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Just got back from this trail. Both loops are flooded, but nothing more than ankle deep. The mosquitoes are horrendous. My nine year old was almost carried away by them. We fully sprayed ourselves down before getting on the trail and they laughed at us.
Well maintained trail, $6.00 at the gate, easy parking if you go early. Nice walking by a river. Take a weight belt so the mosquitoes can’t carry you away!

You can run or hike on this trail for the first 4.75 Miles, I was expecting tu run the full 14.9 but vegetation took over and looks like no one has been there in a long time. 0 traffic and found snakes along the way.

Hurricane Irma took its toll. The Flagler bridge is closed and the canopy is not quite what it was. The footing is much sandier. But then nature is what it is and being out in it is always a joy.

There are ticks !!!!! This may or may my not be the trail i was on. Hot summer day. No mosquitoes. Saw some tracks. And just enjoyed a day, well one hour in the woods.

Local residents were very rude. A female and kid were traveling in there ATV and said old sawmill road was a private driveway and made me return.

I had such a blast hiking this trail with my two dogs! There was lots to see and lots of tinier trails off of the main trail. Due to excess rain, some parts of the trail have 6”+ of water so I would recommend wearing higher shoes/ socks if possible!

Not accessible, went to take the dogs for a hike and both gates were closed & locked (one at parking area & one at back of small field in front of parking area). No signs or markings indicating trail.

Not properly marked or maintained.

A short hike to a Grand View.

great place to hike and bike. one of my favorite places to go.

Loved this!!! Lots of water yesterday. I definitely want to return with my bike when it dries out some. On the snake train I was knee deep.... there was no other way except turning around. I watched two people come through it before I did.

Nice little trai

Awesome trails! Just gotta make sure e you stay on trail. Watch for the colored tees to make sure you’re on trail and you’ll be fine!!! One of my favs for sure!

16 days ago

7 plus miles of Great trails with moderate incline/decline. Great for bird watching and other wildlife. Take plenty of H2O and watch out for snakes.

fun but don't go on these trails when it's in the 90'

on Flatwoods Trail

16 days ago

This was fun on a bike even though the trails were a bit sandy!

scenic driving
20 days ago

The drive to key west is beautiful, lots of great ocean view. Beware of the traffic on the weekend; at times it will be bumper to bumper. The 3 hour trip is worth it and at the end of the trail you can actually see the island of Cuba( as long as there is no clouds in the sky).

This is more is a 12 mike hike.
Also, if your going to Alexander Springs, around mile 10 or 11 you will be walking on a rather long wooden foot bridge. After that foot bridge, start looking for the BLUE path to your right. The BLUE path will lead you to the Springs. If you keep going on the Orange path, you will really over shoot it.

Sunday in June it was hot and buggy but I would do it again. Lots of water needed. First hike in weeks that I got no ticks. I started at lower trail head and it took almost 3 hours and I usually would do that many miles in 2 hours.

27 days ago

Great hike! Wear waterproof shoes for the foreseeable future because a few areas were tough to pass without getting wet. We hiked from Barr to the bridge and it was a hot day but stayed shaded and not too hot.

road biking
28 days ago

Beautiful and easy trail. We stopped here on a road trip and I am so glad we did. Surrounded by beautiful scenery while not being overcrowded by other folks. Highly recommend for walks, bike rides, and runs. Wish we had more trails like this where I am from.

I take my pup here pretty often, to do some trail running. It was definitely more enjoyable in the cooler months, due to lack of shade in the beginning couple of miles. Found a run off system that turns into a mini river bank, but you can only follow it for a very short time, so that was sad. Haven’t gotten much further in, but I’ll continue to go back!

29 days ago

Great trail! My wife and I did it yesterday! Clocks in closer to 7 miles, (6.8)! Great elevation changes! Bring plenty of bug spray and water! Probably a little harder than moderate! Get out there and go for it!

trail running
1 month ago

Excellent little park which is well-maintained. There are several marked trails as well as side trails which keep things interesting for multiple visits. The main Red trail is roughly 75% under shade trees and 25% in the open. The Blue trails are bypasses from the Red trail which keep one under shade and away from the lakeshore; definitely recommended as I’ve encountered a variety of snakes while running closer to the lake. All in all a great park!

1 month ago

So I went on the main trail for about a mile. Then I came to the Florida trail and went left; West. It was very nice for 2.8 miles. Went through some soggy land lotta cabbage palms in Oaks. And some very open Palmetto scrub. You could see were fires had come through. Then I took the blue trail because that says it took me to the trailhead. And actually takes you to the road. The main road. I’m not much of a road walker and it was 2 miles back to the car. But it was very nice. Got to see the lake on one side and the swamp on the other side. Next time I will go either East on the Florida trail portion, or dog like Back or the Blue portion starts. It was worth it to do once. Because for a road walk it was pretty darn nice. I heard something crashing through the words; probably a deer. But I was not quick enough to see it. Lotta frogs. Oh and I did see a hawk when I was walking on the road. Maybe heard some alligators to I’m not sure. I was on the Branch house road or something like that. Didn’t see another person. The way I like it!

Deer and a bunch of turkey on this trail. Lots of additional loops to make it short or long. Pretty easy there is some soft sand to trek threw.

1 month ago

Nice easy trail with several different paths to choose from. Camping is available with a reservation.

mountain biking
1 month ago

It’s beautiful here! The trails are amazing.

1 month ago

Have 3 kids so it was an easy walk for them. Seen an armadillo and more dragonflies than I could count. Felt crowded on trails (with vegetation not people) and not very scenic.

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