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Awesome hike today on this trail. Had to do a little blazing to get around some leftover water but no problems. We LOVE this trail and plan to camp near the Rapids sooner than later. We looked at the other camp spots today and they do not compare to the small area near the Rapids. We unfortunately saw no wildlife except for the gazillion rabbits pulling in to park at 6am. Please hit this trail and enjoy, beautiful scenery and Gods work is phenominal.

so beautiful and lots of trails. Two camp sites and a river view. One of my favorites.

Walked this trail for first time due to hiking challenge with daughter in Seattle. It was 3PM so not a good time to see anything. Trail is dry and well marked (some red markers have faded to silver). Will certainly walk again early in morning.

20 hours ago

Hiked from the trailhead on 471 to Cumpresco Grad Road, then took the connector out to Ranch Road. The connector adds another 3 miles round trip and brings the total hike to almost right at 15 miles. There’s a small parking area where the Orange blazed trail intersects with Cumpresco Grad so with two cars you could leave one there and turn this into a six mile one way hike. I’ve done this one four times and seen wildlife each time. Mostly deer. There are a couple of low lying areas though once you get a couple of miles out coming from 471. I’ve only done this trail in the dry season but I’m sure those spots fill with water after heavy rain. Otherwise you’ll stay dry. It’s usually pretty quiet. I think the most people I’ve run into was today and that was 10 during a 15 mile hike with those 10 people in a total of six groups.

21 hours ago

Great Florida trail that had lots of open areas, low lying vegetation makes for great views through tall thin trunked trees. Made it to a large pond ~2 miles in. Stopped for a nap there on a creek embankment. Will return to complete this 13 mi. trail.

22 hours ago

This is a great place to visit and dogs are welcome. The only issue currently (Jan.2019) is that several boardwalks and areas are closed due to storm damage but there is much more to see and enjoy.

The trail is a two-track through the entire park, and while there is some tree cover, be prepared for full sun. The north and northeastern sections are deep sand with a wild shoulder, making for hard hiking. Taking the cutoff, where I put waypoints, eliminates the worst of the deep sand, but you hike under powerlines. The ecosystem looks to be pine scrub throughout, with occasional surface water.

mountain biking
no shade
2 days ago

Easy ride on improved dirt/ shell road.
Ride is in direct sun through palmetto pine habitat.

From Sandhill parking area it is an 11.5 mile loop. The parts that align with Volksmarch trail(orange blazes) I would say are the least interesting, but once you get a little deeper into the park and onto the “white only” blazes there is more to see. I’ve hiked this trail twice now....once a day after heavy rain and once with no rain for a week. The trail does get significantly flooded after rainfall in the northern areas of the park...you will have to wade through water. The highlight of my two trips was seeing an adult black bear between 19c and 19d...gorgeous animal. Very solid trail overall.

2 days ago

Loved doing this with our dog but we didn’t see much wildlife and the trail was market but in my opinion poorly. It definitely wore me out and was a good time will be back!

Trail is a rather dull 6 mile loop. Old Florida, scrub, ferns & pines. Inside of Loop was former control burn. Saw a soaring bald eagle, several red bellied woodpeckers (hint, they’re red headed but not visibly red bellied!), and lots of yellow bellied flycatchers scurrying around in the brush. Lots of tracks in the mud, but no critters.

6 days ago

Beautiful trail !! I enjoyed the beautiful scenery .

Not a busy and easy trail around a small lake. Nothing special

6 days ago

Went on a 2.5 hour hike at Grayton Beach State Park. Jan is a great time to hike this trail system. Temps in the high 50's, cool breezes and no bugs. Our dogs enjoyed the forest and we only saw 4 other people on the trail.

This trail is no longer closed. It appears to be open and in fairly good shape, with the possible exception of the eastern part of the loop. I normally walk the western path to the loop and walk back the eastern portion, and the trail is not immediately obvious there, though the blazes are still visible so if you pay attention, you're not in any real danger of getting lost. There's also a road you can walk to increase the length of your hike if you want.

7 days ago

Wonderful place with a clearly marked trail! Well worth the sweat equity ~ Thank you!

7 days ago

Nice trail, walked after lunch with friends at Leesburg.

flooded cant really walk

Nice trail but not much to see. Lots of direct sunlight.

Bike trail

It’s awesome, just, as you need to in every park, watch out for snakes. I saw a beautiful diamondback when I was there last.

12 days ago

Awesome trail, one of my favorites so far. As the last review stated, some areas of the trail are a little flooded but not impassable. Makes it more fun even. The boardwalks are super cool and there’s even an awesome log bridge that goes across a creek that I really enjoyed. I went Saturday (1/5/19) and wasn’t aware that the Ocala hunting season extended about a week into January. Since it was the last couple days we heard lots of non-strategic and rapid gun fire a little too close for comfort to the trail, and even crossed paths with at least 10 hunters in orange vests carrying rifles. They were all very friendly and I was able to make them aware from a good distance that we were coming through simply by yelling “What’s up guys” from a hundred yards or so. Was not an issue what so ever and won’t be after 1/6/19 until Ocala’s hunting season begins again next (whenever that is, check). Blazes aren’t perfect like other trails so I used the AllTrails location feature to make sure I was headed the right direction when blazes seemed far and few between. Wasn’t a major issue either. One of my favorite hikes so far for sure, so despite the hunters and occasional directional confusion I still give it 5 stars.

12 days ago

Very clean. Quiet. Polite staff. Relaxing. Perfect camping experience.

This trail is pure FL. Absolutely loved it. It's varied and I saw a river otter. If you love FL, you'll love this trail.

I've been on this trail a few times. Started in JD, backpacked to Kitching Creek, camped, and finished the next day at Riverbend Park. This is a great intro backpack trip, especially if you're backpacking for the first time and you're not sure if the sport is for you.

The second time was a three day / two night excursion through Corbett and Dupuis. The trail was underwater the entire first day. It's one of the more miserable hikes I've ever done.

13 days ago

ive only been in florida a year, and am used to trails up in washington state and oregon. this was my first trail here in the sunshine state, and i thought it was great. i will certainly be back for more!

Great walk. Florida forest.

14 days ago

great trail. was introduced to this trail by a few new friends today. the persistent rains had flooded several sections but these were not impassable, just got your feet wet. lots of leaves made the board walks slick. Many signs of the local bear population. Stopped by the river and cooked eggs and bacon, oatmeal and coffee. We will add this trail to our list of return hikes.

15 days ago

I have hiked here before...went to visit today while visiting family, just to see that the trails had been cleaned up and open following devastating Hurricane Michael. The trails are not open. A sign is posted on the fee box stating that all trails are closed and trailheads near Gregory House are all roped off. View of the River is still pretty spectacular.

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