Boca Raton

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mountain biking
2 months ago

Stupidly we went mid day. My bad. Likely 100 degrees and couldn’t hydrate enough. Went through two liters of water just starting rise back. It is a great trail for families, kids, friends or by yourself. Post first 4 miles trail becomes narrow and it runs parallel to commercial and condos/apts there is a lot of tree and limbs debris. It is fine unless someone is coming opposite way. No place to go.
The only big negative for me and always personnel safety aware. There is a small portion maybe a block long under bridge area. It is so dark even at 1:00pm. I don’t see myself doing that position by myself. If someone was hiding there you wouldn’t know it or see them.
Tons of beautiful turtles, huge colorful lizards, birds etc.
recommend this trail for sure. Be carful when crossing streets as not one person stopped even when we pushed the caution riders button
I will go back for sure