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Excellent mtb track

Nice Florida hike in the swamp!

Very nice boardwalk and the evening strolls are great also

Very easy trail lots to see

Nice place lots of wildlife


This trail is very rustic and beautiful and you are likely to see a lot of wildlife, especially if you go around dawn.

I was there early one morning and saw several deer, two large owls, and several wild turkeys.

I love how fresh and clean the air smells and the trail follows Shingle Creek for a while.

If you live anywhere near this trail, it's just a nice place to get away from all the busyness of orlando without having to drive too far.


1) Access is limited. You can only visit the trail certain hours, since parking is behind a middle school and the gate is closed at certain times. It's best to visit google maps, as they have the exact hours posted. Lookup: Shingle Creek Trailhead.

If you can't access the trail because the school gate is closed, there is a back entrance to the trail located in a neighborhood 10 min west of the school trailhead. Lookup "Millenium Waves" on google maps. The trail entrance is just east of it on Tarragona Drive. The only downside to this entrance is that you will have to walk about a mile to get to the wooded section of the trail behind the middle school. It's a scenic and peaceful walk though, and everyone I've met so far has been very friendly.

2) The trail is very secluded. If you at all don't feel safe by yourself, you'll definitely want to bring someone with you.

Hands down favorite place to go in Central Florida.

Great wildlife!

5 days ago

Nice rainy day. I startled an armadillo, I stood still and he waddled right towards me. When he finally saw me he took a hard left into the woods.

nature trips
7 days ago

Lots of different options and combinations for trails meaning that you could come back multiple times and have different experiences. Interesting. Would like to come back. Kid friendly too. I brought my 3 and 4 year old and they enjoyed it.

I don’t think it was a moderate hike it was pretty easy but it was gorgeous!

9 days ago

Lots of wildlife. Perfect for nature lovers.

Being a trail runner from up north, entire Yamato scrub area is as good as it gets in south Florida. You can run on pavement, sand or pine straw and all trails eventually lead back to the main walkway. Winding side trails are my favs, running single track over a nice soft surface. No street crossings, cars or noise (maybe a little noise) to distract you.

Was a very entertaining cave tour, plus my wife and I had a great time exploring the Bluff trail afterwards. We had Robinson as our guide.

Nice flat run for a visitor to the area. Not busy on a weekday morning, but not scenic either.

Wonderfully quiet walk. Observed baby gators, hawks, and a few snakes. All in all a great hike 6 miles complete.

14 days ago

As of March 2018, this trail is very difficult to traverse. Five miles of climbing under, over and through fallen trees is no silly hike. There are a million trees fallen across the trail and going around them is not always possible. Attempt only if you have swamp boots or high waterproof boots, at the first bend you'll need to cross some pretty swampy area.




Overall a pretty swell time, would recommend.

Did the hike today with my wife. The trail is very clean, well blazed and pretty easy. Didnt see any wildlife or wildflowers.
There is a dirt parking area off Rt 85 on the east side.
The hike was pleasant but nothing special. I would do.it again.

Completed the loop on my dads b day (15.83 miles). He passed away several years ago and I wanted to commemorate his life. Took me about 6 hours with several stops to snack and rest my feet. Bring sunscreen, bug spray, and “plenty” of water. Not much shade to be had. But over the day was successful. Good luck!

not very well marked once you get to the beach, but the driftwood area is very unique

Bring bug spray or you'll be keeping a quick pace.

19 days ago

Definitely a nice little hike. For Florida, I would consider this a moderate-hard hike, depending on your physical abilities.

The elevation changes will be welcomed by anyone that enjoys hiking the foothills of the Appalachian Trail. Some elevation changes are much steeper than those seen on the Torreya Trails.
Due to traffic and washout, one area has become a relatively steep drop-off, of approximately 2 feet, but most areas have steps or roots, to aid in footing.

Many areas through the open fields are very sandy, making the hike a little more strenuous, combined with the elevation changes that come along in the wooded areas.

One stream with clear, but lightly tannic water can be accessed easily for those looking to filter water. The Conservatory has also placed a water fountain at the beginning of the trail.

My only dislike was the lack of maintenance on the one stair case. Some steps have fallen a little, making footing a little unstable, if you're not paying close attention. Otherwise, the trail makes for a nice in and out hike.

This is a great escape and well-maintained boardwalk. Do a picnic at the pivillion, followed by a great walk -- life is good.

Despite the description here stating that dogs are allowed if they are on a leash, the park entrance clearly states that dogs are NOT permitted at all! Very disappointing after we drove all the way out here to go for a run with our dog!

could not get to the trailhead from the middle school. The bus lane to the back of the school was gated and locked on a Sunday. Tried walking through the school but would have to walk through school gym and hallways. Did not feel comfortable doing that.

20 days ago

nice trail. longer than the 3.1 closer to 4 miles. clean trail well maintained

nice park.. well maintained..

Nice leisure hike with wife. All boardwalk trail. Very easy and scenic views of clear creek water.

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