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15 hours ago

parking is now on 464c across from dam diner and walking entrance is at far back corner where the yellow blaze trail has been extended. a great hike!

Not a busy and easy trail around a small lake. Nothing special

How is it determined if dogs are acceptable? if people can go, why not a dog? the more secluded it is seems like it would be perfect place to be able to take your dog.

4 days ago

Early morning hike with my dog. Lots of wildlife. Next time I’ll try the side trails.

6 days ago

The trail itself is a meandering one that’s poorly marked and often overlaps with the disc golf course. There’s a dock that extends out and overlooks a small lake with scenic views and there are plenty of shaded trees to string up a hammock and relax.

It’s not strenuous or even remotely difficult and has facilities so that’s a plus. The downside is the trash in the water and on the trail. If you can ignore the constant sound of airplanes overhead, you’ll enjoy this light outing.

It’s awesome, just, as you need to in every park, watch out for snakes. I saw a beautiful diamondback when I was there last.

Beautiful area to bike ride - didn’t go on the intermediate course but stayed on the main area. Easy ride. Next time back I will try the course.

Beautiful trail. Short walk but very scenic.

This trail is pure FL. Absolutely loved it. It's varied and I saw a river otter. If you love FL, you'll love this trail.

Living beside this trail, it has become my nature sanctuary. Although the trail itself is not extremely long, there is still an abundance of wildlife and plant life to see, and since everything is connected in a loop, it is relatively easy to find your way back. In areas where the trail meets the river, it is certainly a beautiful thing to see and as long as there is no flooding, having access to certain breaks in the trail makes it an unforgettable experience.

mountain biking
13 days ago

This is definitely a place for mountain bikers of all skill levels to visit. The trail is great.

This is a beautiful trail through mostly pine flatwoods, with the exception of the entrance and the area near the Econ River. There are some alternate routes you can take east of the river to avoid walking the same trail back to your car. I prefer to take the white blaze trail, which will also push the total distance hiked over 10 miles.

The Seminole section of this trail is closed. Although the Baynard Loop (1.1 mi) section is open. No problem with bugs.

Overall very nice park. Good trails, beautiful creek and nice lakes. A good example of Florida beauty.

Love this trail. One of my favorites when visiting Florida.

on Pinellas Trail

road biking
14 days ago

It's an okay trail if you are jogging, walking or rollerblading...there are to many streets to cross for biking. We did a 10 miles out and back and we had to stop every quarter mile to cross a street. Not much to look at on the trail besides the backs of businesses and a few parks. I would only ride my bike on this for miles...definitely not for speed.

Huge trail, roamed around to scope out the primitive campground. New Year's Day amazingly busy but beautiful trail and a great way to start the new year.

Good short trail. The path is pretty well maintained. Has a few muddy spots after a lot of rain. Overall a nice and easy down and back.

Has many flooded ruts that can be bypassed if you don't mind taking the sawgrass around them. lots of mosquitoes so bring spray. It go get to the north end at low tide you can walk through the sand of the mangroves that connect to the intercoastal water.

I take my dog and ride my bicycle through this trail. The woods are open in some areas and the trail runs into the river. When the water is lower is great to play around in, the dog loves it. Very pretty area.

Rated two stars because trash everywhere.

18 days ago

Really beautiful! Stopped late at night, the boardwalk must have been damaged in a storm. It was blocked off, sadly no longer a loop but very beautiful to see the twisted gnarled ends of the boardwalk.

Trail will flood in spots, (close to waist deep) we were able to make our way around the deep water spots, but, if you don’t mind wet feet, you’ll have the place to yourself. Shelter campsite is a great place to dry out. Can’t wait to go back during better weather. Thanks Doug Watson!

I was dropped off at the pay booth and took the hike today then walked all the way back down the causeway to the main road. My highlight was videoing an armadillo rooting around in the weeds. Bring bug spray. Even with the bug spray, when I stopped to take a photo, they caught up to me. But they are part of the ecosystem as well. It's their home that I was visiting!

19 days ago

I walked 20 miles from Tarpon Springs to Clearwater. Very nice trail. The highlight was seeing the monkey! Saw an alligator, monkey, snake, cat, and buzzards sitting in the tree above me (Maybe they were waiting for me to drop from all the walking!) HAHA. I stepped off the concrete to take a photo and before I knew it was covered in fire ants. Other than that, the trail was great!

Couple areas the trail was completely cover by water. Had a massive dear cross in front of us. Dog friendly. Little to no coverage from sun

road biking
19 days ago

Stayed at an Air B&B in Dunedin one block off the trail. Rode daily for a week. A great trail that’s wide. There’s a few tricky spots you have to be cautious of. North of Dunedin there’s a crossover bridge that’s out and you have to go around on the sidewalk. Several places you have to cross traffic. All in all a good trail. We will come back to vacation. My normal trail is the West Orange trail near Orlando. They are very similar.

20 days ago

Ok hike. Founds 2 ticks on us so far. We'll marked trails, minimal trash. A fellow hiker reported a baby rattlesnake on the trail though we didn't see it.

New, well maintained. Too hot to hike in summer. Wide path, shady rest stops along the way or take a detour for a swim in the ocean. Gopher turtles are frequently spotted.

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