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16 days ago

a must see if you are in the area. tons of caves. if you follow the main trail straight back you will run into the main cluster of caves. off to the left Is another trail that leads you to another group of nice large caves and if you keep walking straight there is another set. if you are into back country hiking there are a few backpacking campsites a mile or two away. beautiful landscapes all around the area of you explore further down the trails

1 month ago

had a great time with my 3 and 7 yr old.

Nice trail. Caves are very unique. Provided a nice contrast to the standard Florida hikes.

2 months ago

Not much for walking, but there are three really cool caves that you have to squeeze through. Once you get through the tiny crevices the caves open up a decent amount really cool to see in Florida

Cool caves but the grafiti is a little disappointing. The loop around is pretty good with some nice elevation change. Saw a couple of deer.

Not much happening around this trail. There are a couple of sink holes and mini gorge. Good shade cover.

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2 months ago

Nice trail, well groom ask for a map in the welcome entrance to see all the off road trails. Number 10 was close when we went for Memorial Weekend.
The majority of the trails are easy to moderate. I recommend to go with a buddy some of the puddles can be kind of deep.

off road driving
3 months ago

Good time the kids love it!!!

3 months ago

Hiked A tract and enjoyed the hilly terrain.
We saw a large rattle snake lying across the trail but it had no interest in us and quickly left. I saw the hikers' peace sign made of pinecones; fellow hikers and I added a pinecone of our own. I would like to go back and hike the other trails at Croom.

3 months ago

Easy walk - caves are interesting- worth it.

4 months ago

Great trail with well marked trails. Did the B loop which is about 9 miles starting at the Tucker Hill Trailhead. $2 to access park. I would rate this easy to moderate. The trail has a few roots and some dampness here and there but overall a pretty easy hike with some elevation (150 ft.) which is a lot for Florida. Very little traffic and the ability to customize your hike as you go. Enjoy!

Good trail, lots of elevation changes and interesting landscape in the forest. Lacking basic comfort such as bathrooms, water fountains and trash cans.
Trail mostly marked, but signage is insufficient.
Caves are a sight to behold however special equipment is likely called for so we stayed out. No warning signs posted which seems dangerous.
Parking is also directly on the side of a 55 mph road so getting in and out is treacherous.

Nice 4 mile walk, very diverse vegetation. tree cover provide shaded walk on a sunny day on a wide trail.

6 months ago

This is my favorite place to hike in Florida. There are 3 trails here, and you can extend the hike amongst the 3 to 15 or 24 miles.

The right or "A" trail is the easiest. It is about 7 miles.

The "B" trail is closer to 8, and "C" is about 9.

I find the C the most challenging, but I am disappointed in the last mile or so. It seems to go on forever with no really good views or such.

I have never seen any ticks nor horses on this trail.
Bikers and Hikers have their own separate trails with the exception of a few intersections here and there.

Around early April each year, there is an Extended Marathon trail run. I think it is 75 miles? You can still hike when that is going on. Typically, this is the only time you run across more than 1 or two other folks the whole hike.

Nice trail and well marked. A few downed trees to work around but no big deal. The caves looked pretty cool but I’m no spelunker so I stayed out.

Great trail, big old growth trees, cool caves. Unlike other reviewers, we had no issue following this trail as it has visible yellow paint markers on trees.

7 months ago

Love this place!

on Dames Cave

nature trips
7 months ago

Tons of caves that you can get into, but watch for broken glass.

Trail is not at all maintained. You'll encounter fallen tree after fallen tree across the path and it's very easy to lose the trail in parts.

10 months ago

Saw a deer and armadillo. Tons of butterflies. Trail clear post Irma. The pine cones in one species are huge. Lots of up and down!! And the pines burnt as many were are beautiful. The yellow A trail loop
Turns into orange Florida trial ? Not sure. So at 3 miles or so I turned back. Never second guess that decision. Glad I did. Did 6+ miles and the trail looks different on the way back. I ran out of water about three fourths of a Mile From trailhead. Knowing I had only a Ways to go was comforting. Never again !

11 months ago

Caves have graffiti but I think it gives them character

11 months ago

I live in the Pacific Northwest now, but lived in Tampa for 31. I hiked this trail a few years back and found it hot, bug infested, sandy, monotonous and shabby. It's nothing but palmetto and scrawny little pine trees. I guess it's okay simply because it's about as good as it gets in Florida.

off road driving
Friday, August 04, 2017

I went out last Saturday to the Withlacochee state forest, Crum tract. After a little while I found a great clay pit. Awesome time.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Like much of the trails in this area, this trail is much like a dirt road. Long grass makes for lots of ticks. Make sure you have applied a product with at least 20-40% deet. Had at least 15-20 ticks throughout a 9.5 mile out and back hike from Withlacoochee trail at SR 50 over to Silver Lake. Wintertime I'm sure would much better in regards to this. Beautiful trail follows the river under a mostly thick canopy. Trail is well-marked and easy to follow.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Croom loop A was fantastic.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Swamp did a fantastic job. Drunken monkey is awesome

off road driving
Thursday, January 26, 2017

Loved this. Went 2 days after heavy rain so there would be nice water pockets.

off road driving
Saturday, January 21, 2017

I went for the off-road driving but seen people horse back riding and bike riding on the trails. Fairly easy off-road driving. Even most two wheel drives will have no problem. The best mud spots and big hills are off limits and will come with a big fine if caught playing there. Still a fun ride if your looking to get out and wheel a bit.

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Very beautiful area, I'm still searching for the hidden gems others have stated. Can anyone give directions from Beverly Hills

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

"Croom A and B" are the trails that I've repeatedly hiked and biked in Withlacootchie. To get there, park at the Tucker Hill Fire Tower and enter the trail from the parking lot. The area is not mapped out well, so bring a compass and a GPS if you have one. Your cell phone will not be of much use since there is weak or no signal. From what I've been reading recently, the map and blazes are now better marked, but i would not bet on it.

Despite the negatives, Croom is a great place to hike and bike. The trails are hard packed and most of them stay dry even during the rainy seasons (stay away from the lower elevation on the east side near the lake). Croom's real gems are its hidden features: an abandoned open-pit mine (or who knows, maybe more than one), and an abandoned cemetery (located near the start of the trail loop on one of the trail offshoots to the right). Neither is marked on the map.

Croom's hiking/biking trails venture mainly through higher elevation scrub land, so it tends to get hot in the summer time. I stick to hiking these trails during cooler weather. The scenery is fantastic, some of the best I've seen, and apparently, some of the best in the US according to other hikers. Also, there are a lot of different areas to Withlacootchie, Croom is just one of many with different ecosystems. If you prefer an area that's a bit more wet or lower elevation, Withlacootchie's got that, too.

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