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Great trail

Saturday, April 08, 2017

We finally got the chance to head out here today, and the best way i can tell you to get there is by plugging in the address: 7092 Co Rd 249, Jasper, FL

This will take you to the entrance, a little forked road with one side gated off (that part leads to Skeeter Ranch). If you continue down the open road, there's enough signage that you'll be able to find the Holton Creek Tract. This road is really terrible, so bring your Jeep or drive really slowly.

It seems like this area is mostly meant for hunting; we never found a proper trail head. There are a few places you can park and just start walking, following the white diamond markers, or you can follow the signage for Holton Creek and drive all the way to where the road ends at the Suwannee River Camp, like we did. Driving slowly over the crappy road, it took us probably at least 10 minutes to arrive at the camp from the entrance at Co Rd 249.

From here (or sooner, actually) you can access the Florida Trail that follows along the Suwannee River, which is what we did for about 3 miles before turning back. Of course you can go much longer if you want.

Or, you can follow the white trail to the red trail, but I'm not sure where that goes.

The Florida Trail through this area was beautiful, and we passed a lot of kayakers and saw a decent amount of wildlife. So while the drive here was weird, the hike was well worth it..

I haven't been here yet but after some rather difficult research, it looks like the way to enter is from Co Rd 249...every way that Google Maps tries to take me by just plugging in an address or coordinates strands me in the woods and tells me to swim across the Suwannee :\

At any rate, the best information I could find was on the Suwannee River website (http://www.srwmd.state.fl.us/index.aspx?nid=169):

[[ Holton Creek tract from Jasper:
Travel south on CR 249 approximately 11 miles to SW 64th Terrace, turn left into Holton Creek.

Holton Creek tract from Live Oak:
Travel north on CR 249 crossing the Suwannee River and the road becomes CR 751; travel .25 miles, turn right on CR 249; travel one mile, turn right on SW 64th Terrace into Holton Creek.

Trillium Slopes tract:
Access is by river only. ]]

I couldn't find a SW 64th Ter., so I'm assuming they mean SW 68th Dr. I don't really know how anybody else has ever arrived here but there are reviews on Google so it must exist. Here is a link to the street view of the entrance:


Hopefully this is helpful, and whenever we get a chance to get out there ourselves I'll be able to provide more info.

This is a trailer park with the suwannee river access blocked off. Don't go.