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has a little bit of everything. i love this trail

1 day ago

I did a loop. And I started out at the right.Want to be careful when you cross the field, because you have to really look for the orange markers on the trees. Lovely trail. Lots of shade. Lots the spiderwebs like others have said. The river in cypress knees are lovely. Saw two deer. Bring it there are mosquitoes. So several things I’ve only seen in Florida trail books and magazines. A cave by the river, railroad tracks, and raise road you don’t walk under it it’s on the other side of the river. And an abandoned cabin. Now I know where they are!

Flat dog walking trail. I can't see why this would be rated moderate. some of it is in a parking lot. It's Florida so it can be hot and buggy. It's only 1 mile with an option to cut it in half to a half mile.

Nice trail; easy walk w/lots of wildlife to see. This place has an launch area for canoe or kayak to get out in the bay. Caught all kinds of fish every time I’ve made it out that way. Saw turtles, manatees, porpoise, dolphin, a zillion birds in the area.

10 days ago

I’m sure I would have rated it a 5, but the issue was in Dunedin. We were heading north and There is a bridge that is close off; so have to take a sharp turn onto the sidewalk and cut over grass as well. Well my fiancé took the turn too hard and took a bad spill. Broken wrist, sore ribs and some road rash. Basically the area needs to be marked better with the turn onto the sidewalk. Beware if you are headed that way.

Thanks to all those that stopped and assisted, especially the nurse from St Pete and the woman that transported us back.

Awesome mountain bike riding trails.

This is one of the best places to view wildlife in Seminole County, and especially in the area around Lake Jesup. Almost 200 species of birds have been recorded in this park, as well as many insects, mammals, and reptiles. The trails are easy to follow in the live oak hammock, but once you get out on the flats, you're pretty much on your own. The official trail is slightly higher in elevation, but I never stay on the trail in the flats. There's almost no point to it.

During the rainy season, the flats often flood. In fact they are currently flooded, and it was impossible to walk any part of the flats. The trails in the hammock area are also a bit muddy.

15 days ago

It was fun...until we got lost. The maps aren’t worth a crap and somehow we ended up on the horse trail. Plenty of bugs to go around. I was miserable by the time we got back but BOY did we get a work out. Very adventurous and a good place to unwind in nature if you’re good at navigating with crappy maps.

One of my favorite hiking places in Central Florida. So much to see out there. In the summer, you can graze on fox grapes, blackberries, high Bush blueberries and sparkle berries along the trails. Often see turkey, wild pigs, deer, bald eagles, and more on some of the less travelled trails. My daily hikes out there helped me lose 60 lbs in 6 months!

easy for kids, Fort is about a quarter of the way through, some other exhibits along the way

This one of my go to hikes. It’s not marked very well but you cannot really get lost. Not much shade, bring your water.

Easy enough run around lake that’s a little over a mile - nothing too interesting to look at but it’s pretty safe

20 days ago

Very easy - kid friendly but each out for snakes

trail running
21 days ago

I have been going to this trail for 10 years and it still ranks as my favorite! The trails are truly primitive and you have to pay attention to both your feet and your head! Some amazing lookout points and rarely another person on the trail makes it a trail runners paradise - I start running from the parking lot and get an even 5 miles of loop on my Garmin.

22 days ago

It’s hard to find anything above a 3 Star in Fl but this one is kid friendly and you may get to see some wildlife ( turkeys and snakes). Very easy to do and plenty of foliage.

road biking
24 days ago

Fun Trail. Nicely Paved. Three big drawbacks... 1. Finding a place to park for free if you drive over the causeway. $6 to drive over...$3 to risk your life riding over. 3. The kids (under 16) and some adults in their stupid golf carts on the path. Who's brilliant idea was that?

25 days ago

This trail is north of the powerline trail. And it’s always desereteit. If you go in. 7/10 of a mile and then you can go to your left or to your right On a Florida trail piece. I went left. After .3 miles you come to a small bridge, and you want to pay attention because otherwise you’ll be on the big broad Road, and miss the nice narrow path. I continued on about 2 1/2 miles. Then it got wet. Normally that wouldn’t bother me but I was going to have to turn around soon anyway. I love how a trail looks so different when you’re going the opposite direction. There’s a lot of moss on trees. There are sections where palms have been burnt. And I heard either a frog Or a gator. I did not check out which it was. No mosquitoes today to speak of. And there’s always new people on this trail. It look like the one with the bridge swinging Bridge was packed. I’ll come back in the winter to look at that one.

In my opinion, this is the prettiest park for hiking in Central Florida. there are many trials, and you can pick trails that give you the distance you would like to hike. There's a lot of wildlife around and the views of the Econ River are sometimes stunning. During the summer, some of the trails can become flooded, restricting the amount of hiking you can do.

trail running
26 days ago

I love this loop. It’s really pretty and running over the bridge as you finish your jog feels great. Only thing is the trail is actually 1.3 miles so you have to run it twice for the description to be accurate.

26 days ago

Great place to hike in and camp, lots of great sites and trees down to find for firewood, but none blocking the trails, very sandy and all natural trails. Sunset was fantastic with wildlife, lots of birds, some gators heard at night, but not seen in day. Folllows along the river most of the trails I've travelled, so very beautiful scenery. Very peaceful and quiet once away from the road sounds, which doesnt take long. No unsavory characters encountered on my trips, 5 so far. My only issue is the bridge to the flagler loop has been down since last year, still not yet fixed at my last trip in March, otherwise it's 5 stars. No facilities at the Barr Street trailhead, not sure about the other. Looking forward to coming again soon.

mountain biking
27 days ago

Best mountain biking you can find in FL. Variety of single tracks for any skill levels all the way to double Black trails.

very clean and nice hiking trails

Love this river, had a great time with family.

I wasnt sure about parking and just parked on the cement pad, no body else was there, mid day just as storm clouds were rolling in. Gorgeous path, i got off path more than once following scenery. I saw several large tortoise and a white tail deer. A few really great spots to rest , picnic tables under awning and spots next to river. Yes a few flooded spots but not so bad as a way had not been made manageable today. get out and enjoy. The live oaks and pines are beautiful.

1 month ago

One of our favorite trails. A little difficult to find the best exit from the end of the outer loop. Easy to moderate.

not well traveled or properly maintained the overgrown firebreaks make for a better trail in some places. until maintenance is done you would be better off choosing a different trail.

I love it !!!

Just got back from this trail. Both loops are flooded, but nothing more than ankle deep. The mosquitoes are horrendous. My nine year old was almost carried away by them. We fully sprayed ourselves down before getting on the trail and they laughed at us.
Well maintained trail, $6.00 at the gate, easy parking if you go early. Nice walking by a river. Take a weight belt so the mosquitoes can’t carry you away!

Hurricane Irma took its toll. The Flagler bridge is closed and the canopy is not quite what it was. The footing is much sandier. But then nature is what it is and being out in it is always a joy.

Not properly marked or maintained.

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