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Fountain, Florida Map

LOTS of cleared land. To a point where the trail becomes undesirable.

A spectacular place of beauty.... a blessing to behold.

So much fun for the whole family - lots to explore around the creek & easy to moderate terrain (not flat & boring). We took about 2.5 hrs to hike to the 1st suspension bridge & back with lots of stops in btwn to observe & explore! Many small timber bridges to help maintain the multiple small tributaries & trickling streams that feed the creek. Gorgeous suspension bridge “Two-penny Bridge” about 2 miles in. My boys - ages 9 & 12 - and I had a blast!

I'm getting ready to hike the Classic W Trek in Patagonia Chile next month. A couple of us decided to hike the 16 mile trail. We left one car at Scotts Rd and took the other car to Hwy 20 to start our trek. The trail is CLOSED due to hazardous conditions. Please don't think that you can find the trail unless you have GPS. I recommend walking the Scotts Rd entrance and then turn around when you are about 6 miles into it. There needs to be more signs once you get to Washinghead Campsite to help to NOT get lost.

Great trail! I did 4 miles out and back . The trail is well maintained and runs parallel with the creek. It was very peaceful having the views and sounds of the creek.

I loved the trail. I took my dog a couple of days after hurricane Irma came through, since we were not affected much, I didn't think it was a bad idea. The trail was marked well enough that we were able to follow it with a few small trees down. We made it to the first bridge before we decided to head back. Perfect distance for us to make a little day trip. On the way back is when I decided we might should've waited a little while longer before we hiked after a hurricane stirred everything up. In addition to the spider webs (expected) on the way in, we now ran into not one but two rattlesnakes (one tiny but coiled and one crossed the holed trail.) Luckily my dog did not even notice them (even though she stepped right on the huge one; she was a bit excited to get out of the house after the weekend inside) and even the coiled up rattler decided to give us a break. Needless to say, this hike turned into a nice trail run. I am hoping that more heavy traffic (as compared seeing noone at all) would change these circumstances. Just a heads up to be careful out there and I would recommend the trail! :)

One of my favorite hiking trails!

Florida Trails, Scott Road Trail Head: incredible beauty, biodiversity, easy hiking that you can make more challenging with speed and/or off trail adventures! Just a short driving distance for panhandle residents!

Made a day hike out of it. 18 miles in a little over 6 hours. Parked at Scott Road Trail Head and had someone pick us up on HWY 20. Flowers are blooming, beautiful area, great hike!

Well maintained trail with a diverse terrain. The entire section was just over 18 miles and we hiked a total of about 9 hours. Lots of good camping at around the halfway point around Walshingham Bridge.

Beautiful scenery and sounds. Good spots for camping.

this 18 mile trail has a year round waterfall, 2 suspension bridges. numerous areas to stealth camp. 2 hike in only camps with fire rings. spectacular views along the Econfina Creek. Several high bluffs and 2 Steepheads. One Steephead the trail goes down into as the other follows alongside the high ridge. An open praire and the trail enters into several stages of new growth Long Leaf Pine restoration areas.
Most of the trail is easy with several miles considered moderate.
Hikers have experienced sprained ankles and 1 broke leg several miles into the trail.
Volunteers have also located lost hikers at night.
Do not let Florida's flat trails fool you.

PLEASE NOTE: this 18 mile trail is FOOTPATH only. the horse trail may interact with the hiking trail only at a few areas only.

After doing other trails in the vecinity, this offers no great views. Great for a jog.

I thought it was beautiful and very serene! About 2 miles in there is a suspension bridge called "The Two Penny Bridge" beautiful!

My wife and I only hiked 5.38 in and out miles of this 18-mile section of the Florida Trail, but it was enough that it has inspired us to bring the grandkids for an overnighter in the spring of 2014. We want to come back when the mountain laurel is in full bloom. Our trip today was to view the waterfall where Sweetwater Creek empties into the Econfina Creek and to check the trail out. The Florida Trail folks have outdone themselves in maintaining this trail by providing puncheon bridges, wooden bridges and even a few suspension bridges to keep you high and dry. The trail is an easy walk the whole family can enjoy, but I suggest hiking the trail during the cooler months of the year.

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