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road biking
3 days ago

Best on a crisp cool sunny winter day!

great for experiencing the many hidden gems of Florida. The cavern and the information, the history behind the caver was extremely enjoyable and amazing. The hiking offers a great deal of relaxation while enjoying the scenery. We where able to spot two deers along the way. Definitely a great way to spent a Saturday morning family outing.

My husband and I started the trail at 8:45 this morning and finished about 2:00. We love this trail and all you can see. You definitely have to keep your eyes peeled for those nasty little ( not sure if they are pygmy rattle snakes or baby moccasins). Since they are not aggressive at all I tend to believe pygmys. They are beautiful either way. We did see a couple of bear tracks and a gazillion deer and raccoon tracks. So much to see! Extremely muddy today yet the swamp was very low. No gators today which was a bummer. We saw a feisty water moccasin under one of the longer bridges. He was very active and scary.
This is one of our favorite trails but be careful.

Not a trail. It’s the beach. I mean I love the beach. But this isn’t a trail lol.

Was more a slog through an aquifer than a hike on a trail but it was amazing. Ankle to knee deep crystal clear water basically the entire way through so wear either crappy sneaks or aqua shoes or vibrams. Ether way, plan on drying them out when you’re back at the car. Surprisingly zero skeeters. Water makes for a challenging slosh but also helps with the heat. Keep an eye out for the yellow trail markers on the trees to keep you from getting lost.

I’m a bit of novice, but couldn’t find a single blaze. Motorcycles everywhere. I was following the “trail” map on the app but still just ended up walking in the general direction. Good elevation changes and terrain for training but not a trail I’ll do again

Beautiful place to visit, a lot of cool things to see while learning. Worth going! Loads of walking so bring water and wear comfortable shoes and clothing. My husband, child and I went and we spent the whole day walking and exploring.

6 days ago

My backcountry super deet bug spray did not deter bugs out here. You can yell this trail hasn’t been looked after in awhile.

A pretty scenic trail. enjoyed it!!

great tour for families with a couple of easy trails to go with the cave tour! plus swimming at blue hole!

The ranger led tour of the plantation is wonderful. The view is gorgeous. So much history.

12 days ago

i have always liked this trail when we visit Florida. we will continue to walk it each year.

I came here on the last day I'd be free enough to enjoy Florida's natural beauty before moving to Georgia after a short ten month stay in Florida. Split Oak is absolutely wonderful. It offers a diverse collection of Florida ecosystems, and plenty of wildlife viewing. not five minutes after entering the preserve I encountered a healthy doe, and mature buck. shortly after I saw another doe. saw a redtailed hawk, Pileated, and red woodpecker, covey of quails, blue birds, swallows, osprey, and a diamond back rattlesnake. would definitely come back here if given the chance. ps chacos, and sugar sand don't mix

on Sweetwater Trail

15 days ago

Nice trail. About 1/4 mile of boardwalk and bridge. Not a lot of spiders that you see in trails with lots of trees on both sides - so that is a bonus. I’ve walked this trail several times, and it’s always a nice easy trail and well maintained. Only downside is it is not a loop but a forward and back trail. Dogs are not allowed on the boardwalk,but there is no sign that says that on either the Munson pond or Bear lake trailhead. Only place it has it is the start of the boardwalk on the Bear lake side.

trail running
15 days ago

First time on the trail and I was shocked. The elevation change was a complete surprise for Florida. Still new to trail running this was def the toughest, despite being relatively short. Great spot to train for the Sky Valley 25k. Made me realize how tough and slow that will be

Change of scenery from what Florida usually has to offer. The river views are impressive.

Potentially a nice hike when there hasn't been a rainstorm after months of above average rain. The bug population was thriving, hungry and laughed at our bug spray. We lasted a half mile in then turned tail and power splashed out. Will be back when it's cooler, drier and the bugs have died back some. December maybe!

My husband and I just finished up this trail. We enjoyed it especially the beach hike which was new to us. It rain most of the day which made the hike more bearable since we got a late start. Mosquitoes were not bad but probably because of the heavy rains. We did the trail backwards which I highly suggest for this trail. Take lots of water and some fruit or protein bars for sugar, the sun will take it out of you (again if you start late LOL). Will definitely do this again but it wasn't long enough. Needs to be 8 or 10 miles.

Nice place to walk, and there is a lot of nature,there are no trails for hiking and trail running

love that they have a small museum before the trail

good place to see wildlife and enjoyable ride

23 days ago

cool place to watch the sunset. Amazing scenery. you aslo can find wildlife such as birds and wild horses and gators, etc...

mountain biking
24 days ago

Easy gravel trails with a little sand. Lots of wild life with a mix of views of the ICW and on the other side the Gulf. Public restrooms and water fountains long the trails

This is a very nice trail. I did both the Hickory Creek Trail and the Palmetto Pines Trail. 3 stars represents a good ranking. 5 stars are reserved for Grand Canyon trails.

This was a really nice bike ride. Very ritzy area. The trail is gorgeous and perfectly maintained. Saw lots of walkers, cruiser bikes, roller skates and runners.

Great trail. I enjoyed it greatly.

26 days ago

Decently marked, poorly maintained, no free visitor parking, dangerous decrepit bridges/boardwalks, tons of biting flies. Hard pass.

No bicycles allowed. Horses yes, bikes no. What?!!!

one of our best close to where I live.

very broad trail, lots of sun, lots of noise from the interstate. the preserve itself is a gem and a great addition to the preserved areas south of Gainesville. I went in the late morning and there was not much to see (except for a couple of alligator nests, which was cool). I will be back in the early AM.

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