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4 days ago

This is Blackwaterray from the blackwater river trail. Also called the Hutton trail. I'm the trailmaster and I maintain it. VERONICA COTTON I'm sorry your disappointed. The parking was not put there or anywhere on the Florida Trail by us. Blackwater Forestry put it there for us.
The beginning of the trail is very clear. You must have not seem the double blaze on the 4by4 near the RR tracks that takes you into the woods. I keep the trail well marked and clean all 6.2 miles up to the BWR. I would like to meet you and your husband and lead you through the trail. There is a 1/2 way bail out point. call me. 426 0642

Great bike trail! Wide asphalt path with room for passing. Very serene with not much in the way of views. Covered for most of the way with few open areas. Very well maintained. A couple of bathrooms along the trail is a nice touch. Would do this again.

Took my dog out here and we had a blast!!

Very beautiful and scenic for most of the way. It's pretty easy.

My husband and I TRIED to take this trail today and I was VERY disappointed. The beginning of the trail was not easy to identify because it was covered by overgrowth. There is only parking enough for 2 cars. The first half mile out was covered in sticker bushes and once you reached the power lines it became non passable. We also could not tell which way to go from there since it was not marked so we turned around. Hopefully this one gets better because we had higher hopes for it.

Holy ticks. I have never had so many ticks on me on trail. Probably partially because it was so overgrown. I would definitely recommend waiting for the tick season to taper off.

4 months ago

This is blackwaterray and Linda. We are the trailmasters of the Blackwater river trail. Also know as the Hutton trail. We maintain it and all the bridges and blazes.
We are working on getting the .4 mile power line hike back into the woods and crossing the power line.
It should be open by 10-1-18. more rest bench's are coming.

5 months ago

I love it it’s sooo cool

Was very nice, got to see a couple carnivorous plants in the water.

Talk about a Beautiful ride. Wide pathways to accommodate passing when needed. Lightly used on the day I went, everyone I saw was friendly and outgoing. The trail is well maintained and clean. Make the trip if you are able. Well worth it.

6 months ago

A bit too over grown, walked a mile off trail before realizing it. Dog loved it, vary hot and some bugs. Decent little hick.

As someone from the Pacific Northwest I definitely wouldn’t call this hiking but it is a very nice well-maintained trail for walking. I took my two-year-old in her stroller for an afternoon walk and I think we’re going to come down here more often.

Nice open area. The trees seem sparse but actually provide decent spots for shade. The trail itself is narrow and kind of overgrown. I’d suggest long pants. We weren’t able to get too far because one section was flooded, so we just turned around. Had we not had my young son with us, we would have tried to go around it. Not a bad way to kill an hour.

This is an excellent trail in the blackwater state forest. A lot more fun north bound than south bound.

It's a beautiful short trail that follows along the Blackwater River just East of the US Hwy 90 bridge heading into Milton. 0.9 mile and then 0.9 mile back. A simple short trek full of flora and native plants.

Great Short Hike! Will do again!

it was awesome I'd go again in the summer to see blooming flowers.

10 months ago

Sunday, January 14th, 2018
Sunny; Clear

The Clear Creak Nature Trail is a trail located near NAS Whiting Field navel installation. This trail is maintained by the Whiting Field MWR and you can contact them or gather more information at:


This is a spectacular nature trail on all accounts.

Very nice well maintained trail with a beautiful boardwalk section. It has restrooms a picnic areas at the trailhead With also benches and nature tips along the way The trail is located The left right before the base Entrance through the RV park (Not on the Base) ,highly recommend this beautiful hike through nature.

trail running
Tuesday, December 05, 2017

the Florida trail is awesome and well maintained it is a beautiful trail

trail running
Thursday, November 23, 2017

great trail... well kept

Monday, November 06, 2017

Didn't actually get to do the trail because there is a $4 parking fee. Would have been happy to pay it, had I known, but I didn't have any cash on me.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Part of the Florida Trail. You can do this trail all the way up to Red Rocks road and connect to the Sweetwater Creek and Juniper Creek trail. I did this as just a little out and back to Alligator Creek.

I tried to do this hike back in summer, and had to turn around after a mile. I didn't have nearly enough water. If its hot, bring a lot of water. The first 2 miles is through a lot of sparse pine forest. Unlike some of the trails around in here in the Pines, the forest hasn't been burned in quite a while so there is quite a bit of underbrush off trail. Eventually, the trail hooks back up to Jupiter creek, even though you do not even get to see it, you get more into the hardwoods that provide more shade. I turned around at Alligator creek that had a pretty cool little foot bridge. The water was really clear and cool. The doggo loved it!

Other wise, kind of a typical little Florida hike in the pines, that eventually dives down into a ravine for the creek. The bugs were a little annoying once we got close to the creek, but not bad if you just keep moving. Anyway, a nice little outing and a change of scenery. There were a surprising amount of footprints; I think there is a band of trail runners that regularly traverse this trail. The trail had been recently mowed, and it was very easy to traverse. I am not sure if they mow it regularly, but it was great to walk a nicely maintained trail.

road biking
Friday, August 25, 2017

Nice, paved, wide trail. I live footsteps away - just about 1.5 miles in from the beginning so I'm on a couple times a week. Slight elevation gain between historic Milton and the NAS. Best used for biking but loses a star for all the stop signs early on and the couple of intersections with Munson hwy.

Very clean and up kept

mountain biking
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bear Lake biking trail is a great easy to moderate ride. My husband and I rode it forwards and backwards in March. The only part that made the trail moderate was the gravel hill and a couple of other climbs. Going downhill was a blast with easy switchbacks. Lots of fun!
Walk to the grist mill after you ride. It is definitely an interesting historical part of the area.

Very nice wide paved trail. I was the only person walking it; everyone else was zooming past me on bikes. It's an incredibly long out and back, with multiple areas to park your car and jump on it. On the portion I did, much of it was facing east/west-ish and the setting sun was directly in my eyes on the way back. I recommend going as late as possible in the summer months due to the heat

Great trail!

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