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Naples, Florida Map

Nice hike/walk. All boardwalk and paved except for a small loop that was muddy from the rain. It’s near the zoo so you can hear the gibbons as you walk if they are active. The only reason it’s a five is its boardwalk/paved. Very nice place to walk - ride bikes-and dogs on leashes are allowed. You are able to walk to the zoo from the north parking.

Great morning walk. Saw red shoulder hawks, anhinga, alligator, and a raccoon out for a stroll.

Aside from being a bit pricey $14.00 for entry. it’s not a bad trail, the whole thing is a boardwalk (hence why the charge so much can only imagine how much it is to maintain) so no crazy terrain. Lots of birds and the elusive ghost orchid.

21 days ago

Boardwalk is open again but the rest of the trail is closed for wildlife resource protection

bridge out
27 days ago

Its always a great walk. Small section under refurbishment.

1 month ago

Great peaceful hike along the entire boardwalk. Trail access closed at the end of boardwalk/beginning of dirt trail, due to protection of wilderness. Saw large active gator at the parking pond. ..many baby alligators and grunting of gators (protecting their babies) is heard along the trail from entry area to the start of boardwalk. Saw white tail deers, bob cat, hacks hunting, gator nests, crawfish, colorful butterflies, grasshoppers, woodpeckers and wild swamp vegetation. Bring plenty of water/electrolites and rain gear in case of sudden rain showers. Be fully aware of your sorroundings "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN" there is plenty of hidden wildlife at swamp and related areas and be respectful with nature (keep noise down)....binoculars and a zoom camera are a must !!!!...carry mosquito repellent late afternoon....Be safe and have fun! Trail fee is voluntary, be fair with what nature gives you back.

The second walk was better than the first today. Saw a couple Hawks, an owl, lots of birds, baby gators and a pig frog. Was really nice with the rain showers passing through.

Nice easy walk. Saw a handful of things but have seen more in the past. Was nice to have a couple rain showers along the way!

Beautiful hike to get an overview of the swamp - lovely orchids and bromeliads.

Decided to venture out before the storms rolled in this afternoon and I am so happy I did! What a wonderful time walking the trails and admiring the hidden beauty of the Naples sanctuaries. I actually got to see a “Box Turtle” that had come out of its ground burrow to eat! It was one of the best things to witness and I feel so lucky to have been there. A man, I had just met, expressed he had never seen one here and he was so excited too be there to. People were so friendly and helpful along the routes. There are areas to sit and cool down, be sure to bring plenty of water. I always pack ice cubes and paper towels into a freezer bag for my backpack, it helps to cool down as well. Cyclists, walkers, runners alike on the trail today, ages ranging from 4 to 84! I would highly recommend it to any of the Naplers , from this Boston girl, especially if you are looking to get out and enjoy this beautiful area.

2 months ago

I walked/jogged this trail on a Wednesday around 9am and it was very busy. The trail was full of other walkers and many cyclists. I really appreciated the wood/boardwalk that the trail consisted of most of the way. When there wasn’t wood, there was pavement, so it was an easy trail to walk/run/bike on and it’s handicap accessible. Also there were several look out points and rest places with benches. The views were very beautiful, the environment was mostly swampy with a river running through. Would definitely recommend this trail. However, at some points I could smell this sulfuric smell and the trail was a little too overcrowded for me personally.

Beautiful beach and shoreline!!! It’s walking alongside condos and hotels rather than private nature. Still a gorgeous walk!

Always a great peaceful hike. Well kept grounds and boardwalks, Everythingw was open and in great shape.

The Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a very peaceful place to go for a hike. Most of the trail is shaded and unbelievably, mosquito free. Even though we went in June and after two weeks of heavy rain, the water levels were pretty low and no mosquitos at all. We began hiking very early and followed the trail to the end, but if I were to hike it again, I would most definitely start at the end of the trail, hike the loop to the beginning and make a full circle back to lettuce pond instead of leaving the trail. Another tip is when you get to lettuce pond, look to your right by the nesting stork closed trail and you may be able to see a pair of adult owls. I saw them flying a couple times but unfortunately, the trees were in the way and could not capture a picture. Several baby gators were sunbathing in the lettuce pond and a native birds were fishing the water. Now, if you want to see Cardinals, this is the place to explore. I have been to several national parks, sanctuaries and forest but have never seen that many cardinals. In the old forest, you will hear woodpeckers pounding the trees so loud that you may think that someone is shooting a machine gun. Go early in the morning, bring water, binoculars and a camera and you will not be disappointed. We are planning to return during nesting season and hopefully we can see Roseate Spoonbills and other wading birds. Your receipt will allow you to visit the sanctuary for two days back to back. This review does not make justice to the peaceful and majestic experience you will have while walking in the old forest. Take your time and read the fun facts and informational boards along the trail.

One of my favorite trails. We saw a lot of wildlife here- Owls, gators, Racoons. Love this place

CLOSED FOR BOARDWALK repairs...5.24.19

on Marsh Trail

4 months ago

nice viewing tower. great view of egrets, herons, spoobills....

4 months ago

No one out today, probably because it was 85° with 79% humidity. Phone died but I did the whole trail. Overall I’m very good condition, seen about 20-25 gators, a lot of 5 footers, 1-2 deer, about a dozen hawks, anhingas, and a baby cottonmouth. Overall a good day, just make sure you bring lots of water. I drank about 5 bottles

off road driving
4 months ago

It’s a fun trail. Just follow the blue tags on the trees. It’s not too wet until you get into the back but it’s a fun ride.

4 months ago

Nice trail, with lots of wildlife once you get about 3 miles out. Seen a few deer, and about 8 or 9, 5 foot gators on the trail that you’ll have to work around. Tons of birds. Some bugs but it’s a swamp soooo you get what you get.

on Bird Rookery Swamp

4 months ago

Walked the entire trail with my girlfriend. First few miles are chill, with deer sightings and other native wildlife/ plant life. But once you’re all the way in it, past the first 3 checkpoints, you absolutely have to be 100% aware of your surroundings. You have to respect the land & the potential dangers within it. Once the sun came all the way out, we had to work our way around about 8 gators who were trying to sunbathe on our narrow path. Also saw a beautiful bull gator that was probably older than the both of us combined, with full-grown, flowering plants growing out of its scales. Highly recommend!

Great walk with some sandy trail between boardwalks. Nice little 2.7 miler from the boat launch to both ends of the park and back. Nice sunset walk

very nice park easy to follow alot of wildlife definitely worth the trip very clean glad people take care of the park

started the hike at 8am, so alittle heavy on the dew and light on the wildlife. but still awesome as usual.

Awesome hike as usual, did the full 12 miles. Little slow on the wildlife

Spent almost two and a half hours walking this beautiful trail. A lot of people on bikes, but not to bothersome. Great for beginners! Definitely going to come back!

on Bird Rookery Swamp

5 months ago

I've done this trail a couple of times now and it always has a great amount of wildlife. Sometimes you don't see any until you have walked for a while, but today there was wildlife from the time I left the boardwalk to the time I returned. Otters, turtles, alligators, lots of birds and only a few people. Some bikes and some people on foot. Great trail. Very level, but as it is a dirt trail for the most part, it can be muddy if there has been rain recently.

Very nice and informative short boardwalk. Lots to see, birds, snake, lizards. Loved it

on Gordon River Greenway

6 months ago

I went mid morning on a weekday and it was quite busy and clearly popular. A good trail that is very easy with boardwalk and pavement the entire way. The two side mulch trails are easy as well. Very well kept grounds and boardwalk. A lot of planes flying low overhead make it quite noisy and not very peaceful (they are landing and departing at the municipal strip next door). It is not a quiet mature walk! Good for children though given the smooth terrain and the entertainment of the planes!

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