1 day ago

Great trail. Caves had some trash and graffiti on all the walls.

Took the AllTrails route, East-West portion is partially shaded, packed dirt and sand. If you only want to see the caves, they are on this path. Saw some graffiti. Going South into the sink, the trail is well marked on trees in yellow. The sink trail is slightly rocky, narrower, with elevations, great fun!! The South to North portion of the train was a flat sand road with little shade.

on Dames Cave

no shade
off trail
over grown
14 days ago

So many little trails to explore down as you make your way to the cave itself! Unfortunately people have graffitied the entire cave, inside and out, so you cannot see it’s true beauty. But it is a decent half mile hike out...

Trail is open. ITS AN AWESOME TRAIL!! Mostly covered, the caves are only about 3/4 of a mile into the trail. trail is nicely marked, just follow the yellow blaze. i saw lots of flowers butterflies, lots of birds.

23 days ago

Super easy hike, 12 mins to Dames Cave and then another 5 mins to Peace Cave. Bring a light for Peace Cave. Good for children. Lots of litter :-( Please bring out whatever you take in.

27 days ago

This was such a simple walk ‘hike’ and the main cave was really easy to get into, a friend is 6 months pregnant and did it ! It took no time at all and we will definitely be going back!

This is my favorite trail of all the trails in this area. There are some massive trees, the views are good and they have recently cleared the part of the trail that was obstructed with downed trees and brush. There is even a abandoned quarry that you can poke around about halfway around.

We just hiked this today! We did the North Loop first...... pretty flat and easy hiking. The South Loop has a couple of small hills but was still easy hiking in our opinion. Both Loops were very well marked. Loved it!

This is one of my favorite trails to hike. So beautiful.

1 month ago

I’ve been here several times. It’s a simple little hike and one if my favorites.

Great hike plenty of elevation changes and serene places to disconnect from society and be in nature.

2 months ago

Great little trail.

Amazing. So many caves. And a lot of elevation/ups and downs considering it’s Florida

This trail should be removed.. this is not open to the public.

2 months ago

Good trail & interesting area with some elevation and a cave. Weather was perfect! Think what I did was Lizzie Sink about 8 mile Loop.

Fun time! Caves are great but not a place for solitude. The loop was far less traveled and provided a nice break from the crowds.

Nice little walk great scenery.

3 months ago

This is a neat little hike, the caves are fun to explore. Unfortunately it was incredibly crowded, so we weren't able to get into all of the caves we wanted to check out.

I recommend this Trail. Dirt road into the cave is easy and takes no time at all to reach. the loop around is varying elevation and some rocky parts.lots of shade typical pine wood forest a wonderful little hike. The caves aren't big. or deep,but it's very interesting to see that in Central Florida.

Really love this trail for morning hikes. it's about 90% sun, so it can get pretty hot in the afternoon. However, We really like the gentle hills, and the sand is a good workout. It's not all soft sand, but there is definitely a lot of it. Before the actual loop there is a bench off to the side, and right in that area is a small but beautiful spring. The river cannot be seen from the actual trail, but there is one spot about half way around the loop where we were able to cut through the woods a little and the river was right there. It's breath taking! We sat on the bank and watched the fish swim by for about 20 min. We will definitely be back again.

3 months ago

The caves are a cool feature you don’t see in Florida very often. This short trail is highly trafficked to say the least. Not bad not great

Some awesome rocky areas and amazing caves. You’ll see a lot of foot traffic near the caves.

Loved this trail. Well marked, nice changes in elevation. Nice changes in Trail types. Only one problem spot, near trail 15.

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