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flat and a little winding. rough on a bike, trail has concrete patches and is basically a car 2 track.

From Sandhill parking area it is an 11.5 mile loop. The parts that align with Volksmarch trail(orange blazes) I would say are the least interesting, but once you get a little deeper into the park and onto the “white only” blazes there is more to see. I’ve hiked this trail twice now....once a day after heavy rain and once with no rain for a week. The trail does get significantly flooded after rainfall in the northern areas of the park...you will have to wade through water. The highlight of my two trips was seeing an adult black bear between 19c and 19d...gorgeous animal. Very solid trail overall.

3 days ago

Loved doing this with our dog but we didn’t see much wildlife and the trail was market but in my opinion poorly. It definitely wore me out and was a good time will be back!

7 days ago

Beautiful trail !! I enjoyed the beautiful scenery .

7 days ago

Great local hiking spot. We go often. With beach, dunes and forest trails, it offers a lot of variety for it's size.

7 days ago

Wonderful place with a clearly marked trail! Well worth the sweat equity ~ Thank you!

Nice trail but not much to see. Lots of direct sunlight.

10 days ago

Wonderful hike in excellent condition. The two loops that overlap can be confusing so monitor your gps app particularly around 5.25 miles turn at the log bench.

12 days ago

Awesome trail, one of my favorites so far. As the last review stated, some areas of the trail are a little flooded but not impassable. Makes it more fun even. The boardwalks are super cool and there’s even an awesome log bridge that goes across a creek that I really enjoyed. I went Saturday (1/5/19) and wasn’t aware that the Ocala hunting season extended about a week into January. Since it was the last couple days we heard lots of non-strategic and rapid gun fire a little too close for comfort to the trail, and even crossed paths with at least 10 hunters in orange vests carrying rifles. They were all very friendly and I was able to make them aware from a good distance that we were coming through simply by yelling “What’s up guys” from a hundred yards or so. Was not an issue what so ever and won’t be after 1/6/19 until Ocala’s hunting season begins again next (whenever that is, check). Blazes aren’t perfect like other trails so I used the AllTrails location feature to make sure I was headed the right direction when blazes seemed far and few between. Wasn’t a major issue either. One of my favorite hikes so far for sure, so despite the hunters and occasional directional confusion I still give it 5 stars.

I've been on this trail a few times. Started in JD, backpacked to Kitching Creek, camped, and finished the next day at Riverbend Park. This is a great intro backpack trip, especially if you're backpacking for the first time and you're not sure if the sport is for you.

The second time was a three day / two night excursion through Corbett and Dupuis. The trail was underwater the entire first day. It's one of the more miserable hikes I've ever done.

15 days ago

great trail. was introduced to this trail by a few new friends today. the persistent rains had flooded several sections but these were not impassable, just got your feet wet. lots of leaves made the board walks slick. Many signs of the local bear population. Stopped by the river and cooked eggs and bacon, oatmeal and coffee. We will add this trail to our list of return hikes.

We enjoyed 6 miles of trails today. Due to heavy rains over the last two weeks there was a good bit of water across several spots that made it a little challenging to navigate. The trails north of the tram path were a little too close to Hwy 98 for our liking, but the trails south of the paved path were peaceful. Not a lot of shade, so cooler weather is your friend here.

We walked a section from 316 to Prairie Pond. In and out was about 2.6 miles. It was a nice, well marked, Florida Trail.

It was a good trail but marker 19-22 was extremely muddy. At times we were wading through black water over our ankles. We had to leave the trail a couple of times to avoid even deeper water. I know that’s part of trail running but we weren’t prepared. Really wishing I had my trail shoes. We had traveled to the area and just had road running shoes. Carry plenty of fluids. The Springs at the end were great and there were facilities where we were able to get cleaned up before getting back in the car. Enjoy!!

We hiked on 12/28/18, the trail was dry, the bushes were a little dense and some trees down and on the way of the trail, we overnighted on mile 7.
Some panthers paw prints on dry mud, but we didn’t see any. Not many mosquitoes, just a few at night, but nothing crazy. Didn't find any water source.

21 days ago

Impassable in one section due to water overflow (heavy rains lately), but we were able to cover almost 9 miles. Scenery is beautiful, trails are well maintained. Ran into only a couple people until we were back on the paved section. We came back among the ocean to make it a loop, as official beach access is available between Morris and Campbell lakes.

Trail will flood in spots, (close to waist deep) we were able to make our way around the deep water spots, but, if you don’t mind wet feet, you’ll have the place to yourself. Shelter campsite is a great place to dry out. Can’t wait to go back during better weather. Thanks Doug Watson!

Haven’t hiked this trail yet, just recently visited Kauai, Hawaii and enjoyed every minute of it hiking the mountain trails and waterfall trails. Want to explore more of my home towns hiking trails and this seems like a challenge for me!!!

Best trail I’ve done in FL!

Honestly one of my favorite trails in this area. Awesome views of the river and so many different types of trees. We actually started from the end of the trail and hiked to the shelter (1.5 miles) and then hiked out the next morning. Perfect last minute trip with little planning!

1 month ago

Awesome, scenic and serene!

1 month ago

This is Blackwaterray from the blackwater river trail. Also called the Hutton trail. I'm the trailmaster and I maintain it. VERONICA COTTON I'm sorry your disappointed. The parking was not put there or anywhere on the Florida Trail by us. Blackwater Forestry put it there for us.
The beginning of the trail is very clear. You must have not seem the double blaze on the 4by4 near the RR tracks that takes you into the woods. I keep the trail well marked and clean all 6.2 miles up to the BWR. I would like to meet you and your husband and lead you through the trail. There is a 1/2 way bail out point. call me. 426 0642

very clearly marked and clean.

Wet in a few areas. Ran out of phone battery unfortunately, so didn’t record full trail. But beautiful—like walking on the moon—completely alone on the beach and trails. There’s an incredible beach access near topsail hill.

My first hike ever. Was at night but was a great trail for what I done of it. Would definitely do it again

ill admit I got the luckiest hike of my life this day. Once a year, volunteers clear the path for hikers and I got lucky enough to hike that same day. (11/17/2018)

The hike was well marked, path was very clear of debris. The weather was amazing. We started the hike at 6:30am and returned just a little after 1pm.

I hiked up blue to the panther camp and reversed back down blue till I got out. I did not use the red loops because having to walk down the car path on foot for so long is rough on the feet and knees. so I recommend going up blue to panther and coming out using blue as well. We saw tons of panther tracks, some I posted on here.

I love my iPhone because it works. Bottom line it’s worth the money to be organized.

2 months ago

This is a fantastic trail. Took me 4 days, and I enjoyed every minute of it. The trail is always changing so you’ll never have the same scenery surrounding you for more than 30 minutes. You will get wet, but what can you expect from Florida swamps!

Beautiful, well maintained trail!!!

Easy & shaded trail...loved the hike. Note:u have to take side shoots to get down to the water

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