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Hidden River

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When first entering to register the ranger was incredibly rude to us, did not answer our questions well and full of attitude, may of had a bad day perhaps. backpacked to honore primitive campsite, which is not marked well from the main trail we followed the blaze when there was a fork in the trail because we had no idea what the other way meant so we passed out campsite. The map provided does not explain what each colored blaze meant. we saw some random ones and did not know what they meant. backpacked to panther point the next day. the views are absolutely beautiful, and it was an amazing time. we of course had challenges as there is no water source, though there was a slow moving body of water you can treat and some flooding and some snakes, but that makes it an adventure!! Saw some gators and deer. becareful on the trail with the hog damage. It was a blast!