4 days ago

In and out, trafficked with hikers and runners. Well marked and mostly shaded. Yellow flys on the black trail at the time we went.

4 days ago

Fun time killer.

Love this place! I have a small dog and have been looking for trails to get him used to hiking. The various trails give different options of skill level and terrain for him to work with. Best of all they only ask for a small donation making it affordable to go a couple of times a week.

Beautiful place to go for a short hike with your dog and family. Shaded and you get to see lots of different plants and animals. There are ticks like in any other place with woods but it is an amazing getaway very close to the city. If you bring your food they have tables and you can spend the day there if you do a little picnic too. It's free but they just ask for a donation. One of my favorites in Jax

Nice place ride your mountain bike. It is also dog friendly but there are lots of ticks. A beautiful place to go for a hike if you are close to the area. They rent bikes there too

It was a great trail. Some reviews said that it was unsafe with the board walks, but they were all intact. There were lots of gopher tortoises and even more gopher holes. We saw at least eight tortoises and probably around twenty burrows. It is mostly shaded and quite beautiful. There were so many woodpeckers. We saw three Palliated Woodpeckers and several Redheaded ones. I definitely recommend this trail for every skill level.

13 days ago

Decent, flat trail that is mostly shaded. Part of the trail goes around a pond that kayaks can be launched not far from the parking lot. Bring bug spray.

The entire trail is absolutely beautiful from the trees to the observation tower at the end! On the green trail there is a surprising amount of elevation changes for Florida! This is our favorite trail here in Jacksonville!

no shade
14 days ago

We really enjoyed this trail! It is the perfect trail for those with little kids or for those looking for just a short trail! It’s only a mile and is paved the whole way but still offers stunning views of the intracostal! There are several boardwalks where you can go to different lookout points! In the hotter months, I would definitely suggest doing this either early morning or late afternoon, as there is zero shade.

enjoyable trails and good walking with the dogs. I prefer going on a weekday.

Watch out for ticks! My mom had one on her after we left! But a nice long trail!

19 days ago

Soft sand and wide open spaces without shade. Bring bug spray, sunscreen, and extra water when it gets hot. Clearly marked, well traveled, and a good workout.

Made the mistake of bringing our mountain bikes here, very straight and paved for the distance we did which was about 7 miles in. Relaxing not much going on, a few cows on a farm at one point, but they were distant at the time we crossed. Will be back with road bikes and sunscreen.

Maybe my fav trail in Jax. Decent elevation change for Fl, scenic, and does not appear to be closed due to COVID.

21 days ago

This was a nice trail. Paved walkway. I took my dogs today. A bit hot . Bring water, there is no fountains or restrooms on this trail. $3 honor system. It’s well taken care of. I think I’ll bring the bike next time. Very peaceful for most of the trail. It runs parallel to the road for a short bit. If you love to look at greenery, than you’ll love this trail.

It is beautiful out there. It has a variety of environments from Florida woodland, hiking along hills overlooking the salt marsh, and walking through the salt marsh to an overlook. It is also a nice workout with some healthy elevation changes. If you want a less strenuous hike keep to the South route. Great for walking dogs too.

Every minute of this hike was scenic. There are many places to stop and go off the marked trail to see some beautiful landscapes. The salt marshes are breathtaking. There is also a lot of natural elevation changes on this trail – definitely a good workout. We enjoyed stopping and resting under the large tree right before you get to the loop. You'll know what I am talking about when you see it – it looks like a scene from a calendar. It was also interesting to see the old Confederate grave and the remains of Willie Brown's house. The trail was moderately busy and since the pathways are fairly narrow, we found ourselves having to step off the trail often to let others pass by.

very well preserved trail, although there were some sandy patches that made running a little complicated but otherwise i would definitely hike it again!


over grown
28 days ago

Pretty and peaceful, but ran into some issues. As you can see on the recording, we turned back on the bottom of the trail due to it being flooded. Then when looking at the middle of the recording going left to right, we turned around due to finding fresh bear droppings. After lots of encounters of flying bugs at the end of the trail (even though we used bug spray) we enjoyed the lake views that the start and end. But also came home and found 5 ticks on us. So very much encourage using bug spray, wearing pants and long sleeve, and sneakers/boots that you don’t mind dirtying.

Pretty nice trail. Great for walking. Pretty flat and mostly shaded.

1 month ago

Found this trail about a week ago and decided to come back and run it. The perfect route to run, just watch out for patches of roots.

Not much to see and not very shaded. A great beginner trail for kids. Boardwalks and sidewalks that lead out to the marsh.

Short and it's basically a sidewalk throughout the marsh. Scenery is nice, and there are "tracks" on the sidewalk to kids to guess which animal they belong to. Every 50 yds or so the tracks lead to a sign that describes the tracks you were following. My 7 and 9 year old enjoyed it for the most part, but be warned there is no shade since it's flatland and close to the coast, so I would suggest going in the cooler parts of of the day.

We really enjoyed hiking here. There are several trails that are easy to follow and are well kept. It is easy to figure out where you are and how to move trail to trail without becoming lost. The plants, both natural and planted, were to die for! Everything was so beautiful and thriving. We saw 3 turtles on the trails and so many birds. I especially loved all of the water and small cascades you see on this hike. The trails have many benches and platforms where you can stop and take in all the beauty. Lake Ray is gorgeous. It looks like the front of a postcard you would get from Florida. The only downfall is that it was very crowded and finding parking was difficult.

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