Our dogs enjoyed the forest and we only saw 4 other people on the trail.

A little confusing getting started from the parking lot. Head southwest of the parking lot to pick up trail. Beautiful oak forest with unique trees. Travel over land bridge over I75. Follow orange/foot trail signs.

3 days ago

Very short and easy trail, not much to see.

3 days ago

Nice easy clean hiking trail enjoyed the walk with our puppy.

This trail is no longer closed. It appears to be open and in fairly good shape, with the possible exception of the eastern part of the loop. I normally walk the western path to the loop and walk back the eastern portion, and the trail is not immediately obvious there, though the blazes are still visible so if you pay attention, you're not in any real danger of getting lost. There's also a road you can walk to increase the length of your hike if you want.

Super kid friendly trail. Saw a baby dear. ❤️

Beautiful boardwalk through well-preserved wetlands. Reminds me of the Royal Palm trail in the Everglades. Definitely worth visiting if you are in the area, especially during winter when bird watching is at its peak.

It’s not for trail walking, but very clean boating and swimming park. We saw many scuba divers.

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