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2 months ago

Nice, rain run off, but still able to complete

3 months ago

Nice covered walk. Plenty of parking. There was a good bit of trash along the water.

3 months ago

Reviewer-Dominic, age 7
There was a nice picnic table. My grandma and greatgrandma took a picnic. I liked taking pictures of flowers. The most unusual thing I saw was a hawk that swooped down and got a mouse. I liked the hike because there was a playground.

Very easy trail. Peaceful

Can get sandy in some areas. Some spots are under cover, some are open. Trail is very wide

Great trail to walk, hike, bike, and skate. Lots of little stop offs you can make to explore the surround woods.

3 months ago

Very easy trail. Probably will have a lot of mosquitos when you visit. Would recommend checking out all of the side trails. Some of the bridges aren’t well maintained but still crossable.

Great spot. Floods out pretty often though so call ahead. San felasco is nearby though!

Trail itself is really short and floods out after even a moderate rain from the previous day. The sinkhole boardwalk is still closed and you can barely see down into it from the trail. I'd skip this place for now.

Lovely. Trails are nice and wide and the habitats vary. Doesn't flood out much. It starts off shaded by Oaks and eventually opens up into natural pines and sunshine. Blue trail still closed as of April 15th.

ABSOLUTELY LOVE! went here for an earth day hike and it was amazing! beautiful scenery and not too challenging, good amount of people jogging and hiking and the trails are marked very clearly so u never feel lost. another nice thing is the different trails are all connected so u can really choose an ideal length trail by turning certain ways on different trails, definitely gonna go again (:

beautiful place.

4 months ago

Great little hike! You barely know you’re in the city. The path crosses several boardwalks as it winds it s way from 23rd (the Elks Club) to 16th Ave. It’s serene walking next to Hogtown Creek. The walk is fairly easy, but there are too many roots on the path for wheelchairs.

Just went, it's a beautiful place but yes unfortunately the sink hole is still closed and I was told will remain closed for up to 4 more months.

Hiked a combination of Yellow and Green trails due to Blue being temporarily closed to rid the area of Southern Pine Beetle outbreak.
Small hills and change of terrain was nice.

A must see (go down to the sinkhole, trail is alright).

trail running
5 months ago

Love running this trail over to loblolly across 16th!

mountain biking
6 months ago

Nice paved trail with varied terrain through natural areas. Tons of side trails and Payne’s Prairie is lovely. Lots of fun ups and downs.

7 months ago

The most stunning city park in Gainesville, the Alfred Ring Park follows Hogtown Creek from NW 31st Blvd to NW 16th Ave, where the trail continues on the other side of 16th Ave as Loblolly Trail. The creek is wide and crystal clear for most of its length (a little murky near the bridge at 16th Ave). Glen Springs runs into the creek at the north end of the park. The terrain is slope forest and there are many old trees on the property. The trail is well maintained with boardwalks over the wet areas. There is a small playground for children at the north end of the park and a wildflower garden originally planted by Emily Ring. There are lots of roots on the trail so be careful.

7 months ago

Good for bikes and horses. Much of the trail is sandy and passes among flat stands of pines, but botanists will appreciate the subtle changes, especially in comparison with the nearby Devil’s Millhopper scenery.

The trail itself is a simple flat loop through the woods around a sinkhole, but the sinkhole is stunning and a must-see for visitors to North Florida. Currently (after the high waters that filled several feet at the bottom of the sinkhole in summer 2017), the walk down is closed as the boardwalk is being repaired and perhaps re-routed a bit, so call the park to find out the status of the trails and boardwalk to avoid disappointment. (Volunteers hauled several vertical feet of wood from the boardwalk out of the sinkhole in December to help the park to move forward with new plans for the boardwalk).

7 months ago

Since the demise of the boardwalk years ago, the back area has become rather untended, and this trail has lost much of its appeal (though the platform space as the trail begins is still a beautiful facility).

Nice trails. The trails have been cleared of any debris from the hurricane. Plenty of trails to vary your route.

Great hike, but very tore up from the hurricane. Rough hiking.

easy quick trail

I bike this trail several times a week. I'm not sure what I'd do without it!

9 months ago

Nice clean trail. Enjoyable walk.

Love it

Very easy and dear to my heart, my moon and stars took me here.

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