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This is a beautiful set of trails that would easily be 5 stars if the trails were better marked. The maps at the front follow an older color coding system and don't include some of the new trails on the yellow one-way loop. Hikers should beware of cyclists, and vice versa. Due to the high scrub and limited visibilty, it might be wise to put a bell on your bike.

Several miles of trails here at this state park. I didn’t encounter any issue with overgrowth on the trail, although in some areas it’s very sandy, so make sure you have appropriate shoes and low gaiters if possible. The park is beautiful with a varied environment. Saw a river otter, great blue heron, and several deer while out on this hike.

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2 days ago

Good trails for the most part, pretty flat but has a few good spots, can easily send all day out there! great place for first timers

This is a must, great drive and you will see lots of wildlife. Do not pass this opportunity if your in the area! You can stop at many places and get out to take photos.

Gator hook trail is in loop road as well. West entrance.

Great to drive and bike, not hike. Lots of history, Al Capone and gangsters. I drive it a couple of times a year. Lots of places to stop and enjoy nature. Plenty of gators and snakes so heads up.


Great trail for Bikes, hiking it is a bit challenging due to length. Its paved so it gets hot. A lot of gators, thats a main attraction. Also great for bird watching. A lot of tourists. If you have an everglades yearly pass you can use it. Bike rentals, guided tours and office with vending machines.

It is very popular.

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4 days ago

Good mtb trail for beginners.

beautiful park, love the views and an absolute fun running loop!

This was a fun trail ride. Little tough for a 7 yr old but we made it through.

Lovely live oaks and cypress trees by the lake

Why no Dogs?

A little confusing getting started from the parking lot. Head southwest of the parking lot to pick up trail. Beautiful oak forest with unique trees. Travel over land bridge over I75. Follow orange/foot trail signs.

This trail is no longer closed. It appears to be open and in fairly good shape, with the possible exception of the eastern part of the loop. I normally walk the western path to the loop and walk back the eastern portion, and the trail is not immediately obvious there, though the blazes are still visible so if you pay attention, you're not in any real danger of getting lost. There's also a road you can walk to increase the length of your hike if you want.

Super kid friendly trail. Saw a baby dear. ❤️

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5 days ago

Beautiful but impassably flooded about 1 mile in.

The trail is NOT closed, you just need to know how to access it.

My husband and I took our two year old out for a family hike. With the Kiddo in a carry backpack, we really enjoyed this hike! A little wet as is just rained this morning , but not enough to soak our shoes! Some hills, but no creeks or anything spectacular to look at.
We still had a great time!

do not hike trail is not open

A nice hike to get away from the traffic on the wildlife drive.

Have been here a couple times. This last time I made it to the end and it clocked in from the front sign to the end sign 4.9 miles but if you walk around the sign it goes to 5.0. It is extremely well maintained. With several benches to rest or take photos and bridges to cross the water areas of the swamp. So many picture moments as it was lush and green. No ticks but saw a large spider off to the side not bothering anyone. Picnic table at the end was a bonus to take a rest and have some water and a snack before heading back. There were no pamphlets again but I will call in and have someone drop some off. Well marked trail.

Hiked 4 miles with wiener dogs in tow. First 2/3 is a nice moderate hike with ups and downs. Last bit is a really beautiful walk near the water. Will return!

To use this area a permit is required from Jackson Guard. Campground, Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert/Advanced mountain bike trail maps can be downloaded following the instructions at Jackson Guard eglin.iSportsman website. I hike the mountain bike trails and have seen more hikers than mountain bikers using them. Trails are crudely marked some better than others and are mostly well-worn and easy to follow. My favorite trails are those surrounding the lake which is, right now, a marshland (which I hope stays that way). Also as of Jan 2019, the trail dead-ends at the top of the lake where it is being dredged and drained. Hoping the trail is reconnected in the future and much prefer it as a marshland rather than a lake. I hiked the area in December and January and there were absolutely no spiders, bugs or anything! Definitely the best time to hike or bike it. Lastly there is a primitive campground located next to the lake as well.

nothing no trail no go

I give this trail 5 stars for its old Florida beauty. Careful of the cow patties. Easy ride but hard to ride really fast with tight twists and turns. It needs more bike riders. Many thanks to the volunteers who set up and maintain this trail. We will return!

The trail is actually the Orange trail, there’s no signage that I saw with the “Greenway” designation. Rode bikes and had to back track twice because of impassable water, even though it had not rained in weeks. Won’t take a chance again.

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6 days ago

love it and can't wait to see it again

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6 days ago

Safe and wide trail that’s mostly gravel. Easy inclines. Close to town and easy to get to, but not particularly scenic

Beautiful area to bike ride - didn’t go on the intermediate course but stayed on the main area. Easy ride. Next time back I will try the course.

Easy for all levels. Clean bathroom facilities in the parking area. Signage is easy to follow. We had a very enjoyable 2.5 hr walk, saw lots of wildlife ( gators & birds) & very few people during our afternoon hike.

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7 days ago

The bridges have been fixed on the paved side. On the off road portion there is a few trees across the trail some have a path around and some make you climb over them. There is a creek around mile 5 that is 1-2 foot deep but it’s crossable. Past that it gets very messy and pretty much impassable without walking your bike through. The standing water looks shallow but there are some very deep holes. The challenges make the ride pretty fun.

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